BCJ, Chapter 59: Last Chance

It was the middle of June, so even if I went all the way to Buffalo, it would still be pretty warm. However, I hadn’t even gotten to ‘enjoy’ my island life yet. Not to mention that I’m afraid of flying and I also didn’t wanna spend a few days on a yacht. No, maybe they would just dump me off in Jacksonville and I’d have to take a bus or something ‘north’. But considering that everyone was already evacuating all the way up to North Carolina, it was a little fucking late for that, right?

[∞: It seems that you greatly overestimate our capabilities. Although the sandbars and reefs around the island can protect the shoreline from typical oceanic waves, the water level has already started rising. In several hours, the yacht will no longer be able to dock at your pier. Wind speeds for Hurricane Jebediah have already surpassed 259 kilometers per hour… Even though it has veered away from the coast of Florida and is unlikely to make landfall, keep in mind that Puerta De La Muerte will still be in the hurricane’s direct path. You need to make a decision now. Will you stay or evacuate?]

“Okay, wait, serious question…” I sighed and then asked, “There were like two hurricanes last year, at least, that were close to cat five. They should’ve hit this island too. So in other words, this house would’ve already withstood quite a few similar storms, right?”

[∞: That is correct.]

Looking at the message on my phone, I chuckled. Then Ana said, “Basically… I should be fine if I stay here. Wait, how many people actually evacuated the island though?”

[∞: Approximately 93% of the non-essential personnel have been evacuated to other facilities already. Much of the valuable wildlife has also been transported away in preparation for this hurricane season. Even many of the Guardians of Eden will be redeployed elsewhere. If you are truly determined to stay… We shall send over a large shipment of necessary supplies, to help you cope with unforeseen circumstances… We also suggest that you use this chance to purchase items you think you might need.]

How many death flags were crammed into that fucking message? Not just death flags, but well, I didn’t waste time thinking about it too much. Because I was determined to stay. Yeah, yeah, I know. There were definitely a lot of things left unsaid, but I wasn’t about to waste my time asking about shit they definitely weren’t gonna tell me.

I wasn’t going to spend all 50k immediately, even though I had the urge. But there were a lot of things that I though I might need, and at the top of the list were… Guns. And the ammo for those firearms, of course. I didn’t have much time, since the winds were getting louder outside by the minute and they gave me an hour at most, before I wouldn’t be able to order anything anymore.

First of all, shotguns. I wanted one for a long time, but just never really got around to buying one. There were so many choices, and the prices were pretty drastically different. Cheapest one was less than a hundred dollars, while the most expensive was well over a thousand. So I went for the middle-ground, a 400 dollar, simple-looking black, semi-automatic pump-action, twelve-gauge that had a 28 inch long barrel and a rifle stock. It fit my ideal of what a ‘normal shotgun’ would look like, I guess. 

Then there was another, that was ‘tactical’ or whatever, and looked kind of like my Infinity Rifle. In fact, it was the same Infinity Corporation brand. It had external magazines, similar to my rifle, which could be removed and inserted much more quickly and easily than the pump action. I didn’t really know enough about shotguns to make an informed decision about which was better, so I bought both. There was also a handle/sight looking thing attached to the top of the IC style tactical shotgun, and from what I could tell, it could be removed in order to place scopes and other types of sights.

Both shotguns, combined with the spare magazines and ammo, cost me a little over a thousand dollars. Since I had two bodies, I figured that I should have at least two of everything, to an extent. That meant I should have another bow, and a lot more arrows. Not to mention different arrowhead types aside from the training ones. Instead of buying another compound bow, I decided to go with a carbon-fiber recurve bow and a fancy fucking crossbow. Along with the bolts and arrows, it cost me nearly a thousand.

After that was a .45 ACP semi-auto pistol, which was brand new, but looked really similar to the kind they used in both World Wars. There was another one from the same brand, that looked almost identical, but was .50 caliber instead. For the hell of it, I also bought a .44 magnum double-action silver revolver as well. All three guns, their ammo, magazines, holsters and other accessories ended up costing me two thousand total.

At that point, half an hour had passed and I stopped giving so many fucks. I saw a .308 bolt-action black sniper rifle, with a decent-looking scope attached and bought it for a thousand dollars. Then I stopped just buying guns and thought about suppressors, binoculars, a scope for my Infinity Rifle, boots, regular shoes, flip-flops… Fucking A, I even bought winter clothing!

Two fancy black plastic kayaks, plus paddles and life jackets. Tampons, pads, like fifty gallons of water bottles, an obscene amount of dry pasta… Medical supplies were obviously high on my priority list. For that matter, they even had amoxicillin bottles on sale, so I bought some just in case Ana’s supposedly superhuman immune system thing doesn’t quite work out.

Speaking of which, I have to admit that neither Ana nor my original body has gotten ‘sick’ these past few months. Sure, lots of aches and pains from all the exercise, sex and archery training, but no real ‘illnesses’ that would require seeing a doctor. Ugh, I shouldn’t say that, because now it feels like I’m jinxing myself.

Anyway, I bought a fuckton of random shit after that. Then I hit the checkout button on my phone only five minutes before my ‘hour’ was up. In the end, I spent a lot of money. So much that I started to have a minor anxiety attack after looking at my bank account.

[Bank Balance: 35,030]

Fifteen thousand motherfucking dollars! Seriously, it’s more money than I made in my entire life before I started getting paid by Infinity Corp… Which is kinda sad when I think about it. Regardless, money is useless if you can’t spend it on anything. And if the internet or electricity goes down, I won’t even be able to access those numbers, no matter how high they get. Physical items are different though.

As I let out a sigh and looked over to my left, Ana also turned to stare at me. Then we both snickered and pushed our bangs out of our eyes. Yeah, it’s been about four months since I woke up with two bodies. Back then, I had just gotten a haircut and Ana’s hair was just as short as mine, pretty much as short as you can cut it with scissors. However, although I do have scissors and even trimmers, I just never really got around to cutting my hair. Maybe it’s a kind of stigma? Is that the right word? Anyway, the few times I cut my hair as a kid, my mother got super pissed off at me and so, I’ve been hesitant to experiment thus far.

Then again, it’s much easier to cut your own hair when you have an extra body, hopefully. Worst case scenario, I can just use the trimmers or a fucking electric razor to make it all even. Since I’m the only one who really has to see myself, who cares if I’m shaved bald or not? I do like taking pictures for Facenovel though… Hence why I haven’t done it yet.

“This really reminds me of Mom Mom’s house for some reason…” Ana murmured as she gazed over toward the walls that were covered by windows. We were sitting next to each other on the high stools, at the ‘bar’ separating the kitchen from the wide open living room. It was obviously much different than the house in my memories, but definitely similar in a lot of ways.

“Hmmm, we should really call our parents one last time.” I sighed and hit the ‘call’ button on the phone, the only numbers on there belonged to my mother and father. I hadn’t called anyone else since I got the cellphone. And Infinity doesn’t have a number, they just contact me whenever they feel like it and then disappear like a ghost.

“Fucking A, don’t make it sound so goddamn ominous!” Ana grumbled as I turned the speaker phone on and heard a ‘ringing’ noise a few times. Finally, after the fifth ring, the call went through.

“Michael~! What’s wrong?! Are you okay?!” Even though I was mentally prepared, all four of my ears hurt pretty bad after that barrage of high-pitched screaming. Well, that was just how my mother acted every time I called, so it wasn’t too surprising. Hell, she would do the same thing when Adam called her as well.

“Mommy, calm down, haha~, I’m fine. Ana and I are both fine.” I sighed, but before I could explain anything, my mother immediately cut me off.

“Where are you now?! That Catagory 5 hurricane is gonna hit Florida soon! You need to get out of there fast! Why don’t you come up to Buffalo and visit us?!” This was the third time she said that, almost word for word.

Ana snickered and said, “Don’t worry… Mike and I are much safer here. The island will get hit by the storm and our internet might go out for a while, but we have backup generators, along with a massive amount of food and water. This house has withstood lots of hurricanes already. We’re much safer here than trying to evacuate and getting caught in the middle of nowhere.”

“Anna! Honey, I know you’re used to hurricanes, but you still gotta be careful!” My mother usually alternates between calling my alter ego Anna, Annie or even Anne. It’s been fucking months but whatever, she still accidentally calls me ‘Adam’ sometimes.

“Mommy, this might be the last time I can talk to you guys for a while, so can we stop with this nonsense?” I didn’t let her continue nagging, and instead said: “Where’s Daddy? I just wanted to say that I love you guys, be careful and good luck. Even if I don’t contact you guys for a while, don’t freak out, that’s normal. We live on an isolated island after all. Internet could be out for months if something breaks. The house is sturdy though, and we made lots of preparations beforehand. We’ll be fine no matter what. Just take care of yourselves.”

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