BCJ, Chapter 60: Hurricane

I’m not gonna transcribe the whole fucking conversation between my parents and the two of ‘me’, but let’s just say that they were really worried. Fortunately, they were all the way up in Buffalo, so there was no way the hurricane could possibly affect them at all. My cousin who lives in Florida, had already evacuated up to Maryland and was staying with my Aunts and Uncles. Normally she wouldn’t be able to afford that, but like I said, I ‘sponsored’ her trip for the most part.

Honestly, I wasn’t too worried. I mean, if I was anxious, it was because of my parents. I knew that if I went off the grid for months at a time, they would definitely be freaking out, even if they didn’t openly say anything. I just want them to enjoy their retirement and do whatever it is they wanna do with their lives. Supposedly they already bought a bunch of new equipment and started practicing, getting ready to play live in nightclubs and concerts again.

Anyway, it only took less than an hour for my massive pile of shit to arrive. Delivered by a group of seven huge ‘people’, dressed in yellow raincoats and wearing suspicious black masks over their faces. They had a white ∞ symbol over the eye region, and on the backs of the raincoats. None of them spoke the whole time, and they were all like seven feet tall. Although they brought everything right up to my front door, I had to carry everything inside myself.

It wasn’t just raining, but there was actually some hail by the time I was half-way through. Both my bodies were practically naked, wearing nothing but boxers, as we were pelted by pebble-sized pieces of hail and whipped by sixty mile an hour winds. Ultimately though, we managed to avoid ‘losing’ anything, since I took in the lighter and more fragile boxes first.

The big-ass kayaks were the last two things I brought inside… Then Ana slammed shut the door and the two of us started cackling as we stared at the big red welts all over our chests and arms. I rubbed my left nipple and grumbled, “Why didn’t I wear a damn t-shirt?”

Well, I originally didn’t wanna get it wet pointlessly. Of course, if I could predict the sudden hail, I would’ve probably even worn a jacket. An umbrella would just get sucked up into the sky by the wind.

“Phew~, I wanna take a bath! Let’s go use the jacuzzi… Oh wait, lock the door!” Ana told me as she headed straight towards the bathroom on the other side of the now-crowded ‘sunroom’. Honestly, our conversations are usually just the kinda shit I’d normally just ‘think’ or maybe say out loud to myself. There was no real reason for us to tell each other to do things, but it just feels right, ya know? Okay, maybe you don’t. Hell, maybe no one does except me?

After I locked the door, I headed over to the bathroom and threw my boxers into the hamper. It took a while to fill the hot tub with water, so in the meantime, I opened the bathroom window and watched the storm. More specifically, I listened to the hail, rain and howling winds, while staring at the distant palm trees waving around at the bottom of the hill. Of course, the water filling the tub was also pretty loud. It was a strange combination of different types of ‘white noise’, that felt slightly mesmerizing.

By the way, the window is a square about two feet wide, and even though I pushed it open, there was still a screen there. The screen could be removed, but I never tried before. The window pane itself was pretty hard to push up and locked in place fairly easily.

It was night and the middle of an intense storm, so the only light was coming from the first floor of my house. Although my ‘old’ eyes couldn’t see much of anything in the darkness, Ana was different. She had disturbingly good vision, which seemed to actually get better over time. My night vision is above average, due to living in basements for most of my life, but I’m still pretty nearsighted.

“Hmmm, holy fucksauce!”


Lightning struck almost right in front of the damn window and Ana jumped backwards by reflex, almost slipping on the tile floor. Fortunately, I wasn’t controlling Michael at that moment and he didn’t make any exaggerated reaction. Just reached out and grabbed Ana by the left arm, allowing her to regain her footing in a moment.

“Wow, I just had some major deja vu there…” I murmured, “It feels like… I can remember this exact scene from back, a long ass time ago. Something I dreamt about or maybe had a ‘vision’ of when I was a kid? Maybe that’s why this storm feels so familiar? Just like back then… What the hell was that one called again? Not Katrina, but, ugh, whatever. Now I can’t stop thinking about that stupid flying saucer that floated up out of the creek.”

It wasn’t a real UFO, or even something that happened in reality as far as I know. I just have this oddly vivid memory of a daydream or maybe a real dream, where I was sitting on the couch in my grandmother’s waterfront house and staring out the window during a hurricane. Couldn’t see much of anything, but I somehow managed to see a huge disk with glowing lights on the edges, floating up out of the creek. Keep in mind that the creek was relatively small at that point. In fact, even though I was looking out the window, what I actually saw was an entirely different part of the Magothy River. I think it was called magothy bay, a super creepy and eerily deep, round section of the river… Which I kayaked past a few dozen times, so I was relatively familiar with it.

I always imagined that below that ‘bay’ area, there was some kinda ancient sea monster lurking in the abyss. The water was way too dark to ever see past the surface, so who the fuck knows what might have been in those depths? Then again, I guess a UFO or sea monster is much more realistic than waking up one day with two bodies, huh?

“Ah~, shit…” Ana cursed as she finally got down into the steamy hot water, while I wasn’t faring much better. All the welts on my bodies were stinging pretty badly and I was slightly regretting my decision. I figured it would be a milder and more pleasurable method to clean off, than a quick shower.

We both laid back in the corners of the hot tub, diagonally across from each other and I couldn’t help but push my hair back out of my face. Ana’s hair grew significantly faster, already reaching the bottom of her chin, while mine was only to my cheekbones. Either way, I could still push it out of my face when it was wet.

“Definitely time to cut my hair.” Fortunately, I already took a few pictures of each of my body with ‘long’ hair and posted them on Facenovel. My mother, along with quite a few other people, said that Ana’s hair was still too short, while they complained that mine was too long. Personally, I don’t like having hair that goes past my eyebrows. I also don’t like when it touches my forehead though…

“Phew~, I keep feeling like… Something’s gonna happen.” I sighed and shook my head, smiling wryly at the naked woman across from me. We’re both pretty fucking ripped right now. She reached out and grabbed a bottle of blue body-wash, pouring it casually into the water. Then I turned on the jets and turned off the faucet, since the water level was plenty high enough.

Our faces hadn’t changed much, except maybe my beard needed to be trimmed down again soon. On the other hand, I lost most of the fat that I had never been able to get rid of before. By that, I mean that area right below the belly button, which always seemed to plague me back when I was a teenager. Now matter how many sit-ups I did back then, I could never get that generic ‘six-pack’ look that I wanted.

It was easy for Ana, she practically had an eight-pack from the moment I saw her the first time. Obviously it wasn’t very defined back then, but now? It’s not like I took steroids or growth hormone though, so my bodies just look like they’re in amazing shape. What do you expect though? After such intense training over the course of three months, if I wasn’t in shape yet, then something would be seriously wrong.

I reached out and grabbed Ana’s outstretched left foot, then started massaging it roughly. It wasn’t ticklish at all, just felt ‘natural’, like I was doing it myself. Because I was. After I finished with the right foot as well, I had her do the same to my fucked up feet. I mean, unlike her, I did a lot of crazy and stupid shit as a kid. Can’t recall how many times I probably broke them in various places, but just never got any medical treatment. The bones on both sides were definitely a little weird, and there were more calluses than should be humanly possible. My heels are practically as sharp as broken glass when they’re dry, but after getting soaked in soapy hot water, they were a lot less dangerous.

After that were two sets of taut and hard calves, four knees, then the bulging thighs. I’ll be honest, I didn’t do all that much leg exercises. I know some people love doing squats, deadlift and all that, but there’s a terrifying hidden danger as well. Mainly hemorrhoids. Yep, butthole bumps. One of the greatest banes of weightlifters and bodybuilders everywhere.

It’s not like I didn’t do any deadlifts or squats just for the sake of setting some records, but I figure that maintaining Ana’s asshole was much more important than a few thousand dollars. Not to mention that I didn’t want my original body to suffer through that hell again either. Not to mention the dangers of hernia and well, just not being able to walk or stand properly.

By doing all kinds of other exercises for the upper body and core, you ultimately end up working out your legs anyway. It just isn’t worth the risk.

Even though I didn’t ‘try’, it doesn’t mean that Ana’s thighs and ass were lacking either. I pulled her over and had her sitting on my own thighs, her hand reached down, grabbed my dick and easily slid it inside of her pussy. It was such an instinctive motion for me now. If I get horny, I fuck myself. Why not? Even if I don’t get paid for it anymore, there’s no reason to hold myself back.

I didn’t stop the massage either. As she was lifting her ass up and down, I used my thumbs and fingers to rub against the thick muscles on her back. Although her shoulders were significantly narrower than mine, and her hips were wider, our level of muscle definition was evening out. It almost felt like a competition against myself.

Eventually she leaned back and I laid my chin on her left shoulder, as I began massaging her aching ‘pecs’, which could barely be considered breasts anymore. Then I went down to her ribs, abs, eventually reaching her clit and thighs. She reached back and grabbed the corners of the jacuzzi in order to move up and down more easily, occasionally grinding in circles instead.

Although I personally like the way pubic hair looks on women, my OCD won’t let me grow anything that might get in the way when I’m trying to piss. So her pubes were usually pretty well-trimmed, almost to the point of looking shaved… On the other hand, I typically get too lazy to trim Michael’s pubes until they’re pretty long.

Armpit hair on the other hand, I don’t know how or why women bother shaving that shit. Unless it gets ridiculous, I don’t plan to even trim Ana’s armpits. Fortunately, unlike Michael, Ana doesn’t seem to grow body hair much at all. Even the hairs on her arms and legs is significantly thinner, though it’s still pretty visible since it’s black.

Right when Ana was cumming and I was about to ejaculate, both my minds went blank at the same time. It was a familiar state, like a moment of ecstasy? Just more intense due to, well, having two brains. This is what I call the ‘Mindfuck State’, where at least once or twice a day, I could occasionally reach out and enter the body of an animal of some sort. To be honest, it was a lot cooler at first, but lately it was just kind of annoying.

Like this time, I could see through the eyes of a small lizard nearby. Maybe it was a common skink? Either way, while I could see through its eyes and hear through its ears, it only lasted a few seconds at most. And I had no control over the creature itself. It was sort of a boner-killer most of the time, and really scary when you enter the mind of a bear or boar that’s taking a shit while you’re in the middle of anal sex.

However, this time was strange. The poor little bastard was hanging onto a tree for dear life, while ninety mile and hour wind gusts were whipping around constantly. Although I felt its anxiety and terror, there wasn’t really much I could do to save the critter, right? But then I saw lightning strike a tree right in front of its face, as the skink’s life flashed before its eyes, it started flying away in the breeze and was able to witness that scorched palm tree fly up into the air.

It flew off into the distance, towards something that looked like a house at the top of a hill… Yeah, it was my fucking house!

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