BCJ, Chapter 61: Precognition

I was jolted awake and immediately stopped fucking myself, ignoring the jizz just spraying all over the place. Ana also got up and rushed over to the window with me, we reached out and pushed it down at the same time. Then both of us retreated back to the doorway of the bathroom. We could escape into the living room or into the bathroom depending on the circumstances…

However, even after waiting thirty seconds, nothing happened. We both let out a sigh, then Ana asked: “Infinity, did you see that lightning strike just now? I had one of my visions from the perspective of a lizard and well, the palm tree that got split by lightning was sent flying over towards the house. I guess we got lucky and it missed though.”

As expected, whenever it comes to my weird bestiality telepathy thing, they usually respond to me right away. A single second passed before my phone beeped. Ana dried off her hands on a white towel that was hanging from a ring near the sink and then picked up the cellphone.

[∞: There have been no lightning strikes within your immediate vicinity in the past 5 minutes.]

Less than a minute later, I saw a flash outside the bathroom window, then a crackle hurt all four of my eardrums, before the whole house seemed to vibrate from the deep rumble. Finally, a broken half of a large palm tree smacked into the ground right outside my window. Both of my bodies sneaked over and watched as it was eventually whipped up again by a strong wind, before getting blown off towards the jungle to our left.

“Umm, so yeah, that was scary. What would happen if the house got hit by that palm tree?” My throats were both pretty dry and any semblance of a boner I had before, was now totally gone. A whole two minutes later, I got another message.

[∞: Incredible… We already considered your telepathic abilities to be unexpectedly potent, but this is far beyond what the Adam and Eve Project was ever meant to be capable of achieving. We must begin performing more targeted testing on this subject as soon as possible. We need to know whether this precognitive ability is controllable. If it can be replicated in other Subjects… For now, please do not push yourself too far. You are far too valuable now, and it is unknown whether your psychic abilities will have any harmful side-effects on your bodies or minds.]

Ana glared at the phone and asked, “Seriously though, can this house really hold up against a Cat 5 hurricane or what?! What’ll happen if a tree actually crashes into the windows or walls?!”

[∞: So long as the windows and doors are closed, there should not be any danger. Even the screen mesh is made from carbon nanofiber reinforced alloy… In emergency situations, there are additional lock-down procedures that can be implemented, which could theoretically allow the building to withstand a small nuclear explosion. Essentially, your concerns are unnecessary. However, from now on, pay more attention to your precognitive trances.]

“Okay then, that’s all I needed to know.” Ana snickered and then put the phone back on the sinktop, near the door. Then the two of us got back in the hot, soapy, bubbling water. Was going to just take a quick shower instead, but I figured that’d be a waste. Kinda annoying that I got jizz all over my pubes and Ana’s back though. Cum always feels so nasty in water. Clings to hair like glue too, but hot soapy water tends to get rid of it eventually.

“Hmm, the lightning is getting more intense.” I murmured as I leaned back and almost fell asleep with Ana scrunched up against my left side. The two of us were barely able to fit in a single corner, as we gazed up at the window nearby. Every few seconds there was at least one arc flashing through the clouds, while they struck the forest or even my house once every minute.

Ana laid her head on my shoulder and yawned, “Kinda feels like a bolt might just shoot through the window and zap us both, huh?”

“Pft~, haha~, stop saying shit like that.” I grumbled, “Hah~… The more I get used to this situation, the more afraid I am of losing you.”

She giggled, whispering in my ear: “Don’t worry… We’ll probably be alone together, forever. Or at least until you die of old age.”

“Hahahaha~, I bet Infinity is watching this shit and trying to figure out whether I’m going insane or if we’ve just been faking it this whole time.”

Of course I’m not going crazy. At least not any crazier than I already was before all this shit started. I just haven’t written anything but this ‘journal’ lately, and well, this is what happens to me when I don’t write fiction. I would probably be insane by now if I didn’t start writing, or at least ‘practicing’ writing, back when I was about nineteen. With two entire brains now, if it wasn’t for all the mindless sex, physical training and weird-ass animal visions, I’d probably have written an entire 10 book series in the past few months.

“Entropy… Might be a cool name for a character or something.” Just some random thing that I would mutter to myself while taking a shit. Not that I was shitting in the hot tub! It’s only a fucking example. And in this situation, Ana was the one saying it, while Michael had his eyes closed and head up against the waterproof cushion on the edge of the jacuzzi.

Both my bodies were tired from working out all morning and day, then moving all those boxes into the house. The welts on Ana’s body were almost completely healed already, while Michael’s were still stinging, especially the nipple wound. It was always like that though. She recovered much faster and still had way more stamina, but I still avoided pushing her too far when exercising. In the event that I pulled something and got put out of commission for a few days, she would still be totally fine and able to take care of me to an extent.

“Eiiihyaaaah~!” A deafening screech jolted me awake right when I was about to go to sleep. I looked outside the window and saw a big face peering inside the room. To be more specific, it was a huge white macaw, with bright blue wings. The bird was screaming for help, not in so many words, but it didn’t take a damn animal whisperer to figure it out. Considering how harsh the winds were outside, the face that it managed to land on the window screen was practically a miracle. However, it was using its toes and beak to hold on with all of its might.

“Fuck me…” I let out a long sigh, but only hesitated for a few seconds. Ana got up and dried herself off with a towel, before heading into the living room and searching for some gloves. On the other hand, I pushed the window up and got deafened by another high-pitched screech. Not to mention the sound of the wind itself, which was just as loud.

“Alright buddy, hang on!” Maybe it was something inherited from my mother, but there was no way I could just let an animal die in front of me. At least not when I had a chance to actually save the poor bastard. Aside from that, I figured it could also be one of those Guardians of Eden or something. In that case, it’d be even worse if I ignored them.

I removed the latches on the sides, which allowed the screen to be pushed upwards, similar to the actual window. However, I couldn’t push it too quickly, or the bird would probably lose its grip. Thus, by the time Ana came over wearing nothing but the black gloves she used for archery practice, I managed to make a hole big enough. 

My shoulders were way too thick, and well, I just generally wasn’t flexible enough to do anything but play an assisting role. On the other hand, I mainly controlled Ana. Without thinking much, I stuck my head, chest and almost to my waist, out of the window. Then turned around and grabbed hold of the bird by its neck and surprisingly beefy legs. It flapped its wings and its little toes started bleeding, then its beak lost its grip as it screeched in agony and terror, probably. Using Michael’s hands, I carefully and forcefully untangled its bloody toes from the screen mesh.

Fortunately the hail had stopped already, so my only concern was either getting hit by a branch or struck by lightning. Either way, I’d be pretty fucked. After about twenty seconds, I finally pulled the macaw inside the bathroom and Michael closed the screen immediately. After that, he also closed the window, just in case.

“Alright, stop screaming! For fuck’s sake!” The parrot was too exhausted to even fly away, and because its feet were hurt so badly, it only laid helplessly on its back when I placed it on the soaking wet tile floor.

Ana reached down and picked the ‘crying’ bird up off the ground, bringing it over to the sink. I walked behind her and washed my hands off with soap, before rinsing the macaw’s bloody toes off as well. I was going to use some soap to sterilize the wounds or something, but figured that causing it any more pain would probably be more dangerous than the risk of infection. I’m not a damn veterinarian.

“Delilah~! Delilah~!” The bird suddenly started saying a name, among the random squawks and screeching. Which made me wonder if maybe the macaw was actually someone’s pet? Or at the very least, it was possible that one of the islanders fed the ‘wild’ parrot and taught it how to say a few words.

Once the macaw was wrapped up in the towel, Ana took off her gloves, washed her hands and picked up the cellphone. Then I asked, “Infinity… Is this just a random bird or one of your Guardians?”

A response came half a minute later: [It is a pet belonging to one of your neighbors… Experiment-56 of the Adam and Eve Project.]

“Okay?” Ana snickered, “And? Is she still on the island? Did she abandon the parrot in this storm and evacuate?”

It took a while this time, and the bird finally stopped screaming, seemingly falling asleep wrapped up in the fluffy white towel. Eventually Infinity replied: [Eve-56 is one of the few residents remaining on the island. She lives in the house nearest to yours, to the East. We have notified her that ‘Delilah’ has been found and is currently under your care. When the storm ends, she will likely come to retrieve it… Please do not be alarmed by her appearance. She was one of the many failed Experiments.]

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