BCJ, Chapter 62: Eve-56

“You make it sound like she’s a fucking freak of nature or something. Well no, I guess there’s nothing ‘natural’ about the kinda shit you guys do, huh? Anyway, you know what kinda porn I watch and read. Even if this girl is just a ball of tentacles and vaginas… You know what, that actually sounds kinda hot. Damn, now I’m getting turned on again, but I gotta take care of a parrot… Well, it’s sleeping, so as long as I’m quiet…”

As Ana was whispering to Infinity, I rubbed some saliva on my dick and casually shoved it up her ass. I didn’t go ‘balls deep’ immediately or anything like that. Just the normal tip-dip, then slow in and out for a few seconds, before slowly sinking half-shaft inside. Meanwhile, she grabbed a medium-sized pink dildo that was sitting dangerously close to the sleeping macaw and easily jammed it into her other hole. Then I reached down and started rubbing her clit just as rapidly as she was toying with the dildo.

[∞: The Adam and Eve Project was designed to evolve humanity into a more adaptable, efficient and effective form. Ultimately however, the goal is to keep Homo Sapiens from becoming extinct due to environmental and pathological changes… Experiment-56 was performed 12 years before Experiment-77. Unlike ‘Anael’, Eve-56 was conscious from the moment she was born. Unfortunately, her ‘Father’ refused to participate in the experiment and Eve-56 grew up on Puerta De La Muerte alone.]

“Umn~, hahaha~, why does her backstory make her sound like a protagonist already?” I almost forgot to keep my voice down, though I didn’t stop fucking myself. Double-penetration honestly doesn’t feel as amazing as I originally imagined, but it’s still pretty good. The anal is mostly just pressure, while the clit-rubbing and super-fast toying was the main source of the stimulation. Of course, it’s also mostly mental anyway. Something cathartic about having both your holes filled at the same time, I guess? Then again, I have two asses so I guess I could’ve gone a step further, but that was way too much work.

[∞: Cloning a normal human is fairly simple and easy. The difficulties lie mostly in the editing phase, in order to create a ‘better’ human… We failed many times. Either going too far or not far enough. Experiment-56 was in the same batch as Experiment-53, the first Subject with psychic potential. At that point in time, we were trying several different methods to enhance adaptability. Very few Subjects from that batch are still alive. Those that survived… Are unable to ‘fit in’ with human society.]

“So like me, hehe~…” I snickered and then said, “Oh fuck!” My pussy was pulsating, along with my ass, but the moment I ejaculated and squirted a little, I accidentally thrust a little too deep. Ana pulled the soaking wet dildo out, tossed it into the sink, startlin the macaw awake. Then she rushed over to the toilet and had explosive diarrhea. I looked down and even though there was nothing but slimy white liquid on my dick, I decided to take a shower with soap just in case.

Delilah squawked loudly, then started crying in a high-pitched voice. More specifically, it sounded like a young girl crying… Likely something it heard a lot, considering that it’s owner was basically a prisoner on this beautiful and terrifying island since she was a baby. I mean, I like it here, because I already know how shitty the world is out there, but I imagine that someone who was trapped here since birth would be a little discontent. Then again, who the fuck knows? No point making judgements on a person based off of the crazy shit their stupid parrot says.

I remember Misty would always scream, “Michael~!” Or just make some super annoying high-pitched squawks. Then she would do a whole repertoire of random noises and sounds she remembered, before saying “Hello? Hello~?! Hello! Hello~!” As if she was answering a phone for like twenty minutes.

Fortunately the macaw was much quieter and more well behaved. At the very least, the sobbing was pretty quiet most of the time. I didn’t take too long of a shower, since Ana needed to get in there immediately after taking a shit, and we literally both just took a relatively long bath. Speaking of which, I went over and turned the jets off, before letting the water out.

Then I walked over and picked up the cellphone, noticing another message from Infinity.

[∞: Eve-56 is… Psychologically fragile. We have done our best to give her a relatively conventional education, but most of her social skills are limited by her isolation. She is extremely sensitive about her physical appearance. Thus, we hope that you will be… We do not wish for you to be overly shocked or disgusted by her appearance when you meet. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you a photo of her, without her permission. That would be counterproductive, so we can only ask that you are ‘kind’ to Eve-56. She might be a failed experiment, but she is still extremely important to us.]

I snickered, complaining: “Don’t you guys know me by now? Don’t worry. No matter how fucking ugly or weird looking this girl turns out to be, I won’t act like a cuntbag to her face. But the more you talk about her, the more curious I’m getting. Does she have Facenovel or something? I’ll ask her what to do with Delilah in the meantime, since this storm won’t die down anytime soon. Hell, the hurricane technically ain’t even here yet.”

[∞: Eve-56 cut herself off from social media several years ago… She does have an email address, but she rarely uses it anymore. Currently the internet connection has been lost, thus rendering any attempt to contact servers outside of Puerta De La Muerte, rather useless. Of course, the Local Area Network of the island is still intact. Otherwise, we would not be able to monitor and converse with you.]

“Fucking A, if you’re telling me all this shit about this girl, then what have you told her so far about me? Does she know about, well, the fact that I’m two people? No wait, one person? You know what I mean, probably.” Ana got out of the shower, grumbling as she used a clean towel on the shelf nearby to dry off.

[∞: Obsessive compulsive antisocial author named Michael Anthony Cinagra. Eve-77, renamed Anael Iris Angelica Healy Cinagra, a failed experiment with unexpected results. We are unable to give specific details about the experimental results, however there are plenty of archived posts, pictures and videos on Facenovel that we were able to show Eve-56. Along with an archived link to your website… She is currently reading a story you wrote called “Hardcore OP-ness”.]

“Holy mother of fuck! Why?! It’d be less embarrassing if you’d just shown her porn of Ana and I! No, wait, don’t do that. Seriously, that was just a joke. I’m serious Infinity! If I wanna show people porn I made, I’ll do it myself. I mean, I ain’t gonna do that, probably, but it’s my decision if I do do it? Okay?” 

I couldn’t help freaking out, since HCOP was one of my most popular and embarrassing ‘masterpieces’. Definitely not the kinda thing I would recommend to someone I was gonna meet in person though. Speaking of which, I hadn’t really had any real social interaction in months, so I was pretty fucking anxious in general. Of course, I always get super stressed out when I’m about to meet a person, imagining all kinds of crazy and absurd scenarios that could possibly happen. 

In reality though, it’ll probably be more like: “Umm, here’s your bird.” Then she’ll probably say: “Okay thanks, bye.” And I might not see or talk to her again for years, even though she only lives a few hundred meters away. If it wasn’t for the darkness, rain and generally terrible lighting conditions, I would have used that telescope or my binoculars to try and spy on her a bit before the inevitable awkward meeting.

[∞: We will never share your private information and pornographic materials with others, even if you asked us to do so… However, your Facenovel account and website are both very public… Although it may appear that our only job is to monitor and test you, we actually have many other duties. Thus, if you wish to speak to Eve-56, contact her directly through the Puerta De La Muerte LAN application on your phone.]

With that, the messages from Infinity vanished as if they never existed in the first place. But it was pretty easy to find the app that simply said: “LAN Messenger”. It was inconspicuous enough that a stranger wouldn’t know what the fuck it actually did, or ‘where’ you needed to be for it to work properly.

I hesitated for a minute or so, until eventually picking up the towel-wrapped macaw and brought it into the kitchen. After placing it gently on the bar counter, Ana came over and sat down next to me. Then she opened the app and sighed, grumbling: “Won’t let me change my user name from Eve-77? Lame… No display names either. Hmmm…”

As ‘we’ were trying to figure out how it worked, a notification popped up that said: [Eve-56 has sent you a message.]

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