BCJ, Chapter 63: Chat

[Eve-56: Hi.]

[Eve-77: Umm, hey, lol.]

[Eve-56: How is Delilah now?]

[Eve-77: Well… I don’t know how to send pictures with this app… But basically, it seems like she’s just really tired. Her feet stopped bleeding a few minutes ago and she’s even walking around now. I would have kept her from moving to prevent the wounds from getting worse, but I don’t know if parrots can lay down? Anyway, she keeps saying “Cracker~! Cracker~!” And I can’t tell if she’s hungry or just hates white people lmao. Either way, I don’t have any crackers or bags of bird food laying around. Is there anything else I can feed her though?]

[Eve-56: Oh, I don’t think you can send files through this messenger. Haha, she likes salted crackers, but I only give them to her sometimes as a treat. Usually she only eats fresh or dried fruit and nuts. She spends most of her time in the jungle, so… Thank you for saving her. If you have any unsalted nuts or maybe trail mix of some kind, I’m sure Delilah would ‘settle’ for that.]

[Eve-77: Alright, I almost lost a fucking finger when I showed her a small bag of trailmix rofl. Then she ripped it open and freaked out when a bunch of cranberries and raisins got stuck to her feathers. Now she’s glaring at me with disdain, as if it’s my fucking fault lol.]

[Eve-77: Lmao, she just called me ‘Mama’! More specifically, she cried “Mama, I’m sorry!” When she took a shit on my fucking table! Anyway, I learned my lesson and decided to put her in a huge empty cardboard box. She might have hurt her wings, because she hasn’t tried to fly yet.]

[Eve-56: I’m sorry… Delilah is a little naughty. That’s why I usually let her roam free outside. She only comes back home when she’s hungry, tired or the weather is really bad. She probably got confused in the storm and thought your house was mine. I’m really sorry for making you take care of her like this. I’ll definitely pay you back. I promise.]

[Eve-77: Don’t worry lmao. I grew up with parrots and well, I have enough experience taking care of birds at least. I didn’t save Delilah for any kinda reward. Hell, I had no idea whether it was a pet or a wild animal until Infinity told me it belonged to my mysterious neighbor. Anyway, she ate, drank and took a shit. Now she’s sleeping in the box.]

[Eve-56: Are you Michael or Anael?]

[Eve-77: Hmm… Which would you prefer?]

[Eve-56: You’re both there then?]

[Eve-77: Yep! Why? Did you wanna talk with only one of us? Lol]

[Eve-56: No, I was just curious. I heard about Eve-77 before. They don’t tell us much, but I heard that most of your sisters died already. Only 75, 79 and 80 were ‘Successful’. I heard that you were in a coma and only woke up recently, so I thought it was your Father talking to me earlier.]

[Eve-56: Wait, can Anael even speak or read yet? If she can, then that’s amazing! How long has she been awake? Does she really have psychic abilities? Ah, is that how she can learn so fast?!]

[Eve-77: Lmao, wow, the way Infinity talked about you, I didn’t expect you to have so much inside-information. Then again, they told me you lived on this island your whole life… Ana is well, a lot like me. I’m not really sure what I’m allowed to say to be honest. I guess they’ll censor me if I leak something I’m not supposed to mention, so I’ll just answer yes. Ana can talk, walk, read, write, play video games and pretty much everything else. Unfortunately, she can’t read minds or use telekinesis. But at the very least, she’s like another ‘me’. And just as fucking weird lmao.]

[Eve-56: I’m looking at your FN now. You two look so cute… Sorry if that sounds creepy. And now I’m totally going through your albums like stalker haha. Ana is a good name. Easy to write and remember. Why did you two pick such a long and complicated name though?]

[Eve-77: Ah, well, that’s a long story… Okay not really. More like a few webnovel series. Anael is the angel of love and joy or some such bullshit. In the context of the many stories I’ve written, she’s a pretty prominent character. But she’s usually known as Iris Angelica Healy. In the grand mythos of all my stories, Anael is one of Michael’s seven main incarnations. Essentially, Michael and Anael are the same person. Get it? When I woke up with Ana one day, it was the first name that came to mind. Also, I had no idea about any ‘Adam and Eve Project’ or Infinity whatever. It was a very surreal experience lol.]

[Eve-56: They didn’t tell Ana anything either?]

[Eve-56: Hello?]

[Eve-77: Sorry about that. Mike went to sleep. I’m gonna stay up and keep watch on Delilah, while also making sure there aren’t any weird things happening with this hurricane. Who knows, maybe a cute little tiger cub will show up at my door and need some help?]

[Eve-56: Wow, isn’t it kind of early? It’s only 9 PM. When did you two wake up?]

[Eve-77: We got up about 5 AM, then trained on and off for about 10 hours. Normally we would’ve gone to sleep a while ago, but then Infinity warned us about the storm and asked if we wanted to evacuate. We obviously said no… So we anxiously bought a ton of random stuff just in case it’s the end of the world or whatever. We were finally relaxing and on the verge of passing out in the hot tub when Delilah showed up…]

[Eve-56: I’m sorry about that. Sorry for ruining your evening. Wait, what are you ‘training’ for? And why didn’t you leave if you had a choice?!]

[Eve-77: Meh, it’s not a big deal lol. It’s not good to sleep in a hot tub anyway. We’d both end up all pruny for a long time. Not to mention the danger of drowning.]

[Eve-77: We aren’t really training for much? Not like we’re going to be Olympic athletes or anything. Honestly, it started out with us just wanting to be in good enough shape to explore the island a bit. But it’s been 3 months now, and we still haven’t really left the house. Now Mike and I are pretty fucking ripped, and I can run like twenty miles on the treadmill without much trouble and bench over 315 lbs… We’re also pretty damn good at archery too, but that’s mostly just for fun. What would we even do with them anyway? I don’t want to kill any animals unless it’s absolutely necessary. We have guns for self-defense anyway, we just need to set up some targets once this storm ends and learn how to shoot accurately.]

[Eve-56: Wow. That’s crazy haha. Was this Michael’s idea or yours? I can’t imagine what you must be feeling right now. You don’t ‘need’ to do any of that. If you like exercising and stuff, that’s great, but don’t let anyone force you to do something you don’t want to, okay? The jungle isn’t nearly as scary as you think, and I’m just right next door if you need help with anything…]

[Eve-77: Lmao, that’s cute, but nobody forced me to do shit. And let’s just say that my ‘psychic’ powers aren’t so simple. Not sure what I’m allowed to say though. Hmm, I guess, I think the easiest way to imagine it is if you woke up one day in another body? I think Infinity will let me tell you that much? I have all Mike’s memories and even his personality.]

[Eve-77: What? Too weird? Don’t believe me?]

[Eve-56: No, it’s not that strange. It makes a lot of sense actually. Also, I may have asked ∞ if I’m really talking to you and not your Father. They also told me that you might not be telling the whole truth, but that what you said was ‘plausible’.]

[Eve-77: Rofl, sounds about right. By the way, you seem a lot more mentally stable than Infinity made you out to be lol. So what’s wrong with you anyway? I told you that I’m basically a 27 year old straight dude in the body of a fully-mature, 7 year old female coma-clone who looks like she could be my twin sister… Why did Infinity warn me not to be ‘alarmed’ by your appearance? Because I have a pretty fucked up imagination and at this point, I’ll probably be disappointed if you just have a few scars or extra limbs.]

[Eve-77: You don’t have to tell me if it’s too embarrassing. It’s not a big deal.]

[Eve-56: I’m just freakishly tall and ugly. I used to be really self-conscious as a teenager. That’s probably why ∞ is worried about me. It’s fine though. I’m fine now.]

[Eve-77: There are loads of gigantic and hideous motherfuckers out there. Hell, a lot of them are celebrities now days. So why can’t you leave the island? If you have a super weak immune system or something, I gotta know ahead of time or I might accidentally get you sick when we meet.]

[Eve-56: I’ve never been ‘sick’. And I’ve gotten all my vaccines and other shots. It’s not that. Umm, it was nice talking to you, but I need to go do something. Thanks for taking care of Delilah.]

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