BCJ, Chapter 64: Anxiety

So yeah, I talked to my neighbor for at least an hour or two last night. All text messages of course, but still, that’s like ‘real’ socializing, isn’t it? Why the fuck am I so anxious and excited to meet some stranger in person?

Hopefully I didn’t freak her out too much with my usual weirdness. She hasn’t said anything to me since then, and the storm is still raging outside. Delilah is eating trail mix, drinking water and shitting all over the huge cardboard box I ‘trapped’ her in. Well, she could probably easily chew her way out by now if she really wanted to, but she’s been pretty quiet. Hopefully she isn’t sick. It’ll be super awkward if Eve shows up here in a few days and all that’s left is a frozen parrot wrapped in a gallon plastic bag.

Definitely wouldn’t be a great first impression, right? Well, whatever. She wouldn’t tell me what her secret superpower is, if she actually has one. I’m half-expecting her to be like twenty feet tall or actually turn out to be some sort of sexy furry monster-girl. But I’ve seen her house. The doors are only seven feet tall at most. Even if she’s ‘freakishly tall’, that might just be an over exaggeration.

Fuck, I’ve been masturbating to so much crazy hentai lately. Why am I like this? I don’t even know what this girl looks like, but I’m already having weird fantasies all the time. Then again, I always have crazy fantasies, which is why I became a fiction author in the first place!

Shit, maybe she hasn’t talked to me again because she read “Hardcore OP-ness”? Or maybe she lost interest in me once I told her that I was a 27 year old guy, trapped in a woman’s body? Maybe I should’ve just told the truth? But then again, what is the real truth?

When only one of my bodies is sleeping, why can’t I see my own dreams while awake? That’s why I usually never do that. It freaks me the fuck out. I’m afraid that I might wake up one day and actually be two separate people.

I’ve spent the past two days as only one body at a time and it’s a little nerve wracking to be honest. I swore I wouldn’t do this shit again since that month-long binge tour of all those stories I was reading, but this is only until the storm ends. Speaking of which, how long is this fucking hurricane gonna last? I still have water and power, so it’s not too bad, but I never realized how important the internet was until now. When was the last time I went without the internet for more than a few hours anyway? Probably back when I lived in Pasadena…

I have so much porn and hentai saved on my computers, and yet I still crave more. Well whatever. Maybe I should send her a message? What the fuck should I say though? Infinity hasn’t said anything since then either.

Something is weird. Something feels ‘wrong’ right now. Have you ever felt like that? It used to happen to me a lot when I was younger. Like right before the Fukushima meltdown. Which was technically when that huge earthquake hit, that caused the tsunami. Hmmm, that was… 2011? Before Ana was created, I think? Well, I also felt this way before I met my ex, and before she broke up with me.

It’s so much stronger right now though. By like a hundred times. Like the world could end at any moment and I wouldn’t be surprised. Holy shit, Infinity just sent a message.

[∞: There are a myriad of ways that humans and other animals can sense an earthquake before it strikes. One of our criteria for choosing you to participate in Experiment-77, was due to several genetic factors that we found appealing. One of which was your nearly superhuman auditory senses and decent intuition. Although the most important factor was the impressive longevity in your father’s family and the reproductive capabilities of your mother’s family.]

Well yeah, my mother’s mother had like six kids and most people on my father’s side of the family lived to be in their eighties or nineties. But my father’s grandparents were pretty fucking reproductive too though. Though a few of the kids didn’t survive, since it was like the early 1900’s and all.

Anyway, more importantly… Yep, the ground is fucking shaking! It’s a goddamn earthquake! Since when are there fucking earthquakes near Jacksonville Florida though?!


Well that was fucking fantastic. It’s been about a day or so, probably. The power went out after the earthquake and since the worst of the hurricane was hitting the island at the same time. That means no light for the solar panels on the roof, which are surprisingly intact. Those wind turbines would’ve gotten ripped apart, but apparently, they were kept underground since before the storm even hit. I didn’t notice until just recently though, when I saw them slowly emerging from the ground this morning. The sun is finally shining and it’s a beautiful fucking day.

That’s a joke by the way. Even though the hurricane is gone, it’s still cloudy as hell and looks super dreary out. The water level almost reached the top of my hill during the worst of it. Was pretty spooky to be honest. Now my lawn is covered in dead fish, crabs and seagulls. The crabs and seagulls are alive though, eating the fish, in case that wasn’t clear.

Anyway, haven’t heard from Infinity yet. Been a little worried, but for the most part, I’m just glad I didn’t have much frozen stuff left. I had to throw away some seafood that went bad, but like I said, my lawn is covered with dead fish anyway, so I just tossed it out the front door. Obviously without the plastic bags or wrappings.

She hasn’t said anything yet, but Eve could show up at my door any moment, which has been making me even more anxious. I tried talking to her on the LAN app, but she didn’t reply. Ugh, right now I only have Ana, since Michael is sleeping, and I have to wash a fuckton of dishes, clothes and all kinds of other shit.

Now I’m just waiting and I have nothing better to do than writing this stupid journal. Oh my god, this fucking bird won’t shut up! And it’s not ‘my’ parrot, so I can’t really punish it for being annoying….

Holy shit! She’s here!

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