Chapter 67: Relationships

Time is always relative. Would you rather experience a year while the rest of the world is standing still? Or would it be better to take a quick nap and wake up a thousand years later? As someone with friends and family who are still alive and well. I think it’s better this way. Then again, I won’t be able to read any updates from my favorite stories for fucking years!

“Are you okay?” I was dazed for a minute, but not really freaking out as much as I probably should have been. A gigantic hand gently touched my left shoulder and I turned to see Eve staring down at me, somberly. She had a bright pink flush on her cheeks, while I noticed that her hand was practically invisible, since it blended in with my wrinkly white shirt.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Heheh~, I’m honestly really glad you’re here though.” I smiled up at her and unintentionally said, “I might be antisocial. But there’s no way I’d survive a few years alone…”

She stared into my eyes and furrowed her brows, as her face turned as pale as mine. Eventually she asked, “Is everything really okay between you and Michael? Just because he’s your ‘Adam’, doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to be with him.”

I cringed a bit, since I immediately though about my brother, who coincidentally is named Adam. And I think that made her even more concerned, because she suggested: “I have a spare bedroom upstairs… If you never need a place to stay, you can come here.”

“Thanks, but that’s really unnecessary.” I smirked at her and then gently touched the top of her right hand with mine. It was still on my shoulder and hard to ‘see’, but I could feel her trembling nervously. You know, it’s kinda hilarious. When I was still in my hardcore OCD brain-mode, I was too anxious to really think about anything else. But once I turned off the OCD, I started to notice something super obvious: “Heh, Eve… Are you trying to ask me out?”

“What? Um, I wasn’t, I don’t-” She hurriedly pulled her hand back and coughed, as her skin tone abruptly started getting lighter. Yeah, lighter than my pale ass. Within a few moments, I could easily see the veins on her face, then even the red muscles and white bones were visible. It was like her skin turned completely transparent. Then she shouted, “Shit, shit! I’m sorry… I’m, I-” She got up and ran away.

I grinned as I watched her fade into the darkness of that creepy hallway. Well anyway, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the serious dangers of going outside in the sunlight with transparent skin. Unless her skin could work like one of those UV screening windows, but well, I’m not sure how well they work anyway.

Not gonna lie, ballistic gel dummies aren’t really on my list of fetishes and invisible girls are kinda hard to jerk off to… On the other hand, Eve isn’t invisible. She can camouflage herself to blend into the surroundings, but there’s still the visual component. As I sat there on the couch, staring at the empty hallway, that last scene was repeating through my head a dozen times.

The face, without skin, looks kinda like something out of a horror movie. It wasn’t quite the same as some of those fancy art exhibition things, since she was a real, living human being. Aside from that, she obviously wasn’t deveined or whatever. All the veins, capillaries and arteries were very vivid and fully functional.

The bones and cartilage was white, the fat was yellow and the blood vessels were all pretty red. Lots of red to be honest, since there was a ton of visible muscles on her skinny body. Also the transparent skin thing wasn’t her entire body at the same time… I noticed that her legs and arms were still pale white, while a few brown or even pitch-black spots appeared or moved around. 

Ultimately, the one thing that stood out beyond everything else was the way she smelled. Yeah, I know. Sounds super weird, but it’s the truth that most humans decide whether someone is attractive or not based on pheromones. Things that a lot of people can’t even notice. Ana’s nose is even more sensitive than mine, and I can smell pheromones pretty easily. Thus, the whole time we were sitting next to each other, or even just being inside her living room alone… There was this strange overpowering scent. Kinda musky, but not in a bad way.

I took a deep breath, then let out a sigh like Eve did so many times before. Except I had a smirk on my lips the whole time. Before Ana, I had gone so long without sex that I could barely remember what it even felt like anymore. But there’s more to a relationship than just fucking. After all, Ana is ‘me’.

Let’s look back at my past ‘relationship’ experiences so far. The so-called ‘dark history’ or embarrassing teenage bullshit. I’m 27 years old. I’ve long outgrown the desire to hide my feelings or whatever. In Middle and High School, there were probably at least three or four girls every year. By that, I mean one-sided crushes. I never asked any of them out, and they were usually the type to always be in a relationship with someone anyway. They already started dating the next guy before I even found out that they broke up with the last one, so it’s not surprising that I stayed a virgin until I was out of High School.

There were some girls that I think probably liked me, but were always too shy to say anything. Definitely more than a few guys who openly tried to date me, however… I’ve never been attracted to men. It’s not just about penises either. They don’t ‘smell’ good to me. Even a lot of beautiful women smell horrible, whether due to perfume or just their natural odors, it’s a compatibility thing.

When I first saw my one and only ex, I was a 17 year old virgin, who had two crushes already. Yet, the moment I met her, I instinctively knew that we had a connection. Hell, I met my ex ‘through’ those two girls I had a crush on. She was technically dating someone already, but only in a very childish capacity.

Veronica liked me from first sight. And while she was super shy and awkward in person, she made her intentions very obvious through Facenovel messages. I was pretty blunt too. We hung out once at her house and hugged twice, a greeting and a goodbye.

After a month of basically sexting, without even sharing any nudes, we took the relationship a step further. We were both hardcore virgins, so a really shitty handjob without a cumshot was all she did for ‘me’. While she wouldn’t let me eat her out, but she did seemingly orgasm a few times from some basic fingering. Why did I know how to finger her so well, even though it was my first time? I don’t know, but she legitimately thought I was lying to her about being a virgin for a while after that. It was the same thing after we took things a step further later on. She practically mangled my dick with her teeth, while I made her cum easily with my tongue.

Of course, after we had sex for the first time and it was honestly kinda terrible, I figured out that I was actually in love. Because while I went into the relationship just looking to lose my virginity, it didn’t take long for me to realize that there was more to love than just sex. It was a ‘spiritual’ connection. One where you just wanted to make the other person happy, regardless of your own wellbeing. Which is also why a lot of people consider love to be incredibly dangerous and stupid.

On the other hand, I’ve had a few ‘spiritual’ relationships that felt like love, minus the sexual aspect as well. I think everyone has. A lot of people call it the ‘friendzone’, but in reality, it’s usually an emotional connection between two people, but only one side is interested in taking things a step further.

The moral of the story is that from the moment we met and Eve hit on me, I already pretty much decided that I was willing to ‘date’… If that’s what she really wanted. But we barely knew each other and well, if I fucked everyone who hit on me, I’d probably have fucked like three girls and ten guys… Okay that’s kinda depressing. Keep in mind that these numbers are from when I was just one moderately attractive dude.

Although I spent at least ten minutes fantasizing about Eve and another five reflecting on my life, eventually I started thinking about something a bit more serious. By the time she came back from wherever she went, back to her ‘original’ brownish skin-tone, I stood up and asked: “You said you spent years trapped on the island after those earthquakes so… How long did it take for the days to pass?”

She stared at me for a moment and stopped walking. Eventually answering, “Twenty-four hours… Why?”

I sighed dramatically, grumbling: “If we’re really in a localized accelerated chunk of space… Then no matter how ‘fast’ we’re moving, the planet itself won’t be turning. At least not fast enough to notice in the short-term. If there are days and nights like usual, then we’re more than likely just on a different planet. Maybe an alternate Earth or some such bullshit.”

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