BCJ, Chapter 69: Chameleon

“Pft~! Hahaha~!” As I laughed at her again, she started ‘blushing’ even worse. It was hypnotic really, the way her skin changed colors so frequently and rapidly sometimes. When she looked like she was about to start crying and her skin turned dark blue again, I grabbed her huge left hand. She immediately shivered and started turning purple, then red.

I stopped laughing and stared into her now pink irises, then told her the truth: “Listen… I didn’t Facenovel stalk you, because I couldn’t, and I barely know anything about what kinda shit you went through until now. But I think you’re beautiful. That’s my honest opinion. And you also smell like, really fucking good. Is that a body wash or-umph~!”

Before I could fully understand the situation, and finish rambling, those huge bright pink lips were pressed against mine. I just can’t really stress enough how big a size difference there is between the two of us. Whether it was our hands or faces… Anyway, she started kissing me and my latent lesbian instincts kicked in immediately.

My tongue went inside her mouth and started wrestling with hers, while she grabbed the back of my neck with her left hand. Having long hair is annoying, but there are benefits. The sensation of her fingers running through my hair was something I thought I might never feel again. I think I tasted strawberries, though I’m not sure if it was something she ate or drank. Either way, my OCD was basically out the fucking window by that point.

It was all pretty PG for a while… For a theoretically ‘virgin’ hermit, I was honestly pretty impressed with her courage. We gradually stopped making out after a few minutes and pulled away from each other. After all, she was all the way over on the recliner, while I was sitting on the couch. If she wasn’t so tall, she wouldn’t have been able to lean over and reach me so easily.

She was completely pink. The same color of the inside of her mouth. Maybe the color of arousal with a tinge of embarrassment and a whole lot of nervousness. I probably wasn’t much better. After all, even though I was moderately wet before and starting to get turned on, Michael finally woke up at that moment. He was still lying in bed with his eyes closed, and pretty much my entire two minds were focused on Ana… But he just woke up with a boner and given the situation, he was already jerking off. The only thought left in my brains was: Keep going.

“Wow…” On the other hand, Eve was panting loudly and seemed to be struggling to regain her zen-like whatever. When she saw me climb over the edge of the couch, she grabbed my shoulders and nervously said: “Umm, sorry, I think… Maybe we should uh… I-I um~”

Compared to her size, she either wasn’t very strong or wasn’t even trying to stop me. Because I easily straddled her waist, with my knees sinking into the sides of the recliner, between the arms and the seat. Then I smirked and asked, “Serious question. Before I go any farther, tell me honestly, do I smell bad?”

“Of course not!” She awkwardly pulled her hands back and said, “I’m sorry for-ah~!” Before she could say anything else, I casually took off my shirt and threw it onto the couch. Then I started removing my belt as she stammered, “Wha-what are you doing?! You-you don’t have to do this!”

I tossed my black belt and holster onto the couch before unbuttoning my jeans, while snickering: “I don’t ‘have’ to do anything. But I wanna take my clothes off… If you lost interest after seeing my non-existent tits-”

“No, I-I mean, I just haven’t, it’s been since… Umm…” The more nervous she got, the more it made me want to push things further. So I unzipped my pants, then started trying to pull them down while still straddling her thighs. Obviously it didn’t work very well, so I had to get up off her lap first. However, when I tried, Eve suddenly grabbed my wrist and pulled me back onto the recliner and said: “Your breasts are fine! Don’t leave! Please don’t go!”

“Ah, haha~!” I couldn’t help laughing, before I ignored my pants and pressed my lips against hers, sticking my tongue into her mouth while her eyes were wide open in surprise. I pulled back after a few seconds and asked, “Can I take my pants off now?”

Eve was stunned for a few seconds, but bit her lower lip and nodded her head. With ‘permission’, I stood up again and didn’t bother acting like a fucking porn star or stripper. I quickly pulled down the jeans and boxers at the same time, revealing my recently trimmed and relatively ‘tame’ pubic hair within moments. All the while, I was still facing her and watching her face change from pink to purple in various places. One iris was hot-pink, the other dark-purple; it was pretty mesmerizing.

“Yeah, I don’t shave my legs. Or my pussy. Or anything really. Hope that ain’t a deal-breaker.” I snickered and felt a little embarrassed for some strange reason. After all, although Ana’s armpit and leg hair wasn’t nearly as thick as Michael’s, I was afraid it might be a major turn-off to the beautiful hairless chameleon in front of me.

Fortunately, once she stopped staring at my vagina, she cleared her throat and sincerely told me: “No, it’s umm, very nice. I think you’re really sexy.” 

She rubbed her bald head for a few seconds, before cautiously admitting: “I… I actually can’t grow hair. I hope that doesn’t bother you.”

“Hair is overrated anyway!” I snickered and quickly climbed back onto her thighs. I looked down and noticed that my pussy was literally ‘drooling’ all over her skirt. Then I reached out and grabbed the hem of her surprisingly thin black t-shirt, pulling it up to her chest slowly as she raised her arms up. Of course, I really underestimated how fucking hard it would be to take her shirt off myself: Her arms were just way too damn long for me to reach that far. 

Fortunately, she didn’t get cold feet or freak out, but just silently grabbed the edges and took the shirt off on her own. There was no bra, so I could immediately see her entire bare, bright-pink upper body. She did have a bit of muscle, but for the most part, Eve was really skinny. To the point where I started to worry about her health a bit.

Those ‘tiny’ perky breasts had dark-purple and well, average sized nipples. There are so many different kinds of tits and nips out there, so it’s hard to really say anything is ‘normal’. Eve’s breasts are kinda aimed upwards a bit and while her nipples were obviously hard due to arousal, they were still pretty circular, with small little dots in the center. A lot like mine to be honest.

Anyway, I didn’t waste too much time thinking about her breasts, but was more drawn to her face. I’ve always had a thing for eyes. Though everybody usually does. They’re pretty damn important after all. As I was entranced by her gaze, she actually grabbed my ass with both hands and squeezed it pretty tightly. Considering the sheer size of her hands, even though my ass is relatively large, a few of her fingers easily slipped inside both my holes.

“Ah, um, I wasn’t trying to do that…” Eve immediately took her fingers out of my ass and pussy, but I reached back and ‘guided’ them back inside. With four large fingers in each hole at the same time, it made my whole body twitch and shiver a bit. It wasn’t about the size though, but the fact that Eve was the one doing it. I was way more sensitive than usual, so it’s a good thing she had super short fingernails.

“Are you sure I’m not hurting you?” She was breathing really heavily as she asked a silly question. My response was to kiss her on the lips, then the left side of her neck, eventually moving down to her breast. As I started to tongue-massage her nipple pretty fiercely, I fondled the right one with my left hand and reached down into her skirt with the right. Unsurprisingly, I felt a wet and sticky mess even through her panties.

Eve moaned loudly as her whole body spasmed. I groaned a bit as well, since she was stretching out both my holes pretty fiercely. I had my eyes closed, so I couldn’t tell if she was still changing colors or not. But with my body pressed against hers, I realized that she was super hot. Like almost scalding hot. At first I figured it was probably just the way her body worked, right?

“Mmmn~, ah~!” Eve let out a high-pitched cry the moment my fingers finally slid inside her sopping wet coochie. It hurt my ears, so I stopped sucking her nipple and pulled my head back to notice that her eyes were fucking rolled upwards. Both her hands were gripping my ass really tight for a few moments, before they just kinda lost all their strength. Then her head tilted to the left and she closed her eyes.

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  2. Had to edit some of Eve’s dialogue, so it’s a good thing I actually went through and seriously edited these past 2 chapters, rather than just looking for obvious grammatical mistakes lmao. Basically, as I’ve mentioned before, I wrote 1-40 in 2018, 41-70-something in 2019 and then started around chapter 76 or so, till now(729 and counting) where I started in 2020 last June and am still continuing without any long breaks lmao. Chameleon is… Super sketchy, sure, but I don’t think I originally intended for her to be a full-blown liar lol. Anyway, I won’t explain what she did or didn’t lie about in the original dialogue, because it’d be spoilers *Shrugs*.


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