BCJ, Chapter 70: Concern

“Oh shit!” It was at that point when I stopped jerking off and got up off the bed. I reached over to the nightstand and shouted, “Hey Infinity! Are you there?!” But I didn’t get any messages in response.

Since there wasn’t much I could do on Michael’s end, I focused all my attention on Ana again. My first instinct was to reach out for her neck and check her pulse, but I couldn’t tell if it was high or low. It just felt like she might have had an intense fever, if she were a normal human.

Eve’s pink skin was getting lighter and lighter, until it turned transparent. She was breathing, had a pulse and honestly just seemed like she might have fainted. However, I couldn’t help but grumble: “This is why you should always ask about medical history before even trying to date someone!”

My first guess was obviously diabetes, since it’s one of the most common diseases that might make someone pass out randomly. But then I remembered her coughing every now and then, along with her temperature being pretty damn hot, I figured she might have a cold or some kind of sinus infection. The temperature in the room was only about 70-75 F, so it was perfectly comfortable for me to be totally naked. I had no idea what her natural body temp was though. She had smooth scaly skin, but ‘was’ sweating.

Without wasting any time, I quickly checked her neck, the back of her head, her chest, ribs, even turned her body over on the side in order to make sure there weren’t any wounds on her spine. Since her skin was pretty much see-through, if she was bruised or had a serious injury somewhere, it’d be much easier to notice than on a normal person. I couldn’t see through her eyelids, since there were muscles and veins in the way, so I had to pry them open and check to see if she had a busted capillary or something in the eyes themselves. I’m not a fucking doctor, but if it’s something that serious, I think anyone would be able guess there’s a problem at first glance.

Ultimately, I couldn’t find anything wrong. And she was breathing smoothly and easily while unconscious, so I used the lever on the recliner. After letting her lay down in a way that looked a bit more comfortable, I let out a sigh and decided to put my clothes back on. No matter how horny I was before, my boner was killed the moment I started worrying about the girl’s wellbeing.

“Ugh… Why does this always happen to me?” I let out a self-deprecating laugh, and a long sigh. My ex had a lot of problems too, both medical and mental. I mean, it’s normal for people to have issues. I have plenty as well. At the very least, Veronica never passed out from some light foreplay!

Anyway, I paced around the room for at least five minutes. Michael was taking a shower, getting ready to come over and help out if necessary. But I didn’t really feel comfortable with that, since well, the situation was kinda awkward. I didn’t want the poor girl to freak out the moment she opened her eyes in case she was afraid of men or something. Then again, if Ana was the cause of her problem, just staying in the room might have been harming Eve.

What if it was some sort of psychic thing too? I knew almost nothing about my superhuman powers! What if one of them causes people to faint and I accidentally knocked her out? There could also be some weird limiters… Like some kinda chip in our brains that Infinity installed to prevent Eves from hooking up and abandoning their designated partners?

The more I thought about it, the more anxious I got. There could also be some medicine in her house somewhere, but at the same time, I was afraid of intruding into her ‘territory’. It reminded me of my silly cat Midnight, who could easily jump over the little gates we put in front of the living room and my doorway. I assume he was afraid of getting yelled at or pissing us off, so he would just go to the gate and cry loudly if he wanted attention, food or whatever.

Before Michael was even done with his quick shower, I heard a groan and immediately darted over to the top-less woman’s left side. Although her skin was transparent, her nipples were still easily visible. They were the same pinkish color as her lips, probably due to the fact that they weren’t part of her skin. But they did change though? Whatever, I didn’t have time to think about that kinda stupid shit.

“Are you okay? Is there any medicine you need to take? Please don’t pass out again without telling me!” I grabbed her left shoulder and hand, while staring into her now milky-white irises.

“Mmn, huh?” It took her a moment to realize what was happening I guess, since she looked at me in a daze for a while, before clearing her throat and asking: “How long was I unconscious?”

“Uh, like five or ten minutes at most.” I reached down and pushed the lever, so that she could sit up straight more easily.

Then she apologized while looking like she was on the verge of tears, “I’m so sorry Ana… This is so embarrassing. I really like you and didn’t want to ruin the moment-”

“Don’t be sorry. Just let me know what I can do to help.” I quickly retorted and asked, “Are you sick? It feels like you have a fever, and you were coughing earlier? Or is it diabetes or something like that?”

“No, it’s not… I’m not sick. I don’t get sick.” Eve sighed and smiled wryly as her skin slowly turned dark-brown. She took some deep breaths, before standing up carefully and grabbing her shirt off the couch. Once she put it back on, she looked down at me and said: “It’s not just a psychological thing. These stupid ‘powers’ they gave us aren’t free. It’s been a few hours since I last ate anything… Haah~, I don’t think I’ve had that much ‘excitement’ in a long time….”

“Okay, then let’s eat something!” I snickered and complained, “You should’ve told me that ahead of time. Fucking A, now I feel like an asshole!”

“You aren’t an asshole.” She reached down and patted me on the head like I was a little kid, then said: “I have plenty of emergency food in the kitchen. I don’t know if your powers are the same, but if you ever need a quick calorie boost, candy bars are the best. Ice cream also works.”

“Yeah, I think fruit juice is also a good choice.” I smirked and followed her towards the dark hallway, staying close to her back to make sure wouldn’t fall over. Unsurprisingly, the walls were brown, same with the floor and ceiling. There were only some dim lights up there that barely illuminated the hallway.

In the middle of the hallway were large black doors on each side. As if she could see me looking at them, Eve pointed left and introduced: “The overall design of all the coastal hilltop houses are similar. I put in these walls and doors myself to make it fit my personal needs. The stairs to the second floor and basement are over there.” Then she pointed to the other side and told me, “That’s my bedroom.”

When we reached the end of the hallway, there was a simple arch that led to another brown area. This one wasn’t empty though. It had a kitchen, kinda similar to mine, a dining area with a long and wide table, but only two chairs, then there was a bathroom on the right. A door leading to the outside was between the kitchen and the bathroom, pretty much identical to my place, except that everything was either brown, black or tan. There were no bright colors for the most part.

The first thing she did was wash her hands off with soap at the sink, which reminded me: “Hey umm… Can I use your shower? I’m all sweaty and you kinda-sorta rubbed my half-dried pussy juice into my hair so~ yeah, I kinda like to be clean before cooking.”

After hearing what I said, she stopped moving for a while and was trembling a bit. A few seconds later, she breathed out a sigh and grumbled: “Why does it seem like you’re ‘trying’ to make me faint again?”

“Hahaha~!” I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her skinny waist, which was practically at my chest level. While I was hugging her from behind, I pressed my face against her back and felt slightly intoxicated by that strange scent. Eventually I let go and noticed that the back of her bald head was bright pinkish-red, “Sorry about that. I just… I’m glad you’re okay. I know we just met and all, but we’re probably gonna be neighbors for a long time and… Well, I like you. Haha~, wow, I feel like a fucking teenager again for some reason.”

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