BCJ, Chapter 71: Chef

Eve quietly opened a cabinet on the wall, above the kitchen counter, between the sink on the left and the refrigerator/freezer to the right. Inside there were dozens of boxes of chocolate bars, granola bars and cookies. She grabbed something from the top shelf that was way beyond my reach and took it out. It was a box of thick chocolate bars with almonds in them. I could maybe eat one if I split them between both my bodies, but she went through and devoured three in a row within a few seconds.

Eventually I noticed that the back of her head had gone from pink to brown again, as she heaved another one of her melodramatic sighs. She put the box back up into the cabinet, opened a different cabinet and grabbed a fairly large, clear glass. Then she walked over to the refrigerator, pulled open the door and had to bend over in order to actually see inside the highest shelf.

Only after a few minutes did she finally choose a nearly-full gallon jug of already prepared chocolate milk, pour it into the glass and start drinking without bothering to close the refrigerator door. Once she drained the glass, she filled it again and kept going until she drank almost half a gallon of fucking chocolate milk!

I couldn’t help but ask, “Are you gonna be okay?” I might be mildly allergic to chocolate, but I still like to eat it sometimes. So watching someone go through so much of it, so quickly, kinda made me a little nauseous. Well, Michael is allergic, Ana ain’t.

“Haaah~, sorry. Yeah, I’ll be fine for a while now.” Eve put the jug away and closed the refrigerator door. I was busy staring at her ass… Unlike her relatively small breasts, her butt was significantly plumper. Almost as if it was the only spot on her entire body that had any fat.

When she put the glass down on the counter and turned towards me, her face was blushing red again. I couldn’t help but grin up at her, as I craned my neck. She twitched her lips a bit, but eventually smiled as much as she could without letting her brown skin change too much in the process.

“It must be exhausting having to spend so much of your time and energy on just having emotions.” I sighed, asking again: “Seriously though, I need to take a shower or I might start freaking out a bit. Did I mention about the whole hardcore OCD thing? I’m not as bad as I used to be, but I at least need to wash my hair.”

“Umm, you can… But I don’t have any shampoo.” As soon as she said that, I couldn’t help but chuckle. After all, why would a totally hairless person need to wash their hair or use conditioner? She probably didn’t have razors or scissors either. And would most likely be unable to help me cut my hair.

“Well I mean, it only takes a few minutes to walk back to my house… Aside from that, my other body is already making pasta. I can go home, take a shower and eat at home, before coming back over to your house. If you want? It’s up to you.”

Eve paused for a moment, before shaking her head and telling me: “I’d rather you stay. If you’re hungry, I’m not afraid to admit that I’m an excellent cook. I might not have shampoo, but the soap I use is for sensitive skin and shouldn’t be too hard on your hair… I don’t want you to leave.”

“Good, because I’m way too lazy to walk home right now.” I snickered and then complained, “To be honest… Before you invited me over, I was about to go the fuck to sleep. And now that Michael is awake, I can barely hold my eyes open. I am starving though. What kinda food do you usually make?”

“I can probably make whatever you want. You said that Michael was making pasta… What kind? Do you want me to cook the same thing?” She opened up a cabinet on the other wall, close to where the ‘bar’ would be in my kitchen, but hers was just open space. Inside the cabinet, from what I could see, were dozens of boxes of various types of pasta.

“Wow, I’m impressed.” I snickered and patted her on the back, causing her to flinch. Then I said, “I’ll probably make vermicelli, since it cooks ridiculously fast. But you should just make whatever you wanna eat. Don’t worry about me. I’ll eat pretty much anything… Just nothing that’s still alive, preferably. I love calamari, but people who eat live octopi and squid are psychopaths, hahaha~!”

“If you like seafood…” She walked over to the huge freezer and opened it up. It was totally packed with all kinds of fish fillets and shellfish. There was even some squid, eels and other random stuff. Then she proudly explained, “I told you that one of my favorite hobbies was fishing. I caught all of these myself. All straight out of the ocean and rivers nearby. I saved up a lot of my own fruits and vegetables too. Umm, I don’t raise the birds as food though… In case you were wondering.”

“Not gonna lie Eve.” I snickered and hugged her again from behind, “But you just became like five times more attractive all of a sudden!”

Sure, I bought tons of fishing gear and supplies before the storm, but I hadn’t actually fished or crabbed in ages. If I really couldn’t ‘order’ anything from Infinity, I would run out of food in less than a year. Which meant that I needed to learn how to either hunt or fish proficiently within a year in order to simply survive. I was planning on starting my own vegetable, fruit and herb garden too, but I didn’t consider building a fence around my property. So long as there were any hungry animals nearby, they could easily steal my crops before I had the chance to eat them. So I actually planned to start off slow with potted plants indoors, all over the sunroom, which was something Eve simply couldn’t do in her house.

“Hmm, umm…” It seemed like my sudden hug and confession caused Eve to forget what she was doing, because she just stood there blankly for a few minutes with the freezer door open. Eventually she asked, “So what would you like me to make?”

“Well~, I mean, I like anything. Holy shit, why does it feel like I’m turning into the stereotypical indecisive girlfriend archetype?” I couldn’t help laughing, as I pointed to something at random and said: “If it’s fine with you, why not something simple? Like seafood noodle soup? Probably best to use oysters, clams, mussels and scallops or something like that? Well, you said you were a good cook, so I won’t tell you what to do! If you don’t know-”

“I’ve made seafood noodle soup before.” She retorted while looking down at me with a bright-red face and complaining, “Now go take a shower! I can’t concentrate when you’re so close to me…”

“Hehe~, don’t worry! I’ll stop distracting you.” As Eve was staring at me, I walked through the hallway, back to the living room.

Eventually she shouted, “Where are you going?!” But when she came after me, I was already completely naked. I had tossed all my clothes back onto the couch and almost bumped into her since she was kinda hard to see in the dark hallway. Well, at least until she saw me and all her exposed skin turned bright-pink almost instantaneously.

“What’s wrong?” I chucked and casually walked past the giantess, “I’m gonna use your shower now. Feel free to join me though? I mean, its your house, your rules. This is me trying to be seductive by the way, hahaha~!”

When I made it into the dining room, I looked back and asked: “Eve, are you okay? Shit, did you pass out again?”

“No, I’m fine.” She breathed out a long sigh and walked up to me, her skin alternating between red, pink and brown in various places. After closing her eyes, she grumbled: “I really wish I could join you… But I need to eat again soon, or I really will faint. I’m sorry Ana…”

“Don’t worry about it.” I snickered and then turned around, heading for the door. Then I said, “I really need to piss anyway. Hahah~!”

As I entered the bathroom and was about to close the door, I noticed that she picked up a bunch of bananas off the dining room table and started eating them voraciously. She peeled the skin off so quickly and smoothly, then ate one in only two or three bites… They looked so small compared to her hands and head. Anyway, I closed and locked the door, then snooped around a bit in her bathroom.

There were no pill bottles or dildos. It was absurdly plain, just like the rest of her house that I’d seen so far. Everything was brown, tan or black. There was only one shower, but it was enormous. The showerhead was literally on the ceiling, which was close to three meters. There was one toilet, and it wasn’t as big as I expected. Made me wonder how hard it would be on Eve’s knees to sit down on something that ‘short’, but then again, it’s easier for a tall person to use a short toilet, than the other way around.

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