BCJ, Chapter 72: Sketchy

Although I was tempted to piss while taking a shower… It felt ‘wrong’ for some reason? I felt super uncomfortable sitting on Eve’s toilet at first, but then I remembered rubbing her pussy not that long ago and my boner-brain overcame the anxiety-filled OCD-Mind. Pissing while horny is kinda hard as a guy… Get it? Well anyway, vaginas aren’t really the same. Maybe a bit messier.

Once I was done, I reached out and grabbed the toilet paper nearby, realizing: “Oh wow. It’s actually white?” It was also super soft toilet paper by the way. The kind that would easily clog a normal toilet.

Then I suddenly felt my heart sink a bit. And I murmured, “Oh fuck my life…” 

Why? Well, while I could probably grow, catch or find my own food, my toilet paper supply would only last me a few months at most. Then I’d be well and truly fucked.

I gagged a little as I imagined using my fingers to wipe the shit off, then washing them with soap… God damn it! Then there’s another thing I didn’t have enough of! Antibacterial soap is not particularly easy to make. The alternative was just not using soap. Then there’s toothpaste, which could maybe be replaced by charcoal? Supposedly that works.

The more I thought about it, the less horny I got, until I finally stood up and got into the shower. Eventually I calmed down and realized that Eve has lived through this same situation twice, so there’s no way that she wouldn’t be prepared. If she didn’t have a massive supply cache, then she would definitely know how to contact and interact with the Infinity Base on the island. Presumably, they would have all kinds of shit stored in there. Aside from that, it might be possible to break into some of the empty houses in order to umm, ‘borrow’ their toiletries if it’s really necessary.

By the time I got out of the shower, Michael had already finished cooking some angel hair pasta and was sitting down in the kitchen, alone, eating mechanically. I focused on Ana though, since well, her situation was just much more interesting. Also, oddly enough, even though one of my bodies was eating, the other one still felt like she was starving. It was a strange sensation that I didn’t feel very often, since I usually tried to eat simultaneously.

I stretched out my arms toward the ceiling and cracked my neck a bit, then arched my back while yawning. After finding a clean towel on the towel rack near the shower, I walked over to the mirror and looked at ‘myself’ properly.

My black hair was still wet and really messy from the towel drying, with thick and thin clumps stuck together like long spikes. I generally push my bangs to the left side across my forehead, while the part in my hair is above my right eye. Both Michael and Ana are the same in that way. Only difference is that Ana’s hair grows way faster.

In the dim environment, my brown irises practically looked black. I was pretty tired, so my eyes were only half-open, though that’s kinda my natural inclination. I’ve never understood how some people could keep their eyes super wide all day long without having them dry out. Ana’s eyebrows were slightly thinner than Michael’s, but not by much. A typical ‘masculine’ trait, but I never really had a squarish jaw or a lot of other similar generic ‘manly’ facial features. If it wasn’t for my beard, which was pretty much impossible to suppress, I would likely look as feminine as Ana.

Anyway, I’m at least half-Italian, or well Sicilian, so it’s kind of a given that both my bodies had relatively large noses. But honestly, I’ve always thought that they looked kinda ‘medium’. I’ve seen people with huge and tiny noses. Mine was sorta neutral. Now that I think about it, for most of my life I had horrible sinus problems and until I moved to the island, I never experienced what it was like to breathe out of both my nostrils simultaneously for prolonged periods of time.

“I look good.” I snickered as I wrapped the towel around my waist and flexed my biceps, triceps and pecs in the mirror. Even my abs were super ripped. It was actually making me a little wet and hard. Which was annoying, since I was in the middle of eating pasta and just got outta the shower. There were some freckles on my chest, and while I say my tits are nonexistent, the mammary glands wouldn’t just disappear. A lot of the fat that’s usually surrounding a breast might burn off, but some of it would still remain so long as you don’t have some disease or other problem. They were just super duper fucking small though.

I never took any steroids or hormones, so both Ana and Michael didn’t have that generic umm… ‘Unnatural’ figure that most bodybuilders ended up with. For example, while our veins did bulge a lot when we were exercising, they were barely noticeable when we weren’t doing anything strenuous. And given how strong we got, it started becoming more and more difficult for things to be ‘strenuous’.

In other words, when I was just admiring my ‘beauty’ in the mirror, my muscles were all very smooth and natural. I was kinda pale, but I did get a decent amount of sun lately, so I did have a tiny bit of tan too. Ultimately I had to stop rubbing my chest and arm muscles before I got more aroused.

Without much thought, I opened the bathroom door and noticed that Eve was sitting at the dining table with her eyes closed. There was a large and tall stainless steel pot on the stove, with the lid on and massive amounts of steam pouring out as it jingled constantly. It smelled great: Cilantro, garlic, onions, and various kinds of seafood that I couldn’t really tell just from scent alone…

“The food will be done in five minutes.” Eve’s skin was dark-brown and she looked ‘calm’ again. As if she had been meditating for most of the time that I was in the shower. I sat down on the only other chair at the dinner table and snickered as I realized that my feet couldn’t reach the floor, while the table itself practically reached my nipples.

“I’m guessing you don’t have a lot of shorties over, huh?” I smirked as she opened her eyes for a moment and hurriedly closed them. Not sure whether she was trying not to laugh or getting horny again, but her face started to turn red pretty quickly after that.

A few seconds later, she grumbled: “Why are you naked? Was there something wrong with my towels?”

“Ah, I’m wearing a towel, but I’m not really used to covering my titties.” I chuckled and looked down, “Hell… Lately I’ve pretty much been a nudist. Such a pain in the ass to wash clothes after all. And since it’s pretty hot or at least warm all the time, I rarely bother to dry myself off with towels either. Saves a lot of time and energy that could be better spent working out, training or just fucking around. Only so much time in a day after all.”

“I guess that’s understandable…” She spoke softly, almost as if she was whispering: “I umm… I do the same. No, I’m probably even worse…”

“Hehe~, I can imagine~!” I snickered and when I saw her face start to turn pink, I asked: “Do you use your ability to run around naked at night? Wait a second! Holy shit, you’ve been spying on me, hahaha~!”

There were at least a dozen times when I ‘felt’ someone staring at me through the windows at night. Rarely happened in the daytime, but I always just assumed it was one of the many ‘Guardians’ that were skulking about. I did notice some humanoid figures every so often, but it was always impossible to make out anything but a silhouette.

“Umn, I’m sorry. I know it was wrong, but…” This time her skin turned pale white and eventually transparent, as she stuttered: “I-I didn’t, I mean, I did, but I was just curious? Well, now, you probably think I’m a st-stalker, huh? No, maybe I am… It’s just, well, no, there’s no excuse for-”

“Okay, calm down.” I cut her off before she got so upset that she passed out again, then I snickered and casually said: “Trust me Eve. If I had your powers, I would’ve definitely done a lot sketchier shit than that. Hell, within a few minutes of being Ana, I was already masturbating with a vagina for the first time. Before I even knew whether I was mind-controlling some poor girl or what the fuck was even happening, I was already fucking myself in the ass… Of course, I also half-expected everything to be some weird and super vivid dream, but still… I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t really care if you’ve been stalking me for months. I still like you.”

“I… I like you too.” Eve paused for a moment, “I’ve been umm… Well, afraid of you. Not this ‘you’, but the other ‘you’. Honestly, I uh, this seems silly now, but I fantasized about ‘saving’ you from him. Ugh, even though I say that, I never actually did anything but watch from a distance. Sometimes I’d see you, with bruises on your well, everywhere… Both of you didn’t really wear clothes often, so it wasn’t hard to notice. I thought the two of you…”

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