BCJ, Chapter 74: First Date

“So now I know some more things about you Eve: You’re an amazing chef, you have a crazy sweet tooth and you like super spicy food?”

I was almost full when I started talking again. Although I had bought and eaten all kinds of seafood recently, my cooking techniques basically consisted of: Cooking it in pasta sauce, cooking it in teriyaki sauce and cooking it in olive oil or garlic and butter. I never bother with anything too fancy or complicated, and I never even attempted to make crabs or lobster because it requires way more ‘skill’.

Eve was already finished her gigantic bowl of soup, even getting a second serving and eating half of that before stopping. Keep in mind that she had eaten a whole bunch of bananas and a few chocolate bars only a few minutes before making the food. I couldn’t help but worry about how she managed to survive for so long with such a massive appetite.

“Thank you. I honestly wouldn’t know how good I am compared to other people, since well… You know why.” She sighed and drank some tea, “I used to worry about sugar when I was a teenager. I was afraid of getting diabetes or something, because my friends on the internet always warned me about how I needed to stop before it was too late… But realistically, I’m more likely to go into a coma and die from exhaustion than get diabetes or have other similar problems. We aren’t like normal humans, Ana. If we try to live based on their standards, we could get sick or die. Oh, and yes, I like spicy food. That’s more of an acquired taste than something specific to my biology though…”

I snickered, “Don’t worry. I never really put too much stock into what the current ‘normal’ beliefs were anyway. My diet thus far hasn’t really changed much though. At least in the sense that I haven’t had to eat more or less than before. Two bodies just means twice as much food. My weird psychic powers do kinda tire me out, but I still don’t understand them at all. They haven’t really been super useful either. By that, I don’t mean the constant connection, but the weird way I sometimes look through the eyes of random animals.”

“Hmm, how do you trigger that ability?” Eve took a sip of tea as she raised her left eyebrow.

“Oh, I just gotta have both my bodies orgasm simultaneously-” I stopped talking when she started choking violently on the tea. After her face turned bright red, I cleared my throat and continued: “I also tried doing it in various yoga positions, and there does seem to be some sort of pattern. For example, if I’m having sex in downward facing dog, it’s more likely to psychically spy on a wolf? Cat pose is the same way. Mostly end up with big cats though.”

Once she calmed down a bit, Eve sighed and said: “Rather than the yoga positions themselves or even the umm, orgasms *cough*, I think it’s more likely that it’s your state of mind. Have you tried meditation before?”

“Ah, I almost forgot about that! The very first time…” I tried hard to recall the exact situation back then, “I was meditating on the boat over. Of course, back then, I wasn’t sure if it was a psychic thing or just an elaborate dream. I saw through the eyes of a bird that was flying nearby. Didn’t last long and I couldn’t replicate it. There could be loads of other conditions though.”

“You should be careful.” Eve sighed again, “Just don’t push yourself too hard. We don’t really ‘age’ the same way normal people do… I guess we were lucky that by the time they got around to our generation, they had already figured out how to halt and reverse the aging process. Even your original body should be able to see some changes. So just take your time. There’s no need to rush.”

“Oh don’t worry, haha~, I most definitely will not be rushing anything.” I snickered and then continued eating the rest of my soup. Since I didn’t say anything else, Eve also went back to eating. I know she’s like, a huge person, but it was still kinda amazing seeing someone devour so much, so fast. Reminded me of one of those eating competitions. Where the skinny little Asian girl eats like fifty hotdogs in a few minutes… Okay, maybe not that ridiculous. 

I wasn’t sure how much she weighed, but Ana was a foot and a half shorter than her, and was close to 170 pounds. Michael was about 180, since he was a little bulkier. Still, I remember being 200 in my teens, back when I was technically weaker. Maybe it’s a different quality of muscle-mass? After all, both my bodies are the same height, exactly. Obviously a lot of differences between a male and female anatomically, but Ana was stronger, while being lighter and more flexible. It honestly made me wonder if her bones and muscles were just different.

Anyway, enough about that. Once I finished eating, Eve took the empty bowl from me and brought it over to the sink. She rinsed it off and quickly placed it into her dishwasher, with her own bowl. It felt… Weird, again. I opened my mouth, but didn’t say anything this time.

When she came back to the table and sat down across from me, she stared into my eyes for a few seconds, before looking away with a bright-pink blush on her entire face. Even her irises turned from brown to pink. Only those fake black eyebrows and her white sclera remained the same.

“I guess… I mean, I think… Would this be considered our umm… First date?” As she said that, the pinkish-red hue spread down her neck and to the rest of her visible skin pretty fast. It was kinda adorable how she could go from being so calm and serious, to completely embarrassed and nervous within a few moments.

“Yes, Eve…” I smiled at her and said: “I don’t really have much experience to be completely honest. But I think this was a pretty great ‘date’ regardless. We made out, did some mild finger-fucking and we ate a delicious meal that you prepared yourself… I’d say that’s pretty damn good as far as dates go?”

“Then… Um, what do we do now?” She bit her lower lip and stared at me, “I guess… You probably want to go home and go to sleep?”

“I am pretty damn tired.” I snickered as I saw the look of abject disappointment flash across her face, then I asked: “Do you wanna show me your bedroom?”

“What?” She seemed stunned for a few seconds, “Wait what? Are you… I mean, do you want to sleep ‘here’? I’m not, it’s not like I’m against it, I just figured-”

“Eve.” I cut her off and stood up, causing the wooden chair to make a loud *scree* noise as it skidded on the floor. Then I walked over to her left side and gently caressed her face with both of my hands. Guiding her to look up at me, though she barely had to tilt her head at all, since she was practically the same height as me while sitting in that tall ass chair.

“I’m not gonna sleep here.” I snickered as the towel around my waist started sliding off, onto the brown wooden floor. Without thinking about it too much, I leaned forward and pressed my lips against hers, but only for a few seconds. As I pulled back, I noticed that her pink irises were practically glowing as her eyes darted from my face, to my chest, then down to my pussy and back to my face again.

“Umm, this time… You don’t have to worry about me passing out.” Eve smiled as she asked, “So uh, what do we do next? Go to my bedroom?”

“Hehe~, that would probably be the smart thing to do.” I smirked, then placed my hands on the table and easily lifted myself up onto it. After that, I laid down across the fairly long table, with my legs dangling off the side. I spread them apart and asked, “I wonder if you’re still hungry?”

Yeah, I know, it was super cheesy and definitely something straight out of a damn hentai or porn video. Although I seemed impulsive, I still made sure to move those two glasses out of the way. Since my ass was practically hanging off the edge of the heavy wooden table, I had to grab the other edge with my hands in order to keep from falling off. At least until Eve gripped onto my thick thighs with her enormous hands and pulled my knees onto her shoulders.

“I know you’ve never done this kinda thing before, but I mean, it’s kinda self-expl-ahh~! Holy fucksauce! Ahn~!” 

It was like a jolt of electricity shot through my whole body the moment her enormous tongue started massaging my clit, not to mention that she didn’t hesitate to shove two of her gigantic fingers into my pussy and rub my g-spot immediately. I’ve experienced the same kinda thing like a thousand times with Michael, but it’s just not the same at all.

“Oh wow, you really ah~!” To be honest, it kinda burned from the spicy food she just ate. There was also still a bit of spices on her hands. Yet all I could really ‘feel’ and think about was that insane, chaotic and uncontrollable pleasure coursing through my brain. It was so intense that I wasn’t even able to control Michael anymore at all.

Fortunately, he was already sitting in front of the computer and masturbating even before I decided to make my move. No, wait, maybe that was ‘why’ I was so outgoing and horny in the first place. After all, it takes a certain state of mind to spread your legs and show someone your asshole and pussy in person for the first time.

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