BCJ, Chapter 75: Lies

“Ahh~! Fuck! Shit! Aaaah~!” It felt amazing and was practically a hardcore abdominal workout. I mean, I looked down and saw my muscles expanding, contracting and I was writhing around uncontrollably. Those bright-violet irises were gazing up at me, while her bald head was taking up most of my vision. Maybe it had to do with her chameleon ‘heritage’ but her tongue was abnormally long and she was surprisingly skilled at manipulating it. No, not just that. She was quivering and shaking just as much as I was…

Eve was even moaning and closing her eyes every so often. However, her left hand was gliding up and down my chest, abs and occasionally tightly gripping my ass cheek. The right hand was vigorously and violently fingering my pussy. In other words, there was no way she was fingering herself and I definitely didn’t see her grab any toys.

“Wow~, you are really fucking good at this!” I started to realize why my ex-girlfriend found it suspicious when I ate her out for the first time. It was hard to believe that Eve was actually a virgin, but well, judging by how red and pink her head was… Not to mention all the stuttering, fidgeting and other obviously nervous behavior, all body language and other behavior pointed towards hardcore-virginity.

As if she read my mind, Eve pulled her face back for a moment and panted heavily for a few seconds. With my pussy juice covering from her nose down to her chin, she smiled awkwardly and stammered: “I-I really haven’t, umm, done this before with anyone else. I didn’t, didn’t really lie. It’s just… You know, I’m not a total hermit, heh~… I’ve seen porn before… And I uh, this is super embarrassing but… I have toys, like, a lot of toys. It’s why I was afraid to show you, my bedroom.”

“Don’t worry, hahaha~, I’m sure I’d probably have a lot of toys too if I was you.” I grinned and then said, “Let’s go to your bedroom! I don’t like feeling like I’m the only one ‘receiving’ something… And now I wanna see your fancy toy collection for myself, hehe~!”

Eve seemed kinda anxious as she shook her head, “I umm… I guess it’d be called a fetish but, my tongue is super sensitive. My fingers too, no, I guess it’s my whole body. When I was uh, licking you earlier, I actually came a bit…”

“Ah, that’s good. I mean, honestly, I was a little worried about that.” I snickered and pushed myself off of the table, onto Eve’s lap. Although it was kinda hot getting eaten out on a kitchen table, as you can imagine, it’s not the most comfortable place to lay.

“Why were you worried? Oh…” It only took her a moment to frown and realize, “You thought I was being controlled by your power? If I notice something weird like that, I’ll definitely let you know. I’ve never gotten off with pure oral stimulation before, but I’ve also never been with anyone else before. No one but ‘you’, Ana.”

“Well there’s something oddly satisfying about stealing your tongue-virginity, hehe~!” I wrapped my arms around the back of her neck and then pressed my mouth against hers… I’ve tasted my own pussy juice countless times before, so it didn’t really bother me in the slightest. After all, I’ve eaten Ana out as Michael at least once a day since I woke up with two bodies.

I normally don’t give a damn about kissing, but considering that Eve’s entire body was convulsing as I gave her tongue a massage with mine, I actually found it pretty interesting for once. Of course, I still took the chance to pull her t-shirt off while she was struggling for breath. It was kinda hard, since her arms are super long, but she didn’t make me do all the work.

After tossing the shirt onto the dinner table, I only had a few seconds to get a good view of what was underneath. Although it wasn’t much of a surprise, but she wasn’t wearing a bra. Those ‘tiny’ titties looked small on her chest, yet it took my whole right hand to barely grab one. The main thing of note was that, while they were obviously slightly different from the rest of her skin, her nipples did change color as well. I guess it would be kinda useless if she turned her body brown or black, while her nipples remained bright-pink, right?

Regardless, they weren’t oddly shaped or fancy. Just kinda normal-looking. I also noticed that she had really nice fucking abs. They weren’t bulky, but just clearly defined. On the other hand, her arms, shoulders and various other places all still looked pretty thin. There was a big of muscle, however it was on the ‘normal’ level for a generic skinny girl. Not like Ana’s body-building ass.

Speaking of asses. I didn’t waste too much time on her upper-body, because I was pretty anxious to find out the most important thing: What does her butthole look like? Okay, don’t act all surprised. Vaginas vary pretty greatly, so there’s not much of a standard measurement. Even if they’re mangled or they have a giant clit, it’s still a pussy. On the other hand, anuses generally go through a lot of wear and tear throughout life. Hemorrhoids, fissures and all sorts of other injuries or diseases can occur, drastically changing how an asshole looks and functions. Of course, I wasn’t about to bend Eve over and perform a rectal exam in the middle of our slowly progressing make-out session.

By the way, when I ran my fingers across her absurdly smooth chest and abs, every spot I touched looked like an explosion of colors. Sometimes the skin would just become transparent or pitch-black, but usually it was like a rainbow swirl that expanded outwards for half a foot or more. For the most part, probably cause of arousal, she was mostly pink.

Eve still smelled amazing, her skin felt great, she was visually mesmerizing and her moans were adorable. So there was a sort of sinking feeling in my gut, because it all felt too good to be true. Maybe she had an inferiority complex about her own appearance, but most people do, so it’s not very strange. Aside from that, she probably had plenty of other issues, though I wasn’t going to worry about all that during our make-out session.

The most pressing and nerve wracking issue was definitely the butthole revelation. It might seem shallow, and maybe if you only wanted to fuck someone once, it wouldn’t really matter. But if you really liked someone and planned to be with them for a long time, I doubt you’d want to have to lie to them about how attractive they are. Or pretend some feature on their body doesn’t bother you or turn you off.

“Ah~!” Eve screamed as I grabbed her by the ass/thighs and lifted her up off the chair. She was tightly holding onto my neck and shoulders, so I didn’t have to carry her whole weight, but I could tell that she was relatively light. By that, I mean considering that she was a motherfucking seven foot tall giantess, 150 to 180 pounds is definitely super light.

Without much suspense, I placed her down on the corner of the table. That way she was able to lie down diagonally and not have her head dangling off the side. I let her knees rest on my shoulders, similar to what she did to me earlier and then yanked off her skirt, along with her soaking wet black panties.

I let out a sigh of relief once I finally saw her ‘completely naked’. She has a pretty normal-looking pussy. Not an innie like mine, but just an average outtie. The clit and labia somewhat blended in with her pinkish skin, though when I touched them with my fingers, they also turned into a swirl of rainbow-like colors. A certain type of beautiful chaos.

Internally, everything was just pink though. Similar to her lips and mouth. They didn’t really change colors and weren’t the same sort of ‘skin’ as her somewhat scaly exterior. Obviously there wasn’t any hair, just like the rest of her body. Some people would probably love that, while others would find it off-putting, but I thought it was perfectly fine.

As for her asshole, it was one of the top-three most common types: The slit. What I mean by that, is that rather than an easily visible star, circle or triangle, it was more oval in shape and somewhat hidden. As for the color, it was similar to her tongue or vagina, and with her legs spread wide open like that, her cheeks didn’t block anything at all.

From my extensive, almost inhuman mental collection of vaginas and buttholes, it was easy to make some quick comparisons. Hence why I was relieved when there was nothing visibly wrong with her anatomy, to the point where I’d have to lie and say: “Haha, yeah, your beautiful!” And not actually mean it. No one wants to be lied to… And most people don’t like lying to people, especially if they care about them. And no one wants to be told the truth when it hurts: Except hardcore massochists.

There was a decent amount of space between the opening of her vagina and the beginning of her anus. The skin there was smooth and covered in an intoxicating slimy substance, almost reminiscent to a creampie overflowing. 

Even though I was mainly controlling Ana, I really wished that I could be there with my other body too. After all, Michael was currently sitting in front of the desktop computer and jerking off alone. It was kinda depressing, since I would usually be able to just have sex whenever I got horny lately.

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    • Hopefully… Idk where the time goes. Especially lately, since my sleeping schedule has been totally destroyed and confusing lol. I generally don’t post when I feel bad too, which is like… Most of the time lmao. But I’ll try to do it tomorrow, before I start to feel terrible? My writing speed has slowed down a bit lately for that reason as well, only on chapter 767 atm. Hmmm, well, that and I’ve also been binge reading a lot lately lol. I usually go through cycles of crazy fast writing every time I finish binge reading. Combination of inspiration from the stories and also trying to fill the void left after the story is over lol.


      • It’s clear.
        I’ll probably wait half a year for the release of new chapters.
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      • *Shrugs* I’ve always prioritized writing over editing/posting. In the beginning, I wasn’t even editing much at all, so it was much easier to post stuff, but these latest chapters need to be thoroughly read through to make sure I didn’t contradict the later chapters. I think chapter 78 was probably where I stopped writing in 2019? I know that the 80’s were definitely written in May/June 2020. And shouldn’t have the same consistency issues, so hopefully they’ll be easier to edit and require less braincells lol.


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