BCJ, Chapter 76: Rainbow Surprise

“What’s wrong?” Eve’s skin turned transparent the moment she said that, and when I looked up at her seemingly flayed face, I couldn’t help but snicker.

I shook my head and told her, “Nothing’s wrong. That’s why I’m relieved, hahaha~! I’m no gynecologist, but everything seems to be in order? Honestly, I was worried for a moment there.”

“Worried about what?” She started to calm down a bit and her skin turned purplish-blue, “You don’t have to lie to me… I know my umm, well, I’m not as beautiful as you are… Down there.”

“Your pussy looks fine.” I snickered and said, “And your butthole is perfect too. So calm down. Don’t pass out on me again. I’m serious. I’m super horny right now and I don’t wanna have to perform CPR or some shit, okay?”

“Pft~!” Eve giggled and complained, “I’m not going to faint again! And CPR would be useless anywaaahn~!”

Before she could finish talking, I moved the chair over, sat down and got to work. She might be huge, but the size of a person’s body doesn’t always scale with their genitals. For example, I’ve seen plenty of tiny girls that could fuck enormous donkey dildos in both holes at the same time… While giant women that were a little shorter than Eve, but twice as heavy, might have trouble with a regular sized dick.

Thus, I needed to be kind of careful at first. Aside from pressing my mouth on the top of her coochie and fervently tongue massaging her clit, I also used my right middle and ring finger to feel around inside her vagina. It was super wet and slippery, so there was almost no friction.

After a few seconds, I felt ten slimy fingers going through my hair. Though it wasn’t quite as noticable, since my hair was still pretty wet from the shower earlier. It was kinda gross, but I was definitely gonna take another shower after I got home anyway, so I mostly ignored it. The sensation of having your hair pulled or tugged on is kinda hot though.

“Ahhh~!” There was a high-pitched shriek from upstairs, which startled me a bit. However, when I looked up at Eve, the two of us giggled a bit and I got back to eating her out. I’ve had parrots for most of my life, and I did bird-watch the little bastard for a few days already. It was annoying, but fortunately, Eve’s moans of pleasure were able to somewhat overpower the noisy squawks.

Of course, while tongue lashing and fingering Eve with Ana’s body, I was also back in my room, jerking off with a pink silicone pocket-pussy. I never thought I’d get around to using them to be honest, but I bought a few when I got some dildos, vibratos, strap-ons and other shit during my shopping spree. After all, you never know what might happen.

It was kinda annoying though. I didn’t really know what to do ‘next’. For example, when I’m fucking myself, there’s a pretty clear beginning and end. I get horny, I have a few orgasms, I ejaculate once or twice, then it’s over.

I literally just met Eve… I had no idea what she liked or how she wanted to be ‘fucked’, and by the way, as a dude, I never had lesbian sex before that moment so all I had to go off of was porn. Granted, I have seen an unbelievably large amount of porn in my life, from almost every genre, including lesbian stuff. But when you have a dick, you mainly think about “Ah, I really wish I could shove my cock in her asshole while she fucks that other girl with the double-sided dildo…” Or something like that.

“Mmmn~! Anh~!” Eve eventually started squirming around on the table and making pretty loud moans, then… Well, have you ever turned on the shower when you were half-asleep and you suddenly realize that the shower-head is set to jet instead of gentle stream? Yeah, she ‘squirted’ all over me.

“Oh my God, oh shit, I’m so sorry!” As I was coughing and choking with a strange slimy rainbow-colored mucus drenching my entire head and upper body, Eve had recovered from her orgasm and was freaking out.

“Holy shit, haha~!” I laughed hysterically as I drank some iced tea, then complained: “Ya could’ve warned me about that… Feels like I might have whiplash… That’s a joke, hahaha~, seriously though, holy Hell.”

“I-I, I didn’t know, I’ve never done anything like that before!” Her skin turned transparent, then pink, then a mesmerizing rainbow for half a minute. Eventually, she breathed out a sigh and settled on bright-red as she stood up to start cleaning up the mess she made.

‘Michael’ ejaculated while Ana was watching the giant woman on her hands and knees, scrubbing the floor with a soapy sponge. Of course, I offered to help after my brain exited horny-mode, but she sternly refused, still ‘blushing’ with her entire epidermis.

“Ummm, anyway… It’s been fun, and the food was delicious, but I really gotta go home and sleep now. If you still wanna talk, hang out or whatever, Michael takes the night-shift so… Well, uh, goodnight.” Once my brain wasn’t dominated by arousal, I felt like I was going to pass out. At that point it was pretty strenuous on both my minds, since my other head would automatically take over some of the burden when the other one was too tired to think straight.

“Oh, uh, good-goodnight…” Eve got up hurriedly and then asked, “Do you think… Maybe, we can do this again sometime? I umm, I really enjoyed… Everything.”

“Haha~, I mean, we could continue right away if you want. But with my other ‘half’-” 

Before I could say anything else, she waved her hands and shook her head: “No, no, umm, I know you said you’re the same person but… I really don’t like men that way.”

I smirked, took a swift step forwards and ‘hopped’ a foot and a half. Then I pressed down on her shoulders with my palms and gave her a quick, simple kiss, before gently lowering myself down and hugging her waist. Yeah, that’s how tall she was. Seven feet compared to five and a half is a huge difference.

Before I had the chance to get turned on again, I let out a sigh and let go of her skinny waist. Then I turned around and waved my right hand in the air, “I’ll see you tomorrow then, I guess? Goodnight Eve~!”

My clothes were still on the couch, with my gun and knife. It took me a minute or so to put everything back on, but Eve stayed in the kitchen to keep cleaning. I could see her skin gradually turning dark brown as she calmed down. After leaving the house, I realized it was almost pitch-black out… With only the lights of my house in the distance, I had to struggle through the ruined vegetable garden and tripped on a few knocked down palm-trees along the way.

However, I didn’t notice any tigers or other giant animals lurking around. I guess most of them were taken away before the weird ‘temporal anomaly’ occurred. Anyway, the moment I walked into my house, I immediately snapped back into OCD germaphobia mode.

“Holy shit, I can’t believe I just did that…” Well, I could, because before Ana, I hadn’t really been with anyone in almost a decade. Aside from that, there was something more to it. Ana and Eve were both genetically modified superhuman experiments, so there might be some sort of biological attraction that was inherent in their genes? Okay, maybe not. I might just be horny and desperate, similar to my neighbor who… Is most likely even worse.

After throwing my dirty clothes in the bathroom hamper, including the belt, I put my gun and knife on the sink. I would have washed off the holster and sheath, but well, I wasn’t quite that OCD or more like, I was way too lazy to go that far.

Then I took a quick, thorough shower, before heading straight for my fluffy bed upstairs. Ana passed out almost the moment she got comfortable, and Michael was in full control again. I took some ibuprofen for the mild headache and then… Then I was still horny, so I went upstairs and gave Ana a sixty-second creampie. Obviously I didn’t want to wake myself up, but I also came so abruptly because I kept thinking about what happened earlier with Eve.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a romance novel. And people are… Complicated.

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