BCJ, Chapter 77: Authentic Fishing Experience

As a well trained and highly experienced shut-in, I normally couldn’t be bothered to go outside in the middle of the fucking night. However, my experience during the daytime had brought forth some old memories and instincts that I used to have a long time ago…

The water level had receded and my concrete pier was still intact. Without any dangerous wild animals, like giant crocodiles or tigers, I didn’t feel the need to keep myself cooped up in the house any longer. Thus, I took my gun and knife, along with a pair of brown shorts instead of just wearing boxers, and went fishing.

Keep in mind that I hadn’t fished in like… A decade or so. Hell, it took me an hour or so to just take the stupid fishing rod out of the packaging and put it together. I had some huge rods, but just chose one of the regular sized ones. I wasn’t really sure what I could catch, if anything. I didn’t even want to use live bait. Even if I caught some fish… I had plenty of fish and shellfish in my freezer. My main goal was just practice and to enjoy the nice, warm, tropical night on the ocean.

It was the first time since I moved to the island that I felt somewhat safe and confident that I wouldn’t get murdered or eaten. I know, right? Super death-flag right there. But still, life ain’t always apocalypses and unicorns. It’s usually never either of those two things actually.

Anyway, I had all the generic fishing gear, like glowing bobbers, tiny to gigantic weights, micro to macro hooks, and an obscene variety of different stupid looking fake bait. It took me like twenty minutes just fucking deciding which bait, weight and bobber to use… And then another ten minutes setting it all up. By the time I finally cast the line out, I realized that the bobber was kinda pointless because I was using fake bait and needed to reel it in…

After taking the bobber off and casting the line out again, I began regretting my decision as a mosquito managed to bite my motherfucking left eye-lid. Ah, the authentic fishing experience from my childhood.

“Holy fuck, I actually hooked something!” And within five minutes I got all excited, thinking there was really a fish dumb enough to try and eat my shiny blue worm… But what I reeled in was just a big palm leaf from one of the many trees nearby. It was hard to see, since it was so dark, but once I shined my flashlight out into the water, I realized that maybe fake bait wouldn’t work out.

The whole shore was filled with seaweed, tree branches, leaves, pieces of wood from houses and hell, there was actually an old rotten canoe bumping up against my pier. No crocodiles or gators though, which was nice.

Like I said before though, I wasn’t really trying to catch anything specific. Just practicing and trying to reawaken my fishing skills. Because once I ran out of supplies in a few months to a year, I would be totally fucked if I couldn’t support myself.

Although Eve was nice, I barely knew her at all, and I definitely didn’t want to pin my hopes of survival on a complete stranger… Whose pussy I had already eaten out. Honestly, I still couldn’t believe what happened earlier in the day.

I spent the majority of my life as a guy being single, but the moment I became a woman, I started fucking people at first sight? I mean, it’s not totally my fault. I did spend most of my life in a basement after all, or well, multiple basements. And I rarely left the house except for doctor and dentist appointments, or being a Jury Slave. Yes, Jury Duty is slavery and I’ll keep saying it until it no longer exists… Wait, I just realized that I’ll never have to go to Jury Duty again! Yes!

Back to what I was saying. If I think back to my first and really only relationship as a guy, my ex hit on me a few times first. And then we discussed our sexual histories, which were basically nonexistent. I explained my intent to have sex, she also wanted to lose her virginity too. We hung out once and hugged at the end of the encounter, then the second time we spent the day together, I think I fingered her and she rubbed my dick? From there, it went even faster. Because she came over my house, where it was much easier to do stuff than her fucking boarding school.

Within like a month of meeting on the weekends, we finally had sex. So it wasn’t particularly slow, considering we kissed for the first time ‘after’ having sex, sucking and eating each other out, and fingering/jerking each other off. 

I guess humans are just like that? Horny bastards, looking for love or lust wherever they go… Or some such bullshit.

“Holy hell, I actually caught something!” And while I was standing on the pier, thinking about my life, a very stupid foot-long silver fish was reeled in. So I had to remove the hook that was poking out of the poor bastard’s left eye-socket, trying not to blind it, then threw the unlucky idiot back into the water.

Like I said before, even if I caught some fish, I had nowhere to put them in my refrigerator or freezer, so I could only release them afterward. At first I felt bad for the fish, but then I figured: “If it’s stupid enough to try and eat a glowing worm on a hook, then it’ll probably get eaten sooner or later anyway.”

There are lots of turtles and fish that use ‘lures’ or other tricks to catch prey. So maybe I taught the perch or carp a valuable lesson that would save it’s life later? Or so I thought, before I saw it flopping around on the beach a few minutes later. Then an owl or something swooped down and grabbed it, flying away.

“Eh, whatever.” Was my response. I would feel bad if I killed it, but if another animal kills a fish, why would I care? It’s kinda like I helped the bird and maybe even it’s little chicks, if it has chicks. Who knows? Who cares?

Either way, I only fished for about ten more minutes before sighing and giving up. It was just too damn boring. At least with live bait, you can throw the line out with a bobber and just wait. Fake bait requires way too much effort. And the main thing was motivation. I basically had none.

I was alone, in the dark, on a pier, getting eaten by mosquitoes and my OCD was killing me. Once I took the stuff inside, put it near the door and took my clothes off, I rushed over to take a shower.

As the warm water hit my face, I closed my eyes and suddenly saw a glimpse of something. I was peering through a window screen and saw a naked man inside a glass shower, yeah, it was me. Obviously I was shocked with adrenaline and immediately opened the shower door, expecting to see some horrible monster or creepy stalker… Nope, it was a monkey.

Yeah, just a little bug-eyed brown mouse-lemur. Okay, maybe they aren’t technically monkeys, but close enough. It was super tiny and cute, clinging to a branch that was close to the window-sill. The brown eyes glowed slightly in the darkness, kinda like a cat’s eyes, and the little body was sorta similar to the shape of a rat?

Either way, as soon as I glared at it a bit, the lemur got scared and hopped away to another branch. Once it disappeared into the darkness, I sighed and got back into the shower.

“It’s getting worse.” I muttered to myself as I started to use some body wash to rub down the dirtier places. Yep, it used to be that I had to struggle and do all sorts of sexy shit with Ana in order to use my pseudo-superpower. However, now Ana was sleeping and even with my relatively normal human body, I could activate my power so passively?

It was both good and bad. Being able to close my eyes and see what a bird or monkey is seeing sounds cool, but what was the cost? I didn’t get a headache or feel any abnormal pains but, it probably required more energy than normal thought, right? Maybe I would end up like Eve and have to constantly struggle to just use my normal senses without jumping to a distant cow or turtle that was taking a shit somewhere.

Just seeing through random animal eyes was annoying enough, but what if I started getting trapped in their bodies? Or ended up with dozens of random animal avatars, that all needed to do their own things to survive? Just thinking about it was giving me a headache.

My biggest concern was that, well, the creepers who normally ‘watched’ me on a daily basis seemed to have disappeared. In other words, if I got hurt or sick, I couldn’t go to a doctor or a hospital, and I also couldn’t rely on some deus ex machina bullshit to save me. I was basically fucked if anything happened.

Ana was practically superhuman, but Michael, not so much.

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