BCJ, Chapter 78: Surviving the Death Gate, Again

Honestly, my guess was that since one of my bodies was sleeping, those glimpses through the eyes of random animals nearby were the equivalent to her ‘dreams’. It’s important to note that this happened much less often when Michael was sleeping.

My guess was that either her psychic abilities were higher than Michaels or, well, it might just take way more mental strength for Ana to be awake. After all, her sight and smell were way above mine, though our hearing was about the same. In other words, our two brains needed to process less information when my original body was awake. Probably, this is all just guessing.

Like I said though, it was getting more frequent. Especially in the days after I had that little date with Eve. And yeah, we’re neighbors, but well… What do you think happens when two hermits live next to each other?

Hell, we only texted each other a few times and it was super awkward. Mainly because she only wanted to talk to ‘Ana’ and ‘Michael’ was the one who was always on the night shift.

Actually… There was another reason. Is it worse to get a boil on your scrotum or labia? The answer is the ballsack, but my fucking labia doesn’t feel much better. Especially because I have an innie, rather than an outie so, ugh. Why? Wasn’t I supposed to be free from this curse?

That’s why I’ve been avoiding Eve. I mean, I don’t really blame her… Maybe she’s suffering from the same shit? Maybe she gave it to me or I gave it to her? Or maybe it’s just some super-bacteria from this motherfucking alien world we’re on?

I wouldn’t be surprised if those goddamn Infinity Cuntbags intentionally exposed us to new and dangerous pathogens just for kicks and giggles. Who knows? I haven’t heard anything from them recently though.

I still have to brush my teeth at least once a day, so I guess Ana isn’t impervious to plaque either. In fact, humans are typically like fifty percent viruses, bacteria and microorganisms, many of which are important to our survival and health. If your immune system was strong enough to completely eradicate all that, then you might have even more problems than before. Not to mention that a lot of diseases are caused by the immune system overreacting and hurting healthy cells… 

The moral of the story is that I’m still human. Well, two humans, sharing one hive-mind. A very horny hive-mind that really wants to use both my bodies to double-team my maybe-girlfriend Eve… But at the moment, she won’t even talk to my male body and I’m not really as desperate for sex or companionship as I used to be.

When I get a boner or wet, I can suck myself off, fuck myself or lick my own pussy. Ana and Michael each sleep for about eight hours, then stay awake for about twelve or so, causing our conscious time to overlap a decent amount. There’s also no concrete schedule, so eventually Ana will be awake mostly at night and Michael during the day. It just takes a while.

Aside from that, Eve said that she’s been busy dealing with her garden and stuff lately anyway. Also, I think that she could literally die if she’s around me too much. The amount of calories she burns through can’t have a positive effect on her physical wellbeing. Hence why she spends a lot of her time awake, simply meditating in silence like a fucking monk or something.


It’s been a pretty uneventful few days. Since it’s pretty safe outside now, I set up a shooting gallery of sorts in front of my house. Not just to practice the guns, but also long-distance archery. Emulating Eve, I also started my own vegetable garden… But inside my house. Unlike her, my first floor has a ton of windows and plenty of open space for potted plants.

I was going to plant some stuff outside, but then I noticed how much time and effort it requires to ‘protect’ the crops from various annoying pests and animals. Inside, you still get bugs and stuff, but at least it’s within a reasonable range.

So I was pretty busy lately and didn’t have much time to worry about my female body’s maybe-girlfriend who had been eerily silent lately. However, everything changed today.

As I was in the middle of fucking myself in the ass with a dildo and about to creampie my pussy, I heard a ‘ding’ and noticed a strange message on my phone. I came first, and then Ana rushed to the bathroom to take a shit, while I sat on the edge of the bed and wiped my dick off with a few tissues.

[Eve-56 has invited you to the chat group: Surviving the Death Gate, Again.]

“Holy fuck, that’s ominious.” I sighed and accepted the invitation. I mean, why not?

[Welcome to ‘Surviving the Death Gate, Again’. Please create a Display Name related to your superhuman characteristics best. No need to be too specific or give away any secrets.]

“Ugh, umm…” I took a moment and then wrote: [Gemini].

[Sorry, that nickname has already been taken.]

“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.” I grumbled, eventually going with: [Hivemind].

[Welcome to ‘Surviving the Death Gate, Again’ Hivemind!]

“Ugh, it makes me sound like some kinda supervillain.” I snickered and shook my head, then looked through the list of other members that were quickly coming online. Chameleon was obviously the Eve that I knew, Gemini who took my name first, EMP, Lioness, Cicada, Demoness, Angel and the last one to join was called Enigma.

[Chameleon: It looks like we’re all here. I know that most of you already know the rules, but I’ll say them again just in case… Don’t leave the island, don’t enter the island, don’t try to murder each other, don’t kill yourselves, and don’t steal from each other. The storm was a really long one this time, and I have no idea how long we’ll have to survive this time, but it’s us against the world again.]

Like I said before, super ominous. Well, I said that literally too.

[Hivemind: Super ominous lol.]

[EMP: We have new friends!]

[Lioness: Or competitors.]

[Demoness: Another virgin for my altar hehe~!]

[Angel: Ew.]

[Cicada: …]

[Enigma: What’s a virgin?]

[Lioness: Heh, how old are you Enigma? I’m five.]

[Enigma: What is age?]

[Cicada: …]

[Hivemind: She’s basically a troll I guess. Or maybe she has literal mental issues?]

[Enigma: What is a troll? What are mental issues?]

[EMP: Enigma, Lioness and Hivemind, can you tell us something about yourselves?! Like, I have cows, chickens and goats so if anyone wants to trade for milk or eggs, let me know!]

[Enigma: What are milk and eggs?]

[Lioness: I umm, hunt I guess? I’m good at catching snakes, birds, lizards, that kinda stuff.]

[Hivemind: Oh shit, I mean, I’m a mediocre fisherman. I planted some veggies and herbs but they won’t grow any time soon. My expertise is more along the lines of writing to be honest.]

[Demoness: Hehe, don’t worry honey. Everybody has something to contribute… Have you ever licked a pussy before baby?]

[Angel: Whore.]

[Demoness: Prude~!]

[Chameleon: Both of you stop it. Demoness, you’re sixteen and still look like a little kid. And Angel, stop bickering with your sister and be serious. Hivemind… Don’t take Demoness seriously. She’s way too young for you…]

[Cicada: …]

[Demoness: You bitch! I’m not a fucking kid! I’m a goddamn adult already! Wait, Hivemind, you and Chameleon already met each other? No, no way! Chameleon already fucked you didn’t she?! I can feel it in my pussy! Fucking hypocrite!]

[Angel: Shut up you slut. I think it’s wonderful that Mama finally found someone to love.]

[Enigma: What is love?]

Yeah, like most chat groups, it was a total shitshow within a few seconds. I wanted to say something, but before I could finish typing, like five different messages popped up.

[Gemini: Hmmm, Hivemind’s power is interesting.]

[Chameleon: Stop! Gemini, spying on people is one thing, but don’t go revealing people’s secrets all the time!]

[Hivemind: Wait what? I thought you were the one spying on me, Chameleon?]

[Gemini: She has been stalking you since you moved to the island. But her method is crude and primitive. I can see everywhere on the island without even moving, I just need to think hard enough… And eat a lot.]

[Chameleon: I wasn’t ‘stalking’ Hivemind, okay? I was doing recon, because you never know whether a new arrival is going to be a friend or enemy.]

[Gemini: But you asked me first and I told you. Then you proceeded to sneak around at night and watch Hivemind as she ‘played’ with herself… A lot. Like a lot, a lot. She’s really sexy too. It’s not surprising that you’re so enamored.]

[Chameleon: Stop.]

[Gemini: Hivemind has been avoiding you lately because she got a small cyst on her left labia after you ate each other out last week. She’s afraid you’ll think that she has herpes or something. Chameleon has been avoiding Hivemind because she’s afraid of men.]

[Chameleon: Shut the fuck up!]

[Hivemind: Seriously what the fuck? There’s a huge difference between cystic acne and herpes, okay? I’ve looked it up… So many times in my life…]

[Demoness: What?! Hahahah~! Are you serious?! Wait, did you just say men?!]

[EMP: There’s a man?! Is he handsome?! Hivemind, is your father actually here with you?!]

[Chameleon: No, stop. Gemini, I’m serious. I’ll mute you if you don’t stop.]

[Enigma: What’s a man?]

[Lioness: It’s like a girl, but with a dick, lmao.]

[Cicada: lol.]

I was going to try and not reveal too much about myself, but honestly, I didn’t care that much. Especially since there was a nosy remote viewer that can see and maybe even hear everything that everyone is doing all the time…

[Hivemind: I don’t really see the point in hiding this from you kids. Yes, I’m a dude. My name is Michael. Ana is my ‘Eve’ or whatever.]

[Gemini: You’re Eve-77. My older sister. I’m Eve-79. We were part of the same batch. But you were in a coma and moved away from the island a long time ago. So now I’m the older sister? It’s nice to finally talk to you Ana. I’m glad you woke up… Even if you’re only a meat-puppet manipulated by a handsome sex-addict.]

[Chameleon: Ugh… Whatever, say it if you want to say it. We’re all neighbors anyway and we’ll have to meet up sooner or later. But don’t call Ana a fucking meat-puppet. She’s my girlfriend.]

[Gemini: Well your girlfriend just got an anal creampie and is fingering herself in the shower right now. Michael is the one talking to us.]

[EMP: Pics! Send pics now!]

[Demoness: What she said! Pics or it didn’t happen!]

[Gemini: My powers can’t take pictures… And I’m bad at drawing. But Michael is fairly handsome, just a bit short for my taste.]

[Demoness: You and Mom are fucking giants so everyone is short compared to you! As long as he isn’t a midget, he’s still taller than me! Hivemind, send pics, please!]

[Angel: Don’t scare him away with your desperation, you little slut. Sorry Michael, ignore my sister. If you ever want to talk to a mature woman, send me a private message okay?]

[Gemini: Both Demoness and Angel are twin sisters with severely stunted growth. Though you might be into that, you sexy pervert. I think we’re perfect for each other though. Our powers are so similar.]

[EMP: Pics please! They don’t have to be dirty, I’m just curious about how you ‘two’ look!]

[Enigma: What are pics?]

[Cicada: lol.]

[Demoness: Yeah well, Gemini is a two-faced bitch, how about that?! So what if I’m small?! I’m an adult damn it!]

[Chameleon: Okay, all of you calm down, please. Demoness, it’s okay, you’re still growing… And even if you can’t get any bigger, it’s okay. You’re adorable the way you are and I’ll always love you. Angel honey, you’re perfect the way you are. Don’t let Gemini get under your skin, you know she’s more self-conscious about her appearance than any of us.]

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