BCJ, Chapter 79: The Neighborhood

[Hivemind uploaded a picture.]

Once the group calmed down a bit, I picked a relatively normal photo of Ana and I smiling together with the ocean behind us. It was a picture I took on the pier the other day. We went swimming on the beach for the first time since we moved here.

I was wearing bright red swimming trunks and Ana had on a simple two-piece black bathing suit. Of course, the picture was pretty close up and only showed our upper bodies so it seemed perfectly innocent to me.

Both of our hair was wet and hanging down to our shoulders. And while our skin was very slightly tanned, we still looked pale as fuck. I honestly started to wonder if one of my superhuman abilities was to avoid sun-damage?

[Chameleon: Ana… You look really good. But why don’t you go swimming with me sometime? I don’t care about pimples and stuff like that, you don’t need to be embarrassed.]

[Gemini: Chameleon doesn’t believe that Hivemind is one person. She’s jealous of your relationship with yourself, lol.]

[EMP: OMG, wow! You’re so pretty! And so handsome! I can’t take a good picture of myself because of my power, but I’m not ugly, I promise! Do you need any milk or eggs? I don’t need anything from you… Okay, maybe just a hug or something? Don’t worry, my power isn’t that dangerous to people!]

[Angel: Mama! You’re so mean! No wonder you haven’t let us come over lately!]

[Demoness: Yeah Mom! What the fuck?! You don’t even like men! Michael, private message me later baby~! I’ll definitely make it worth your while…]

[Lioness: You’re both pretty weak looking, but you’re not bad. If you wanna get really jacked, let me know. I got a really nice gym in my basement.]

[Enigma: What’s a basement?]

[Cicada has uploaded a picture.]

When I was about to say something, I saw a picture pop up on my screen. It was a woman taking a selfie… But she had dark-green skin, pitch-black eyes with no sclera or irises and spiky short white hair. The hair wasn’t gelled, but looked more like actual thick spines of some sort. I don’t know what her nose or mouth looked like, because she was wearing a black bandana with two big red lips on it. As far as ears went, it didn’t seem like she had any. Just two holes on the sides of her head where they would be.

She was holding the camera with a long arm that honestly looked like it was covered in some sort of chitinous armor. I couldn’t tell if it was real or fake, but my gut said it wasn’t a costume. Her left hand was squeezing some white liquid out of her right nipple, which was surprisingly normal looking. Yeah, both of her breasts were exposed, though relatively small, they contrasted pretty heavily with the hard carapace over her sternum and shoulders that literally looked like armor. From what I could see of her abdomen, she was a little skinny and not muscular, but it looked like somewhat ‘normal’ flesh rather than chitin. And behind her back were wings. Specifically, huge bug-like wings, very similar to that of a cicada or wasp.

The wings were clear for the most part, with black lines demarcating various sections. They were fairly thin and had bright-green edges… I couldn’t tell whether they were real or not, or whether they actually functioned or were just vestigial. However one thing was for certain… The level of genetic manipulation was far greater than what I expected.

I mean for fuck’s sake, there’s a huge difference between my psychic powers and the abilities of ‘Chameleon’ and ‘Cicada’. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s still well within the range of what I would consider ‘humanity’, but I was pretty impressed.

[Angel: Ew, Cicada, stop. Nobody wants to see that.]

[Demoness: Don’t be such a bitch Angel. You’re just jealous.]

[Hivemind: Wow, you’re really beautiful, Cicada. And bolder than me apparently. Maybe I should’ve shared one of the topless pics after all?]

[Cicada: ;)]

[EMP: Ah, you’re lactating again?! No fair! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?!]

[Enigma: What is lactation?]

[Lioness uploaded a picture.]

This time it was another topless selfie. Lioness was well, very human-looking as far as I could tell. Slightly tanned skin, fluffy golden hair like a mane that reached her neck, bright blue eyes and long, sharp, fang-like canines. Hell, they reminded me of vampire teeth or even orc tusks, but overall she could still be considered human. She was flexing her left bicep and it looked bigger than Michael’s. Aside from that, it was hard to even tell if she had breasts since her pectoral muscles were so over-developed, while her abs were also super ripped. As for her facial features, she did somewhat remind me of a cat, but I don’t know why? Of course, she was beautiful and slightly umm, maybe Sweedish or Norweigan? Either way, she definitely looked like an adult human for the most part.

[Hivemind: Impressive, wow. You really are ‘jacked’. Is that your superpower or whatever?]

[Lioness: Haha~, thanks! Nope, it’s more like a side-effect I guess. I heal really fast, so when I work out super hard and hurt myself, the muscles grow back really quickly. Do you see those scars on my chest? Those are bullet holes! Hahah~! Some stupid people tried to take my Daddy, so I ripped them apart! But Daddy got mad at me and sent me away. I think he was scared that I was so strong.]

[Gemini: Those people were police officers. Her father was being investigated in relation to a series of murders that occurred in the neighborhood… All the victims were torn apart by claws and teeth. It was originally considered animal attacks, but at one of the scenes the victim fought back and wounded the serial killer. Her father’s DNA was already in the system for a prior incident, so he was the most obvious suspect.]

[Chameleon: Umm, wait, what? Gemini, why didn’t you tell me this earlier?!]

[Demoness: Cool! Lioness is a serial killer? That’s so hot! I love your muscles~! Can you strangle me, Baby?]

[Angel: Sis, shut up.]

[Lioness: I’m not a serial killer! I’m a superhero! My hearing is really good, especially at night time. So I hear things. People screaming, crying for help, usually girls. So I went out and saved people from the bad guys!]

[Hivemind: So basically a vigilante. Holy shit, I actually remember hearing about that… I think it was in Virginia just recently?]

[Lioness: Yeah, I lived in Virginia with my Daddy until a few months ago, when the bad guys came and tried to take my Daddy away from me!]

[Gemini: I’ve seen Lioness snap a bear’s neck with her bare hands.]

[Demoness: Hehe, nice pun!]

[Lioness: Bears are super tasty. Does anyone want some bear meat? I still have some left… I’ll trade for some fish. I’m bad at fishing, but fishies taste so delicious.]

[EMP: Chameleon always has plenty of fish to spare… And I’ve killed people too. Not on purpose, but it’s something I just have to live with. We’re all dangerous. That’s why they sent us here. So that we can’t hurt people anymore.]

[Cicada: :P]

Yeah, the conversation kinda got well, pretty dark. And before that it was super chaotic so I didn’t have a chance to say this, but I figured the long pause was a good time.

[Hivemind: Let’s put the sex, trading, murder and other bullshit aside for a moment. Eve… I mean ‘Chameleon’, I think it’s time to talk about the purpose of this group. Why can’t we leave the island or go deeper into the island. I know we talked about this before, but still… I was a little too horny and tired back then to remember clearly.]

[Demoness: Ah~, now I’m getting turned on again, hehe~!]

[Angel: Shut your whore mouth.]

[Cicada: lol.]

[EMP: Ah, because, well, we’re surviving on Death Gate Island, again? That’s why the group is called that.]

[Gemini: I can see the entire shoreline of the island with my power. But I can’t see beyond a few dozen miles around the island. There aren’t any other visible landmasses, so I don’t know what’s out there or whether there really is land beyond our shores.]

[Lioness: I’ve climbed some of those mountains. It’s not that dangerous. Sometimes I come across weird people and animals though. There’s something wrong with them. Big scaly birds try to eat you, but they’re not that strong.]

[Chameleon: Those aren’t birds! They’re dragons and wyverns. Not like the magical fantasy kind, but just weird science experiments… Like us. And they aren’t ‘weak’, you’re just ridiculously strong. I’ve traveled across most of the island and even pretty far into the ocean, but I can say for certain that it is way too dangerous. Even with my camouflage abilities, there are plenty of creatures that don’t rely on sight to hunt.]

[Gemini: I’ve seen farther than Chameleon has traveled. And way deeper into the ocean. There are all kinds of giant monsters. Unlike our ‘Earth’, this place has very little pollution in the waters and the air is much cleaner. But there are a lot of creatures reminiscent of dinosaurs and other prehistoric gigantic animals. So don’t try to swim or even take a boat out of the island. I once saw an alligator the size of a small cruise ship, but fortunately, it never got very close to the beaches.]

[Lioness: There are some giant people and bears and stuff like that in the mountains. Also some weird shit. I don’t know what they are, but they look like portals from a video game?]

[EMP: Stay away from those! They’re ripples in spacetime or tears in reality! Don’t even look at them if you can avoid it! I knew a girl once, she used to stare at a weird eye-shaped thing with a telescope. But one day she went insane and started speaking in a weird language I never heard before. After that, she walked over to the portal and a tentacle shot out, wrapping around her throat and pulling her inside!]

[Hivemind: Okay then… Stay away from the mountains, valleys and don’t go swimming in the depths of the ocean. Not that I was much of a hiker or diver anyway…]

[Chameleon: Ana, you should come see me tonight. I need to go back to sleep now. Goodnight everyone. EMP, I’ll stop by your place tomorrow and deliver some fish.]

[Chameleon has gone offline.]

[Angel: We’ll come over to pick up the milk and trade you some of the chocolate, cheese, butter yogurt and ice cream like always.]

[Angel has gone offline.]

[Demoness: Hivemind, send me a PM honey, hehe~]

[Demoness has gone offline.]

[Gemini: Hivemind, I’d also like to talk to you in private when you have time.]

[Gemini has gone offline.]

[Enigma: What is offline?]

[Enigma has gone offline.]

[EMP: I live two houses, well, I guess only one house over now. So I’m really close to you Hivemind. You should come visit me sometime. I can’t really be around electronics though, so don’t bring anything aside from your Infinity phone. Otherwise it’ll break as soon as you enter my yard. Bye-bye~!]

[EMP has gone offline.]

[Lioness: If you wanna hunt or hang out or play video games or work out or whatever, I’m up for anything. Give me a call.]

[Lioness went offline.]

[Cicada: lol.]

[Cicada has uploaded a picture.]

With just me and Cicada left in the chat group, she sent a picture that immediately turned me on again. She was still wearing a mask, but she was looking down at the camera and the lens was practically touching her pussy. Although her hips and thighs seemed to be covered in greenish-black carapace, her bright emerald vagina was oozing a clear slimy liquid.

It wasn’t an innie or an outie, but more like a gaping oval hole with a barely noticeable bump at the top. Below her dripping pussy was a shiny silver circle, obviously a buttplug, and I could see her four wings spread out behind her back. In the background, it looked like the slightly cloudy sky outside right now. And she appeared to be on a wooden deck.

[Hivemind has uploaded 3 pictures.]

Of course, in order to give a decent response, I sent her some pictures from the massive collection of ‘selfcest’ porn I had readily available on my phone. One was Ana with her tongue licking the bottom of my dick as the cum sprayed into her mouth and onto her lips. The second was the moment when her pussy sprayed out a bunch of clear liquid all over my face as I was eating her out, obviously from her perspective. And the third was from earlier, my slimy dick throbbing deep into her asshole and with a bit of jizz dripping down towards her pussy lips. It was a pretty close-up picture, but fortunately, there weren’t any shit specs or anything like that.

[Cicada has uploaded a picture.]

This time she was holding the silver buttplug in her hand and her asshole was gaping open pretty wide, revealing the bright-green walls inside. Yeah, not pink but bright green, similar to her pussy. It made me wonder if maybe her blood was green too? Either way, I got hard and started jerking off as Ana got out of the shower, sitting down to my left.

[Cicada: ;P]

[Cicada has gone offline.]

[The group has disbanded.]

When I was about to start fucking myself again, all four of my eyes seemed to be sent far away in an instant. It wasn’t like any of the psychic experiences I had before, because this time it felt like I had actually switched bodies with the other person… Or ‘people’?

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  2. Currently writing chapter 779 and I gotta say, a lot of characters have grown an changed so much since a year ago. I mean, in the context of the story, way more time than that has passed, so it makes sense. Of course, this is just a group chat lol. Just a small introduction to the characters. Do people act in reality like they do on the internet? The answer is… Maybe, but usually no. Anyway, these chat chapters were like twice as long as normal chapters for some reason? Maybe it’s just easier to write this kinda dialogue. Kinda like a play or script?

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