BCJ, Chapter 80: Gemini

“Fuck. No wonder you call yourself ‘Gemini’.” As I spoke, two feminine voices emerged from my mouths, but it was a little awkward. Kinda like how it felt the first time I spoke as Ana. The voices were slightly raspy, as if they hadn’t drank anything or spoken in a long time.

‘They’ were staring up at a mirror on the ceiling and laying on a huge, fluffy blue bed-sheet. There were no windows and it wasn’t hard to realize that the room was a basement, since it looked almost identical to my ‘gym’, except without any of the exercise equipment.

All four grey eyes were reflected in the mirror above me and her actual vision was almost as blurry as Michael’s was, before being ‘improved’ by Ana’s pussy juice or however the fuck that worked. Yep, this girl had two heads, light-brown skin and long, wavy white hair splayed out on her navy blue pillow case.

Aside from having two heads, she also had two extra arms under the main ones, but they were really small. She also had two extra, smaller breasts under the two massive ones for her beefy upper main arms. Her abdominal muscles were pretty well defined, not to the crazy extent of ‘Lioness’, but at least it looked like she stayed in good shape.

Gemini only had two legs, with thick thighs and calves, not to mention the huge feet, probably to hold up her extremely heavy body. Unlike the other giant woman I knew, Eve or well, Chameleon, Gemini was also really heavy.

“Ah, you naughty girl…” She was obviously peeping on Ana and I as we were about to start fucking, so it wasn’t surprising that three of her breasts were being squeezed and the left major hand was rubbing her clit. What amazed me was that she had a fifth ‘limb’? I don’t know, are tails considered limbs?

It was about as long as her big forearm, which was super long, and thicker than her tiny arms at the base. The slimy tail was writhing around inside her pussy, which was fairly normal looking, just a bit hairy and with really dark skin on the thick lips. I could barely move the tail, since it was well, just a tail. Not like a snake or something. There wasn’t any hair on the tail itself, but her butthole underneath it was covered in white hairs, just like her pussy.

After seeing the forth ‘Eve’ anus, I started to realize that hemorrhoids were probably one of those things that were removed from the genepool in the earlier versions. After all, it was a minor ailment under normal circumstances, but definitely could lead to serious consequences later on if not treated properly.

“Hmmm, now what?” I looked around for a moment before continuing to tail-fuck and finger ‘myself’. Within a few minutes, I had an amazing orgasm and as my mind was blanking out, I finally returned to my ‘real’ bodies. Both of which were still about to fuck each other, as if everything that just happened was just an illusion?

Since I was still horny, I pushed ‘Michael’ down onto the bed and got on top of him. Then I started riding him pretty naturally. I’ve done this a ton of times by now. He held the camera and started recording, though his hands were a bit unsteady due to all the shaking.

A few seconds after he came inside me and I had an orgasm, the phone rang. Not a message, but an actual call. Fortunately I stopped and saved the video before they called me, so it wasn’t lost… What? I like to keep a collection. At first it was just OCD, but now I realized that these videos and pictures might be valuable enough to trade for food to some of these desperate ‘Eves’.

[Call from Eve-79…]

“Uh, hello? Who’s this?” After catching my breath, I answered the phone on the fourth ring as Michael.

“Our powers are really similar.” Two soft and feminine voices echoed in my ear at the same time. I set the phone to speaker immediately, so that all four of my ears could hear it properly.

Ana giggled and asked, “When I was inside your body… Were you still conscious of it?”

She paused for a moment, breathing heavily, before whispering: “Such a thrilling and terrifying experience. Can you do it again? Or does it happen unconsciously?”

I snickered and answered as Michael, “It’s more of a reflex right now. I could feel you peeping on me and tried to ‘see’ you… And then I became you for a little while. It usually comes and goes with an orgasm… Hehe, unintentional pun, but seriously.”

Gemini chuckled with both mouths, “You’re an exhibitionist. I’ve been watching you for a while… And you’ve ‘seen’ me a few times, but you don’t seem to care. Why did you react this time? Or… Are your powers getting stronger?”

“I think so. Probably.” Ana sighed, “It’s been happening more frequently. Usually I just see through the eyes of a bird or frog, bat… Really any animal in the general vicinity, but you’re a lot farther away, right? And not just that… There’s an element of time involved. Did you call me right after you regained control of your body or did you wait a few minutes?”

“Immediately. I was hoping that you could control me again, but it seems like you aren’t reacting to my peeping right now.” 

She sighed and then gasped as I told her, “It’s been about five or six minutes since my control over you ended. When it started and ended, my ‘real’ bodies were in the exact same position, as if no time had passed. Then I had sex and came.”

“What?! That’s incredible!” Gemini raised her voices for the first time, “Does that mean that I saw you have sex in the future, before it happened in reality? After your female body orgasmed, I lost control of myself. Then you finished me off…”

I snickered and guessed, “It also has something to do with the weird time dilation of this mirror world or whatever the fuck this place is… Or the influence of one of those spacetime holes you mentioned earlier. Regardless, we should probably be a little more careful. Who knows what kind of crazy causal distortions our bullshit might create by accident. Also, no offense, but I just got used to being two people, and I don’t want to have to add your body to the list.”

“Interesting…” She cleared her throats a bit and then asked, “Have you ever thought about what might happen if you had children?”

“Of course. All the fucking time. Especially as my psychic bullshit is getting stronger…” I sighed and grumbled, “I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. On the one hand, let’s say that my child is born with the same power as Ana. There’s a good possibility that they could have the same problem as her… She was in a coma, basically a vegetable for her entire life until recently. The same thing could happen to my child, which would be fucking heartbreaking. But it might be even crueler if I ended up taking over their mindless body and turning them into another avatar.”

“But if your power isn’t restricted to ‘Ana’ or your original body, Michael… You could become a God… Eventually. Imagine if you could harness the powers of each of us in a single body…” She whispered as if she was afraid of someone hearing her ‘wicked scheme’. But honestly, I already thought of that. A few times.

I snickered and Ana said, “That’s basically all speculation so far. Not to mention the fact that every ability has drawbacks. And there might be genetic limitations. For example, if a person with brown eyes and a person with green eyes has a kid together, there’s a greater chance of the kid having brown eyes and almost no chance of the brat getting one green and one brown. I’m no geneticist, but it seems like the chances of creating a super baby would be pretty low. Not to mention the amount of in-breeding involved. Who knows what kind of weird genetic defects would eventually occur?”

“Hmmm, you’re right.” Gemini sighed and complained, “I can only stay awake for a few hours a day. And I get migraines a lot… Too much. If I’m not careful with my power, I can have a stroke. It’s never happened, but there was an Eve before me that had a similar ability… Well, she was limited by her single head I suppose. Chameleon has to spend so much of her time just meditating and keeping control of her emotions. And her ability is passive, like EMP… Still, if your power can be inherited consistently, you could become effectively immortal.”

“Ah, I bet you’re thinking that if I got you pregnant, maybe your kid would have my power and your mind? After all, our powers are really similar. And it might be possible? We’re from the same batch too, right? Hmmm…”

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