BCJ, Chapter 82: Perversion

Even though I could barely see her from so far away, somehow our six eyes met at that instant and it felt like I was suddenly looking through binoculars for a moment. My first thought was ‘Holy fuck, this woman is a goddamn giant.’ She was really beautiful, from my perspective at least. Seemed to be of Indian, Pakistani or Bengladeshi descent.

For clothing, she was basically just wearing a two-piece black bathing suit. Of course, there were two different-sized tops for her four breasts and the bottom probably had to be specially designed for the tail that was wagging around behind her lower-back.

Assuming the stallion and woman riding it were both normal-sized, I immediately guessed that Gemini was at least eight feet tall. Yeah, a foot taller than Chameleon, who was already a giantess in her own right.

There was a relatively ‘small’ bag on her back, though it was probably bigger than my backpack. Then she had two huge duffle bags, which she was holding with two hands each. It didn’t seem like she was just coming over to stay the night.

As I was staring at her, she was also looking at me with those grey eyes. After a few seconds my vision returned to normal and I shook my head. Then I snickered and complained, “I brought actual binoculars with me so why am I straining myself for nothing?”

Of course, I was way too lazy to take them out and there was really no need. Gemini and the horse-woman were heading my way at a steady pace. As they got closer though, I could hear a ringing in my ears and my head was a little fuzzy. At first I thought it was some kinda resonance between Gemini and Ana but then that blonde-haired, blue-eyed and pale-skinned woman waved at me before heading back towards her house. Those animals followed along behind her in a huge chaotic cluster. Once she got farther way, the noise and dizziness subsided.

Eventually that massive woman made it to the gate that I was standing in front of, looking down at me with smirks on both of her faces. I could see that all of her eyes seemed to be struggling to stay open.

I smiled up at her and said, “Hi… Gemini? Nice to meet you. I’m Ana. Or you could call me Michael.”

“It’s nice to see you in person…” She chuckled and then used her lower arms to open the gate, which was locked with a simple padlock and chains. I pulled open the gate for her, and she walked out towards me: “It’s no wonder Chameleon is so enamored by you… Such a perfect Eve. No noticeable defects… Gorgeous, powerful, sexy. But she’d never be able to truly satisfy you, right Ana?”

“She’s a lesbian.” I sighed and closed the gate, then reached inside two slightly-larger chain-links and snapped the padlock back on. With snicker, I grumbled: “She won’t even talk to Michael, which is super weird, because that’s literally who I am.”

“Chameleon has to restrain her emotions in order to survive.” Gemini chuckled as she handed me one of her super heavy black duffle-bags, then carried the other one over her left shoulder with both of her big hands. As she walked in front of me, wagging her long light-brown hairless tail around, the giantess said: “Her standards are unrealistically high. Before you came along, EMP was her long-term crush. But it could never work out between them.”

“EMP is that girl on the horse, right? What happened? Is it that annoying high-pitched noise?” I followed behind her alluring giant ass at a distance that was so close that her tail smacked me in the face every time she slowed down a bit. Even though she seemed to be walking slowly, her legs were so much longer than mine that I had to practically jog to just keep up with her leisurely pace.

Gemini glanced back at me with her left head and snickered as she suddenly stopped. My face smacked right into the base of her right ass-cheek and I almost lost my balance for a moment. But I quickly recovered as she said, “No. Not everyone can hear that. Chameleon might be a voyeur, but EMP is a different kind of pervert.”

“Kinda funny hearing ‘you’ call someone a voyeur…” As I said that, I quickly realized: “No way… EMP is a ‘zoofile’?”

“Yes.” The giantess giggled and continued walking forward as she casually explained, “I’ve watched her fuck pigs, goats, sheep, bulls, horses, dogs and even a kangaroo…”

“Haha~, you kinky bastard!” I laughed hysterically, “I know you were definitely watching from a first person perspective!”

“Hmmm, well our powers are very similar after all.” Gemini giggled, “I know you would have done the same if given the chance.”

“Definitely.” I sighed and then grumbled, “At least it’d be a hell of a lot more interesting than some crickets or birds fucking. Because that’s the kinda shit I usually see.”

After a minute or so of silence, Gemini stopped in front of that burned down building. A piece of a wind turbine was jutting out of the grass between us, as she closed her eyes and shook her heads. Eventually she sighed and started moving again.

“This tomb is a reminder of how dangerous our powers can be.” The two voices sounded a little sad, but then she chuckled: “Firefly was almost as cute as you. Another one of Chameleon’s love interests, but she was straight. I wasn’t watching the night she died, or maybe I could have done something to save her life? For all we know, she could’ve just had a wet dream and accidentally burned her house down in the process. Or maybe she spontaneously combusted?”

“Yeah, Chameleon mentioned her before. Eve-60… I think.” At that point, we finally made it to my ‘property’. Specifically, the sandy beach at the bottom of the hill in front of my house.

The targets were spread out over a large area, so it wasn’t too cluttered. Some of them were at the top of the hill, a lot of them were on the hill itself and the rest were along the edge of the beach. Obviously I wouldn’t put them on the sand itself, because who knows when they’d get washed away by the tide?

“I’m a little nervous.” Gemini looked up at the house with both her heads and chuckled, “I guess I’m a lot like Chameleon after all. We’ve both been watching you for a while now… But meeting you in person…”

I snickered and walked up to her right side, “You’re straight? Or bi?”

“Bi but…” She smirked at me with her right head, while the other one was still looking up at my house: “I’ve always been more attracted to guys. Especially you, Michael. When I looked into your eyes for the first time… Honestly, I was terrified. I’ve never been so turned on by anyone or anything until I saw you, both of you. Maybe that’s part of your power? Or maybe they designed us Eves to be drawn to Adams.”

“Well I’m definitely attracted to you. Hehe~…” I smirked and reached out with my left hand to run my fingers down her lower back, to the base of her tail. I would’ve started higher, but like I said before, she was over eight fucking feet tall. Nearly three feet taller than me.

Gemini jumped up like a startled cat, then turned to glare at me with all four eyes. She grumbled, “I’ve been awake for six hours and I’m barely conscious right now, so can you please not scare me like that?”

“Sorry…” I sighed and complained, “I was trying to ‘flirt’, but I guess I’m doing it wrong.”

The giantess shook her heads and smirked, “Flirting is pointless. Let’s go inside. I need to put my stuff away and go to sleep. If you want to have sex, you can wait until tomorrow. I would like to be fully awake when you take my virginity.”

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