BCJ, Chapter 83: Love and Lust

“Sleep… Feels like I haven’t really slept in over a week.” I grumbled behind the giantess who was standing in front of my door. Sure, I was sleeping for at least eight hours a day with both of my bodies, but there was rarely a time when both of us were unconscious at the same time.

She turned around and glared down at me, “You don’t know how lucky you are. Even if I wanted to do that, I couldn’t. Without both of my heads fully conscious, I can barely even move.”

At that moment, the door opened behind her and a masculine voice said: “With the four of us together, maybe there’s something we can do about that?”

Gemini shivered and turned to face ‘me’. With a wry smile on his face, Michael snickered: “It’s nice to meet you, again. Do you feel anything strange? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Yes…” She straightened her back a bit and her legs trembled. Gemini breathed deeply as she got closer to my male body, before leaning over and whispering in both my ears at the same time: “Wet… Really wet. I don’t think I can wait until tomorrow.”

Ana snickered and pushed her giant ass into the house, “Well at least go inside first. Geez… And I thought I was a horny bastard.”

I caught the huge woman in my arms as she fell towards me, into the house and then found my face nuzzled in the space between her two relatively long necks. At the same time, she threw down the duffle bag and pushed me down onto the hard tile floor. It probably would’ve hurt a lot more if I hadn’t gotten in such good shape recently.

Even though I’d literally just ejaculated twice in a row earlier, less than half an hour before that, the stimulation still got me really hard. Ana closed the door behind us, gently placed down her backpack and the duffle bag, then took off the boots and socks she was wearing.

“Hurry up and fuck me before I pass out!” Gemini took her backpack off and casually tossed it away, then used her big arms to press down on my shoulders, while her small ones pulled my rock-hard cock out from the right side of my boxers. Those ‘tiny’ arms were longer than my normal sized ones, and about the same thickness. She slid aside her bathing suit bottom with her left hand, and aimed my dick into her pussy with the right.

As she sat down forcefully, I noticed that although it was a pretty loose fit at first, her vaginal muscles tightened up really powerfully a moment later. Then her whole body quivered along with mine, as I said: “Okay, I definitely felt that.”

“I can feel it too…” Gemini moaned as she grinded forward and back. She was so big that if she tried to go up and down, my dick would immediately fall out. It’s not like I have a massive horse-cock. I’m above average at most. Considering the size of her tail, I was amazed that she was even interested to be honest.

Ana walked over behind her back and undid the strings of her bikini tops. Allowing those four breasts to dangle freely in front of my face. I reached out to grab her ass, but with my shoulders pressed on like that, the best I could do was her smooth, muscular thighs.

After heading upstairs and taking off all her clothes, gear and everything else, Ana came back downstairs, washed her hands, then stood over my face. Although Gemini was straddling me and leaning over to hold me down against the floor, she was still able to reach Ana’s nipples with both of her mouths. As she started licking and sucking my tits, she didn’t stop grinding against my cock and moaning really loudly.

Ana giggled and reached out, running her fingers from Gemini’s ears down the sides of her necks, until she reached down and grabbed her massive upper breasts. When she started rubbing those saucer-like nipples, they got a little harder but still remained pretty large.

“Ah, shit, my eye…” I grumbled as my own pussy juice dripped down onto my face, followed by a fuck-ton of saliva. Even though it burned a bit, I just closed my eyes and ignored it. After all, it wasn’t my first experience with Ana’s ‘cum’ getting in my eyes. Thus far, I managed to avoid getting pinkeye, so I wasn’t too worried.

She grinded faster and faster until finally she stopped sucking on my nipples, leading to two long, deafening screams while staring straight up at the ceiling. As her whole body shivered, her abdominal muscles and pussy spasmed. I thrusted my hips up and down a few times in order to finish myself off quickly, as her enormous body suddenly collapsed on me.

Ana grabbed her shoulders and prevented the unconscious giantess from hurting herself. Otherwise those two beautiful faces would’ve smacked against the tile floor a moment later. Michael sighed and struggled to get up after cumming, his shirt and boxers were soaked with various fluids, while ‘his’ dick was still pretty hard.

We both let out a sigh, “I wonder what she saw?” Michael muttered and shook his head, then grabbed Gemini’s enormous legs. It wasn’t really a matter of weight, though she was fucking ridiculously heavy, the main problem was just the sheer size difference between us. Ana grabbed the upper arms, with the backs of those two heads resting on her shoulders, while Michael was in between her enormous legs and carrying them from behind the knees.

She didn’t wear any shoes or even sandals, and I took off her cum-soaked bikini-bottom already. So she was completely naked. As I looked around the mostly-empty first floor, Ana sighed and goaned: “Maybe we should’ve bought a fucking couch after all?”

I looked at the giant naked woman and complained, “What kinda fucking couch would she be able to lay on anyway? Even the queen sized guest bed upstairs might be too small…”

After thinking about it for a moment, we both snickered and then headed down to the basement. In the middle of the gym, there was a pretty wide open area that had a somewhat ‘comfy’ training mat. Why didn’t I just bring her upstairs to my king-sized bed? Yeah, my OCD hadn’t quite gone away that much yet. It was much easier to clean off that mat than clean my bedding.

Although my bed did have some kinda weird liquid absorbing function, I still had to change the bed-sheets and pillow-cases occasionally. And I just did it the other day… Anyway, the moral of the story is that my laziness and OCD condemned Gemini to sleeping on a gym mat instead of a comfy bed. At the very least though, I went upstairs and grabbed two pillows from the guest room, stacking them up and placing them behind her two heads. I had no idea whether she liked to lay on her sides or her back, so I just went with the back, since it was easier.

Honestly, I was a little worried about her and stayed to make sure she didn’t have any trouble for at least twenty minutes. Of course, I also used that time to eat Ana out on a nearby bench and then fuck her pussy until we both came for the seventh time that day. In the meantime Gemini didn’t move. At all. If she didn’t snore occasionally, I would have to check if she was even still alive.

After seeing that she was fine, I went upstairs to take a shower. Since both my bodies were ‘dirty’, I took a quick shower together and didn’t even bother to dry off afterwards. Letting water drip all over the kitchen floor as I made two separate mugs of iced tea with some mango juice mixed in…

As I was standing in the kitchen, the clouds parted and sunlight shone through the western windows onto my bodies. Ana and I smiled at each other, then laughed simultaneously. My dick, pussy and Ana’s asshole were a little sore from all the overuse lately, but it still felt so good to be unrestrained?

Whether it was because of OCD or whatever, I spent most of my life trapped in a cage created by my own mind and well, money. I didn’t have much money in the first place, so making it was a little difficult. I made enough to barely survive by writing all day, every day for years, but there wasn’t really any improvement no matter how much I wrote. If I wrote more, I still made about as much and was slowly making less. If I didn’t get this ‘Infinity’ gig, I would have completely lost my income by now. Not that I spent money though. For the most part, my parents paid for necessities like food and the internet. Even if I offered to help them out, they’d never accept it. Just kept telling me to “Save your money. If something happens to us, you’re gonna need it.”

In other words, I never had the time or energy to think about a relationship outside of the characters in my stories. But everyone wants ‘more’. The me before would have been happily satisfied with Ana and could have lived for decades on this island, ‘alone’, without even thinking about anyone else.

However, from the moment I opened myself up to love and lust, I knew that things were going to start getting really fucking complicated.

“Ding~!” My phone on the table received a message as I was laughing.

[From Eve-91: What’s in that room in your basement? Why doesn’t that door have a handle? What if there was a monster in there, locked away, waiting for you to release it? Such an Enigma.]

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