BCJ, Chapter 84: Enigma

“What the fucking fuckity fuck fuck?!” Ana shouted before drinking some iced tea, “Honestly wouldn’t be too surprised if Enigma was living in my basement though.”

“But the problem is that there’s no way to check.” I grumbled and then went into my contact list. I set Eve-56 as Chameleon, Eve-79 as Gemini, Eve-91 as Enigma and Eve-80 as Cicada. Yeah, after looking at the creepy message from Enigma, I noticed that Cicada had sent me a picture of her wearing a giant black strap-on dildo with the caption: “:P”.

What I didn’t understand was how everyone was able to call and text me, but I had no idea what their numbers were? My guess was that Chameleon or Gemini told them. Either that or maybe my number was common knowledge? After all, Eve-77 was in a coma for a long time. Except Lioness, everyone else is probably older than Ana. Maybe word got around? After all, as long as I know their number, I can send a message to any Eve that’s on the island right now.

[Enigma: Why haven’t you responded? Are you busy?]

[Hivemind: Are you really in my basement?]

[Enigma: Are you afraid of me?]

[Hivemind: That depends. Can you open the door from the inside and escape on your own?]

[Enigma: If a cage is so easily escaped, is it still a prison?]

I noticed that she typed really fucking fast. Like her responses were almost instantaneous, which made me confused. I mean, it still took me a few seconds to type, no matter how quick I was, not to mention that you need to think of things to say. And it seemed like she had some weird psychological disorder that made her only speak in questions?

[Hivemind: Why did they lock you up?]

[Enigma: Why do people trap fish in tanks of water?]

[Hivemind: You’re a fish? Wait, you’re in a tank of water? Are you a mermaid?]

[Enigma: If I was a mermaid, would I consider myself a monster?]

[Hivemind: How do I open the door from my end?]

Even though I was a little afraid to find out what the fuck was behind the door, I was even more unnerved knowing that there was a room in my house that I had no access to…

[Enigma: What if there were tunnels connecting every house on the island?]

[Hivemind: So you’re saying that every house is connected by a tunnel… And has a door like mine, leading to the tunnels or other houses? Then where are you? In my house or another house?]

[Enigma: If every house is connected by tunnels, then aren’t they all just one big singular superstructure?]

[Hivemind: In other words, I need to find a house that doesn’t have a locked door on it and then travel through some creepy tunnels to reach the room where you’re at?]

[Enigma: Are you truly willing to free this monster?]

[Hivemind: Take a picture of yourself and send it to me.]

[Enigma: How do you take a picture of yourself?]

A few seconds later, I received a picture… But it was just a dimly lit metal room, with hundreds of small screens on a wall. Some of the screens were blacked out, while most of them seemed like surveillance cameras from all over the island. Almost half of them were rooms in various houses, one of which looked like it could be my sun-room, since there were two naked people standing in a kitchen. It was hard to tell though, since it was pretty far away and super blurry, even after I zoomed in a lot. Part of the blurriness was because the ‘camera’ that took the picture was obviously underwater and looking through some type of thick reinforced glass.

[Enigma: Can you find me now?]

[Hivemind: Ugh, you’re in a fishtank, in a room, in a basement somewhere on the island. I can promise to try and find you, but I definitely can’t do it right now. Are you in a rush? How long can you survive?]

[Enigma: How long can a person live in a cage? How long until the power runs out in my prison?]

[Hivemind: So you’re not in any immediate danger, but it’s only a matter of time until the power gets knocked out for one reason or another and you die. Sigh, I’ll try. But you’re gonna have to wait a while. Have you asked anyone else for help? Why didn’t you mention this shit when we were all in a group together?]

[Enigma: Would you trust a bunch of strangers to free you from prison? What if some of them decided that they would rather the monster stay locked in its cage?]

[Hivemind: Makes sense I guess.]

After that she didn’t say anything else. But it was destined to be a chaotic day.

“Hehe~!” I heard someone giggling outside and as Ana turned to look, she saw two tiny faces pressed up against the window near my back door. Not a pun, but literally the back door of the house.

On the left there was a girl with bright-red skin, purple irises with vertical pupils like a snake or cat. She also had two small black horns coming out of her forehead, with long black straight hair. As for ethnicity, based on human standards at least, she might be Japanese-ish. The other girl seemed closer to Indonesian or Filipino. Her skin was golden, yeah, shiny golden skin with large pure silver eyes and long white hair pulled back into a ponytail. It was hard to tell if she had sclera or if her irises just covered her whole eyes, but her black pupils were small and circular.

It didn’t take much effort to guess their identities based on context clues I’d gotten during the conversation earlier. Demoness was the girl with scarlet skin and two bat-like wings extending from behind her back. While Angel was the golden girl, with dove-like pure-white wings flapping around behind her…

“Ah! They found us!” As soon as we turned around to look at them, the two little brats actually flapped their wings and… Ran away. I mean, they did leave the ground a few times, but for the most part they were just jumping and gliding a bit. It also made me realize why they hadn’t ‘grown up’ even though they were already 16. They were likely designed to stay small enough so that their wings would be able to carry their body weight, though they also didn’t seem to have enough muscle-strength to use those wings properly. 

Think about birds. There’s a reason why they have wings instead of arms, rather than both. All the muscles that we use for our arms are needed for wings to function properly. Without that, it’s kinda useless, no matter how big or strong the wings themselves are or how light the body is… Of course, the girls could probably glide down from a height or even stay in the air for a long time and keep from getting hurt after falling great distances.

I honestly can’t remember what the two kids were wearing, since I only saw them for a moment. Probably tank-tops and shorts? It doesn’t really matter.

A minute later, I got two messages.

[Eve-87: Hello, I’m Angel… We just saw each other. Nice to meet you.]

[Eve-88: Hehehe~, I’m Demoness cutie~! Ah, you’re so fucking hot!]

After that, Demoness sent me a picture she took of my two asses from the window. Either way, I added them to my contact list. Now it was only Lioness left, but she never sent me any messages, so I had no idea what her number was. Oh yeah, and EMP… Almost forgot about Beastiality Girl?

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