BCJ, Chapter 85: Giantess

In one day, I basically got to know the whole fucking neighborhood. Which was a strange feeling for an anti-social shut-in like myself.

“Hmmm, I wonder what Gemini brought with her?” Normally I wouldn’t want to snoop on someone’s private shit, but then I thought about the kinda crazy weapons and drugs that were on the website. Not to mention she was going to be living with me and I didn’t want to get murdered when I let my guard down.

After all, even if someone fucks you, it doesn’t mean you can trust them unconditionally. That’d be totally insane. So I first opened the backpack, which had her fancy Infinity cellphone, bottles of water, a first aid kit and surprisingly no weapons or ammunition. There really wasn’t much in there. I opened the first aid kit just to be safe, and found all the basics, but also some needles marked ‘Epinephrine’. If I had to guess, I’d say it was in case she was in an emergency situation and was about to pass out. Either way, I put it back in the box and didn’t worry too much about it.

One duffle bag was filled with clothing, from bathing suits to jeans and jackets, all of which were specially customized for her special body type. The other bag had toothbrushes and toothpaste, a special gigantic black plastic mug, a bag of coffee beans, a coffee machine, mouth wash, tampons, super-soft toilet paper, an insane amount of gummy vitamins of different types, five different bags of gummy candies, a stuffed panda bear and a… Fucking taxidermied orange and white tabby cat?

“Okay, that’s gross but whatever. No bombs or dangerous contraband detected.” Without thinking about it too much farther, I wiped the outside of the bags off with soapy water and then brought them upstairs. I took all the food to the kitchen, washing off what needed to be washed off, and putting it away in the proper places.

I wiped down the coffee machine and set it up to the best of my ability, then put the beans in a cabinet right above it. The toiletries were put in the upstairs bathroom and the stuffed bear was sprayed with rubbing alcohol, along with the taxidermied cat. I put them in the guest room on a nightstand next to the bed. All the clothes, even though they were probably already ‘clean’ by Gemini’s standards, needed to be washed. So I figured it was time to do the laundry.

In the meantime, Ana went upstairs to take a nap. I needed to go see Chameleon at night, and I was getting pretty tired anyway. Michael was left to do all the work ‘himself’. Speaking of work, after I started the washing machine, I went in to check on the sleeping giantess…

“Motherfucker. Good thing I didn’t put your nasty ass on either of the beds.”

There was a huge puddle of piss around her ass, legs and lower back. I guess having a massive bladder also has its downsides, because the amount of urine was just insane. Anyway, it took me ten minutes just standing there wondering how the fuck I was gonna clean everything up, before I walked over and checked her pulse on the left neck. It seemed uh, normal, I guess. I’m not a fucking doctor.

The room was starting to stink pretty badly, so I had to get to work. A bucket of soapy water, not bleach, and a few towels. If she wasn’t so damn heavy, I would just carry her upstairs and dump her ass in the bathtub, but the best I could do was roll her out of the puddle. Piss splashed all over me, but I was already naked, so I just grit my teeth and turned off my OCD.

Fortunately, the process of moving her naked body got me horny and the nastiness of the situation was significantly reduced. Boner-brain doesn’t care about anything but sex, so it was a little difficult doing anything else, but at least I didn’t get nauseous or grossed out.

First I put down some old raggedy towels to soak up most of the urine. Then I put them in an empty blue plastic bucket, before using the mop to wipe off the mat. After that, I used another raggedy towel that was dipped in soapy water beforehand to clean off Gemini’s ass, thighs, pussy, back… Even her left lower arm that was splashed when I was moving her over.

It was exhausting to the point where I wasn’t even horny afterwards. I had to roll her over a few times after that, because it was super hard to clean her and the mat she was laying on off at the same time. Meanwhile, she somehow didn’t even stirr and I was kinda worried she might be in a fucking coma at that point.

“Phew~, holy hell…” 

In the end, I made about five trips up and down the stairs just getting new towels, clean water and getting something to drink. It took me almost three hours before I could finally sit down on a bench in the gym and relax.

“Mnnn, ugh…” As I was about to get up, I saw Gemini finally start moving a bit. First her four arms twitched, then her toes curled and both her heads turned outward. After that, she moaned a bit more and reached her four arms outwards, stretching her abdomen up in the air as her tail wiggled around. Both her mouths had happy smirks as she opened her grey eyes and stared up at the ceiling for a minute or so…

“Are you okay?” I walked over and sat down to her left with my legs spread open. She stretched both of her necks a bit and then used all four of her arms to sit, crossing her legs and smiling at me.

“How long was I sleeping? I feel all wet and sticky… Hmmm, did you get tired of waiting and want to have another go before I woke up?” She chuckled and reached out with her smaller right hand, gently running her fingers across my cheek and beard. The larger right hand ran her fingers through my hair, while the left hands pulled me closer until I was literally sitting on her lap.

“It’s only been a few hours. But in that time you managed to piss yourself, a lot. And I’ve been cleaning up the mess since then.” I grumbled as she started laughing with both mouths.

Gemini sighed and shook her heads, “I’m sorry… Why don’t we take a bath together in the jacuzzi? I’ll give you a massage to make up for it?”

Her smaller left hand reached down and started fondling my rapidly hardening cock, while the right unceremoniously grabbed my ass cheek. Fortunately her fingernails were very short, so when she slid her huge middle finger into my asshole, it didn’t hurt. I was lucky that I had taken a few showers earlier and was relatively ‘clean’. 

What? You think that I was only interested in fucking Ana’s perfect butthole but never experimented with Michael’s? I mean, it wasn’t nearly as sensitive or flexible, so the most I ever did was some fingering or trying out a small vibrator. Gemini’s hands were enormous, but she didn’t try to go too deep or fast. Just applied a little pressure and made me a lot harder, really fucking fast.

“Hehe~, well I’ve already cum like five times today, what’s a few more?” I snickered and reached down, rubbing her clitoris with my right hand and her smaller breast with my left. She moaned for a moment and then grabbed my ass with both of her huge hands, lifting me up in the air all of a sudden. I have to say, she is really fucking strong. I mean, that and our sizes are so different that she has a ton of leverage against my ‘tiny’ body.

“I know what you really want.” Both of her faces smiled at me, as she slammed me down onto the mat suddenly. It knocked the breath out of my lungs and I coughed a bit, but before I could say anything, I looked down and saw the four grey eyes glaring up at me. She was still grabbing my ass and lifting it up a foot or so off the mat, while kneeling and bending over. It hurt a bit as she tried inserting both her middle fingers very slightly, but for the most part she was just squeezing my cheeks.

More importantly, the two smaller hands were rubbing below my balls and to the sides of my dick, as her identical faces quickly began kissing, sucking and licking all over my penis. Of course, they focused on the head and more sensitive areas, but her mouths were fucking huge and when she sucked a ‘little bit’, even my testicles would sometimes go inside as well. More often though, one mouth would be sucking up and down, while the other was licking or sucking my balls.

My testicles aren’t really that sensitive, but the combination of anal, testicular and full-penile stimulation was seriously amazing. As for me doing anything to pleasure her at that moment? I mean, what could I even do? My arms were too short to reach anything but her head, so at most, I could gently caress her heads or faces, or hold her hair out of the way as she went a little crazy.

There was so much saliva. I couldn’t even see anything when I came the first time in her left mouth. She just sucked it down to the base and swallowed the cum along with her own spit without a break. I twitched and writhed for a few seconds, but I was kinda used to ejaculating multiple times now, so I just let her keep going.

With such an aggressive assault, I was about to cum again only a few minutes later. However, right when she noticed my muscles tensing up and dick throbbing, she stopped sucking and licking. Then she quickly crawled forward and sat down onto my dick with so much force that I probably would’ve been seriously injured if she had ‘missed’.

“Ah~! Shit!” She screamed as she lifted her ass up, “Don’t cum yet!” Apparently she did ‘miss’, but just went into the wrong hole. This time she used her little hands to guide my cock into her sopping wet pussy and slid down so fast that my left testicle was somehow pulled inside as well. Regardless, the moment her vaginal walls started tightening fiercely, she grinded on me really quickly and said: “Okay, now you can cum. Impregnate me, Michael… Breed me!”

“Whatever makes you happy, hahaha~!” I was pressed down onto the mat by her big hands on my shoulders and her small ones on my chest, so it was honestly really hot. Even if I couldn’t do much other than be ‘milked’, I was totally fine with that… The first two times…

Yeah, I already came in her mouth, then in her pussy, and again in her pussy, but she was still riding me really fiercely. She even reached back at one point and shoved the tip of her tail up my ass to make sure that I didn’t get soft. Eventually I had to say, “Umm… Don’t get me wrong, I love this, it’s pretty fucking awesome but… My dick and ass are really sore right now. After this last cumshot, I’m definitely done for the rest of the day. Ow~!”

Gemini bent over and both her mouths were kissing, biting and licking my neck, face and mouth. I sighed and used my hands to fondle her four breasts at random, then also began kissing or licking her necks. She was especially sensitive around her ears and nape, the one in the middle.

“Ahh~! Yes~! Yes~! Aaaah~!” She screamed so loud that I thought I might go deaf, and then she collapsed on me completely. Thankfully this time she didn’t pass out. She was just breathing really heavily and hugging me tightly with all four arms.

I hugged her in return and then rolled her over onto her back, since mine was covered in sweat and feeling pretty gross at that moment. She was drenched in sweat too. Like an insane amount of sweat. I feel like I say that about all her bodily fluids, but it’s true. Gemini is just so big compared to me that I feel like a little kid… Or maybe just a dwarf?

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