BCJ, Chapter 86a: I Love You

“I think I love you Michael.”

After she said that, there was an awkward silence. I snickered and pulled back, noticing that she didn’t look embarrassed or awkward at all. There was just a sublime smile on her lips and her eyes were staring at me clearly.

On the other hand, I had no idea what to say for a while. But eventually I just sighed, shrugged and told her: “I love you too.”

For me, it was just ‘lust’ and extreme attraction. After all, I’ve been in love before. I know what it feels like… Then again, you can love someone without being ‘in love’. I have plenty of friends and family members that I can honestly say “I love you” to, without being the least bit embarrassed.

“I know you’re just saying that.” Gemini chuckled, then grinned at me with pearly white teeth. They weren’t perfectly straight like Ana or Chameleon, but neither were mine. In fact, I’ve always been super self-conscious about my teeth. At first they were really crooked and fucked up, but then they had braces on them, and after the braces they were straight for a while… Unfortunately, they were even more yellow after the braces came off. Ultimately they started moving and became somewhat crooked again. So whenever I smile, talk or laugh as ‘Michael’, I always try not to show people my teeth.

After shaking my head, I sighed and told her: “You’ve been psychically stalking me for what, months now? I literally didn’t know you existed until a few hours ago. But if you love me, I’ll love you back. It’s just the way I am. And I can feel it… I don’t think you’re lying to me or confused. I believe you’re really in love with me. So I love you too, Gemini.”

This time she finally started blushing a bit and turned both her heads away, “Chameleon and I… We originally planned to break you and Ana up. Hahaha~, it sounds so stupid now. But she was obsessed with your ‘Eve’, and I’ve always wanted an Adam of my own.”

“Why’d you guys wait so long?” I cracked my neck and got up off the giantess’ sweaty body and stood up. Otherwise I was gonna get a boner again and I really couldn’t handle another round yet. She sat up and was almost as tall as I was… Yeah, the more I think about it, the crazier it sounds, but that’s the truth. 

Gemini smirked, “I’m a shut-in and Chameleon is probably the most introverted person I’ve ever known. In fact, we were both given ‘tasks’ to spy on you first. Which is why we even knew about you in the first place. After that, they wanted us to ‘mate’ with you, Michael. Obviously Chameleon turned down the missions at that point, while I was still undecided. If I hadn’t watched you masturbate to so much really weird and deeply disturbing pornography, I would have never had the courage to show myself to you in the first place.”

“Umm, hehe…” I laughed awkwardly, then said: “Well by all my criteria of sexiness, you’re definitely one of the most attractive women I’ve ever seen. More importantly than that though, I like your personality too. Chameleon… I mean, sure, she’s super hot and smells amazing, also a great cook and provider for that matter…”

She started to frown at me and looked slightly annoyed, so I quickly explained: “We don’t really have that much in common. I have never been big on meditation, and that’s like most of Chameleon’s life. She has to forcefully restrain her emotions, so we can’t even meet on a daily basis or she could literally die. We don’t talk much. She actively avoids even texting me when I’m not ‘Ana’. It’s just really weird.”

The giantess reached up with her four hands and grabbed my wrists, then I pulled her up off the ground with a lot of effort. After that, she looked down at me and patted my head like I was a little kid, “You’re so cute. I’m just afraid you’ll start to resent me soon enough. After all, I’ve always been a burden on anyone who tried to care for me.”

“We’ll see about that.” I laughed and followed behind her sweaty ass as she headed upstairs. Staring past her tail, I was able to see the cum and pussy juice that was dripping out of her white-fur covered lips and down her thighs, while her moist ‘star-shaped’ asshole was also winking at me with every step. Not to mention the smell of her sweat and other juices, just the sight alone was starting to make me hard again.

I say starting, because no matter how high my sex drive might be, I was already at my limit for the day. Maybe when I was a teenager, jerking off forty times in a single day was possible, but I’m almost thirty now for fuck’s sake. My dick had gone through way too much wear and tear over the years to survive that kinda abuse anymore.

“We should take a shower first before getting in the bathtub.” Gemini suggested as soon as we entered the kitchen. By the way, I always thought my ceiling was unnecessarily high, but seeing how huge my new ‘girlfriend’ was, I was really happy that she didn’t have to worry about hitting her head on the ceiling.

“Fine by me. I was gonna say that even if you didn’t, hehe…” I snickered and followed her into the bathroom, but then realized a serious problem. First of all, the shower head on the wall only reached the middle of Gemini’s chest when she was standing. So she needed to crouch down in order for the water to spray on her heads, but even then, it was super hard for her to move around. With four arms and a tail, she had to struggle just to fit in the relatively ‘large’ shower, so there wasn’t any room for me at all. And I couldn’t really go upstairs to take a shower, because the water pressure for both of us would turn to shit… Or at least that’s what I thought back then.

Ultimately, I just sighed and waited for her to finish up. On the positive side of things, it was pretty amusing watching the giantess struggle to use all four arms to wash off her entire body while knocking into the glass every few seconds. At one point she got soap in one of her four eyes and screamed in pain, which made me realize that she wasn’t just loud during sex, but in general.

In the meantime, I decided to finally piss. I mean, it had only been about half an hour since the last time I went, but I also ejaculated like three times so… I had to go. It was a little awkward at first, however, it wasn’t nearly as bad as using a public bathroom with complete strangers.

When I finished pissing, I waited a few minutes until Gemini got out of the shower and then flushed the toilet. After that, I went in and quickly washed off my whole body, including my hair. When I got out, the giantess was sitting on the side of the bathtub, holding one of my big red mugs filled with coffee in her main right hand and a huge bowl of generic frosted wheat cereal with the other big hand. The smaller left and right hands held tablespoons, quickly stuffing her two mouths.

The jacuzzi was big, but it almost looked like a regular bathtub to her… Anyway, I went over and started the water up. After that, I went to go make myself something to eat and drink. A smaller mug of iced tea, only about thirty-odd ounces, and an almond-granola bar with a fairly large banana.

By the time I came back into the room, the tub was half-full and Gemini was finished eating. The metal bowl was casually placed on the ground, but she was still sipping coffee from the black lid of the red mug. I snickered and sat down next to her, placing my feet into the water and getting slightly burned.

“So…” I didn’t really know what to say for a while, until I remembered something: “Earlier… Like back before you passed out… It kinda looked like you had some sorta vision? Was that your power? What did you see?”

“What did I see?” Gemini looked at me with squinted eyes and a smirk on her lips, “I saw the world.”

“What? Wait how the fuck?” When I realized what she meant, I couldn’t help but ask: “I thought your power was like mine? You can see through the eyes of animals or people…”

She snickered and nodded, “That’s usually the case. But sometimes it’s more like I’m a god, looking down at the world… Or staring out into the void, looking at distant planets and stars…”

“In other words, you might be seeing through the eyes of an astronaut or astronomer?” I sighed, thinking about how amazing her remote viewing power’s range was…

However, she shook her head and explained: “It’s not as simple as that. I’ve seen plenty of videos from astronauts or satellites looking down at the Earth but… Hmmm, there’s just something different? Scale, maybe? And a feeling, like the whole world is in the palm of my hand? I’ve never felt this way on Earth. Only when I come to this other ‘world’. As if I can connect to some superhuman or higher-dimensional beings that try to show me things?”

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