BCJ, Chapter 86b: Unnecessary Flags

“And you’re sure these are visions from your power and not just dreams? Because I’ve had plenty of much stranger and more confusing dreams.” I snickered and continued, “Like I used to have dreams where I was a woman, giving birth or… Well, I guess that one actually makes a lot more sense now that I think about it? Okay, there was another dream where I woke up on some primitive planet and was immortal or something. The dream felt like it lasted thousands of years. Some nightmares where the planet I’m on suddenly loses gravity and I ‘fall’ into space… Or the planet explodes and I’m flying off into space on a chunk of it. A lot of stuff with spaceships and shit. But like, I spent most of my life binge watching random TV Shows, Anime, Movies, binge reading Manga and more recently I spent most of my time reading crazy translated Chinese, Japanese and Korean webnovels while writing weird stories of my own.”

Gemini giggled and wrapped her two left arms around my shoulder and waist, pulling me closer until our bodies were pressed against each other. Speaking of which, unlike my lazy ass, it seemed like she actually shaved her armpits. All four of them. Her asshole and pussy weren’t so well-groomed though, which was fine, since I was into that. Hell, hairy armpits never really bothered me either.

“Michael… What do you think this planet looks like?” 

Her giant and normal-sized left tits were almost suffocating me, but I managed to pull my face away in order to say: “The gravity is similar to Earth. It has bodies of water large enough for giant sea monsters to roam around in, so probably a lot of oceans, the atmosphere is breathable for us and the air seems cleaner, the water is also clearer with less pollution, the moon looks eerily similar to ours… It has clouds that move around, so I’d assume that the planet was spherical and has a working meteorological system in place, umm… There’s a star in the sky that looks almost identical to the sun from my perspective. In other words, this is probably a parallel Earth in another universe or an extremely similar planet, moon and star to the Solar System but in another part of the Milky Way Galaxy or another Galaxy altogether.”

When I finished talking really quickly, before I had the chance to catch my breath, she pulled my face back into her side-cleavage. Then she whispered, “An eye… This world looks like a giant cosmic eye, staring into the void.”

“Umm, can you be more specific?” I smirked and took a sip of iced tea from the mug in my left hand, through a straw of course. Then I reached out with my right hand and started playing with the slimy, wiggling tail that was longer than my arm.

“Hehe~, that tickles…” She giggled a few times, before continuing: “From what I could see, there was a seemingly bottomless black pit in the middle of a supercontinent. The supercontinent was surrounded by an ocean, with icy areas on the poles, kind of like Earth to be honest. Maybe similar to the concept of pangea? The ‘iris’ was mostly green, or in other words, there was almost no desertification. And no cities that were visible from space. In the vision, the world turned really fast and I could see everything from right above the equator…”

“So we’re on the ocean, but you don’t know whether our tiny island is close to the shore or not?” I sighed and wondered, “Is this an alternate Earth from farther back in the timeline? Like a Pangea era Earth? Or is it a totally different planet and solar system? You said you’ve seen other planets before… Are they other planets in this solar system or does this crazy island travel to different planets every time there’s a fucking hurricane on Earth?”

“Who knows? Like you said, maybe I was just dreaming?” Gemini snickered and then put her mug down on the side of the almost-full tub. I placed mine down too, and then turned the jets on, while putting some soap into the water.

After that, we both got into the jacuzzi at the same time and the water splashed out onto the floor. I kinda underestimated how much water Gemini could displace… Anyway, since the tub was full once the two of us got in, I obviously turned the water off.

“I think it’s time for that massage I promised you…” Before I had a chance to respond, I found myself sitting on her giant lap, facing towards the window screen. A relatively cool ocean breeze was blowing into the steamy room, while two huge breasts were dangling over my shoulders and two normal-sized ones were pressing against my shoulder blades.

“Umm, I didn’t think you meant this kinda massage?” I snickered and felt the two huge hands gripping, kneading and rubbing my thighs, all the way down to my calves. Meanwhile the two smaller ones glided down from my chest to my groin, eventually the left hand reached down and a few fingers started trying to invade my asshole, while the other hand was jerking me off. Needless to say, I was already pretty hard before I even got into the bathtub.

“What kind of massage would you rather have?” She giggled and then laid down across the whole tub, diagonally. I took the chance to break free of her grasp and turn around, laying on top of her with my ass sticking out of the water.

“I don’t know, but I’m not sure my dick can take much more of this…” Even though I said that, my penis was already thrusting in and out of her pussy. I couldn’t help thinking about living for a prolonged period of time with this lusty giantess… And whether I could survive that kinda penile abuse on a daily basis.

Gemini sighed and hugged me with all four arms, practically drowning me in the pool of water between her four tits. Then she said, “I’m not usually this horny. No… I’m usually not even this awake. Usually I sleep for five or six hours, stay awake for thirty minutes to an hour, then sleep for another five or six hours… That’s been my life for the past few years. I can stay awake longer if I don’t use my power but, I’ve never felt ‘this’ awake since I was a kid. Aaah~!”

As I was thrusting, she was squeezing my ass with all four of her hands. Meanwhile I was pushing my right arm against her chest, just trying to breath, while the other one was rubbing the base of her tail. It was honestly pretty fucking strenous and while sure, it felt great, at that pont I was totally exhausted and just wanted to get some ‘rest’ in the jacuzzi.

Fortunately, once Gemini had a couple orgasms, she finally seemed to settle down a bit. And I managed to ejaculate one last time before rolling over and resting the back of my head between her breasts. It was kinda like laying in between a bunch of pillows, but the buoyancy of the water made it so that her sternum and my skull weren’t pressing against each other too hard.

This time she didn’t try to jerk me off or massage me. Just laid there with her arms around my chest and waist. It was pretty nice to be honest. Even though I’m a pretty short dude, I’m still within normal standards. The odds of finding a woman that’s big enough to hold me like that in normal ‘human’ society are pretty slim. So I felt pretty lucky.

“Life is really good. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been this happy before?” Gemini’s two voices whispered together.

I sighed and complained, “Don’t jinx it. I’m happy too, but I don’t wanna trigger any unnecessary flags.”

She laughed and my whole body was jerked around in the process. Eventually I closed my eyes and… Well, that was it. I can’t believe I actually passed out. Like, I don’t pass out. My problem is usually that I get insomnia for multiple days and can’t sleep, not suddenly losing consciousness.

But it’s not hard to figure out why. I was exhausted. Past the point that a normal human could actually survive. Think about it. I was juggling two bodies and my hive mind was working nonstop for more than a fucking week. Even if my bodies were getting plenty of rest, my mind was overloaded.

In TV shows, movies and stories, the moment the main character lets their guard down a little bit, everything goes to hell immediately. Reality isn’t that ridiculous though. I honestly barely know Gemini, and I can’t say that I trust her with my life or anything that ominous, but at the very least… I felt comfortable enough in her embrace that I was able to fall asleep.

I can’t remember whether I dreamed or not. Even though I usually dream every time I sleep, including when I just get up to piss and go back to sleep a few hours later, I rarely have any vivid memories from the dreams. For the most part it’s pretty vague, and my brain kinda fills in the blanks to make a more logical story. Though that kinda defeats the point of a dream, in my opinion at least.

When I opened my eyes, a cool wind was blowing across my face from the windows in my bedroom. I was still Michael. Which didn’t really make sense. After all, Ana went to sleep first. Logically, even if she just woke up to go to the bathroom, shouldn’t she be the first one? I went to sleep three hours later and even pissed shortly before sleeping. My mouth and throat were dry, so I knew it had been a while.

There were windows on three sides of my bedroom, the south, east and west. So when I saw the sun on the eastern window, I knew that it was morning. Considering that the sun was still in the sky when I passed out, it meant that I’d been sleeping for a decent amount of time.

“Hmmm…” I groaned and felt like my left arm was completely numb. It took me about one second to realize why. Somehow my arm ended up in between two beautiful faces, both of which were snoring softly while four arms were hugging my torso to the point where it was kinda hard to breathe. Not to mention the huge thighs that were crushing mine.

I woke up with a boner, but it also felt like my bladder was gonna explode. So I used all my strength to free myself from Gemini’s clutches. Once I could breathe freely, I looked around and noticed a serious problem.

“Where the fuck is Ana?” My first thought was that maybe there wasn’t enough room on the bed and the giantess had to choose between my two bodies, picking the one she liked best and dumping the other one somewhere else. Thus, I first checked the guest bedroom, then the office, the upstairs bathroom, the downstairs bathroom, even the basement.

“Shit! What the fucking fuck?!” And once I checked everywhere but the mysterious freezing cold door that can’t be opened, I started panicking a bit. As my heart rate increased, I opened my second set of eyes and looked around.

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