BCJ, Chapter 87: Purple

“What the fuck?!” I screamed in the cold, dark room the moment I tried to move. Even with Ana’s crazy eyesight, I still couldn’t see anything, because there was no light source at all. It was so quiet in that creepy fucking room that I could only hear my breathing and my heart beating in my ears.

I was on a mattress, under a blanket and bed sheets, but it felt like my wrists and ankles were restrained. Not by painful metal handcuffs or chains, but more like the kinda cushioned restraints used in psychiatric hospitals… Or maybe more like the ones used in bondage porn.

Before I had the chance to try and free myself, I heard a doorknob turning loudly and then a door opening, before closing again shortly afterwards. Someone entered the room, but I couldn’t hear any footsteps. However, it only took me a few moments before I shouted: “Goddamn it Chameleon! I know it’s you! What the fuck is this bullshit?!”

I could smell her intoxicating scent the moment she entered the room. The bed just smelled like fabric softener, otherwise I would’ve realized immediately. Of course, the darkness and silence were also pretty obvious context clues.

“Shh, it’s okay. Calm yourself Ana. You’re safe now.” As she spoke, I could see two dark-purple irises glowing in the void. Then her face appeared, followed by the rest of her bioluminescent naked blue body.

“For fuck’s sake, Chameleon… Agh~!” Before I could say anything else, she put a motherfucking ball-gag in my mouth!

Then she smiled with her bright-purple lips and whispered, “Don’t worry… I’ll free you from that bastards control. It’ll just take a little time… And stimulation.”


“Mmmn~!” She tasered my pussy. Yep, right on the fucking clit. And I literally pissed myself. I already had to go beforehand, since I had been sleeping for a long time, but still… My whole body was convulsing and even Michael almost pissed himself all over the floor. Fortunately, he rushed to the bathroom and was able to use the toilet.

“Aww~, you made a mess. Don’t worry baby, I’ll clean it up for you.” She was staring up at me as she started licking and drinking the piss right from the source. Chameleon even went a step further and stuck her super long tongue in my asshole, swirling it around for a while, before tongue massaging my clit. It was still a little numb from getting zapped, but I could still feel a decent amount of sensation.

“Mnnfukamabichagh~!” I tried to scream and curse her out, but my mouth was still blocked. My ankles were restrained, but that didn’t mean that I was completely helpless. Especially when my captor had her fucking head between my thighs.

With her mouth pressed against my pussy, I clamped down my thighs as tightly as I could, putting a ton of pressure on her ears and neck. At least for a few seconds before a searing pain and subsequent cramping started from my left side, traveling across the rest of my body like a wave.

“Aaaah~!” I roared, then felt a huge surge of adrenaline rushing through me. The angrier I got, the less the cramping and pain affected me and, well, Ana is fucking strong. Way stronger than a normal human could achieve from just exercise alone. With the adrenal response and rage, I ripped off the restraint from my left arm, while the right ankle restraint stayed on, the metal piece of the bed that it was tied to actually broke off.

I clamped her head between my thighs again, reaching over and unting the other restraint on my right arm, before rolling over. The giant purple glow-stick wasn’t much heavier than me and definitely not as strong. Even though she tried tasing me again, and it still cramped me up a bit, it wasn’t as effective as before.

She bit down on the side of my pussy, but missed the clit and labia since I had an innie. It still hurt, but I ignored it and knocked the taser out of her hand. It fell on the floor somewhere, but I still could barely see anything except Chameleon. Even though I was trying to choke her out, she was still a superhuman like me after all and managed to fight back.

Sharp nails scratched across my back and ass, to the point that I could feel the blood spraying out of some areas. I was sitting on top of her face and could see her trying to reach her legs up to kick at me, while her arms were more focused on pushing me away.

Now I could’ve easily punched her in the ribs and done a lot of damage, but no matter how pissed off I was, it wasn’t to the point of ‘kill or be killed’. Instead, my first thought was actually: “I’m so fucking turned on right now!”

Chameleon was batshit crazy apparently, but it didn’t change the fact that she was super hot, her face was constantly rubbing against my pussy and the only thing I could see in the darkness was her naked body splayed out in front of me. I took the restraint off my ankle first, then removed the gag from my mouth and screamed, “Go ahead, keep struggling! It just makes me wanna fuck you harder!”

I reached down and shoved three fingers in her pussy, biting down on her clit, while laying across her chest and abs. Although our bodies were a foot and a half apart, it wasn’t quite as insane as Gemini. So I could still sixty-nine with her without too much difficulty.

My crotch grinded against her face and she stopped scratching, instead, her whole body was convulsing. Rather than just blue or purple, her skin rippled in a rainbow of luminescent colors. Sometimes it was almost like a strobe light as her tongue wiggled around my clit, she squeezed my ass cheeks and shoved one thumb in my ass, while the other was reaching inside my vagina.

Honestly, without any toys, there wasn’t much else that could be done in that situation and I wasn’t really in the state of mind to get ‘creative’. Since she liked to play with my ass so much, I did the same to her, but with fingers instead of thumbs.

It felt great… And then I started to lose control of my lower body. The numbness started in my lower back and asscheeks, where Chameleon scratched me. This time I was really pissed off, but it didn’t matter, I collapsed onto her body and she continued licking my pussy for a while afterwards.

Only a few minutes later, when I was completely helpless, she finally stopped and pushed me onto my back. Then she sighed and turned from pink to blue, her purple irises staring into my eyes.

Letting out a sigh, she shook her head and complained: “I know you’re in there somewhere Ana. And I know you’ll wake up one day… I just need to work harder.”

“Fuck…” I groaned, struggling to form a coherent sentence: “Cham… Why? What… Did… Gema, Gem… Nai, ish he… Part this? Dishee hel-pew?”

“Gemini, that greedy bitch.” Chameleon growled, her body suddenly turning bright-red as her irises were still glowing purple: “We had a deal. But she wasn’t satisfied with only that piece of shit. Don’t worry Ana. I know you’re linked with that bastard, so I didn’t kill him. And Gemini… Well, she’ll be dead sooner or later anyway, so there’s no need for me to do anything.”

Fuck me. She even gave a damn villain monologue! 

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