BCJ, Chapter 89: Cicada

“Why would I be disappointed?” I snickered and sat down at the table, picking up a fork to continue eating. As I took a sip of iced tea, I said: “Ah sorry, I forgot to get you a drink. Do you have preferences?”

Cicada whispered into my mind, “Your cum.”

I coughed and choked a bit, then raised an eyebrow while asking: “Seriously?”

“Your thoughts are so loud.” The tiny woman telepathically giggled, “Hmmmn~… It’s confusing though. Even more chaotic than Gemini. You’re imagining whether your penis would fit inside of me now… And, you’re licking Chameleon’s clitoris? How do you keep from going mad with two bodies doing different things simultaneous?”

She continued crunching and chewing little handfuls of fish, beans and diced tomatoes. Then she stood up and walked over to my black plastic insulated coffee mug. The straw of which actually reached her belly button, so she had to bend over with her tiny ass in my face in order to sip on it. Of course, I could tell that she was trying to keep me from seeing what her mouth looked like… Still, she spread her pussy and asshole in front of me so casually and even wiggled it as if trying to tempt me to do something.

“How can you feel guilty? So confusing.” Cicada’s cute voice echoed in my mind, “Gemini doesn’t care that you’re having sex with her older sister, so why would she mind if you played with her younger sister?”

I sighed and complained, “Why does it seem like all the girls on this island are even hornier than me?” Then I reached out with my right hand and stroked her tiny ass, gently rubbing my thumb against the top of her emerald vaginal opening and feeling the little bead, before moving up and being surprised at how easy it was to fit my thumb into her hole. 

The green girl psychically yelped at first, but then moaned, and eventually said: “The biggest toys I’ve ever used are smaller than your penis, but not that much smaller.”

“Umm, I guess it’s not that hard to believe. You’re really small, but I’ve seen women who were only five feet tall and able to fit a three foot long dildo up their ass…” I also thought about that woman, EMP, who looked shorter than Ana but could somehow fuck a literal horse, so I figured it was definitely possible to have sex with Cicada. Then I worried about something else, “What if you get pregnant? The baby might be too big-”

“Don’t worry about that.” She stopped drinking the iced tea and turned around, rubbing her entire body against my right arm. Honestly, it was kinda amazing to me that a fully grown human could be so small. Obviously I’ve seen people with dwarfism, but their bodies usually weren’t as perfectly proportioned. For example, a normal sized head and a tiny torso, or long arms but short legs. Cicada was tiny, sure, but her body was similar in proportion to Ana. The dark-green carapace covering her arms, shoulders, legs and hips felt surprisingly soft. It was smooth, almost as if she had polished it or something.

The green flesh felt just like any normal human. Although she had spiky white hair on her head, her body was pretty much hairless from what I could tell. Either that or she waxed everything off. Her nipples were hard and leaking milk onto my tricep and bicep, while her soft belly was pressing on my forearm. As she rubbed her pussy against my wrist, I heard her telepathically whisper: “No matter how different we might look on the outside, we’re still humans. We were never meant to live in isolation… Trapped without a way of fulfilling our most basic need as living organisms.”

“Reproduction.” I sighed and used my left hand to gently caress her little face. She was literally the size of a normal human baby, which made me wonder how small she must have been when she was born?

“I wasn’t born.” Cicada answered the question I didn’t even ask, “None of us were born. We were created in artificial wombs. Created from modified stem cells and eggs. We were designed to reproduce, grow and adapt far more quickly than humans.”

“So your sex drives… I guess that was probably one of the main criteria, huh?” That’s why they picked me. Or at least one of the reasons why I was chosen. Hell, they probably picked millions of people and only a hundred actually created successful ‘Eves’. And from what I’ve seen and heard so far, most Adams are too closed minded to accept the beautiful women on this island.

“You think I’m beautiful?” Hearing my thoughts, Cicada giggled and hugged my arm more tightly: “I’m afraid you’ll change your mind once you see the rest of my face though. Maybe once we’re closer, I’ll trust you that much… For now, just try to see if your penis can fit inside of me?”

“Hah~, well, I-agh~!” Before I could finish talking, ‘Ana’ screamed: “What the fuck Chameleon?!” 

Because she started using a truly enormous dildo to fuck my pussy. Okay, maybe it wasn’t horse-cock level big, but even my biggest toy is only about a foot long. It felt like she was trying to rip me apart.

“Shhh~, just relax and let me take care of you Ana…” As she said that, the massive silicone dick was slowly pushed deeper into me, then out and in again. Although it eventually started to feel ‘good’, the pressure and pain was a bit overwhelming. More importantly, I was afraid that Ana would get hurt, like seriously injured. At least she didn’t try to shove it up my ass.

At the same time, the tiny green bug-girl climbed down from the table and onto my lap. It was kind of amazing how light she was. After all, even a newborn baby can weigh more than ten pounds, but Cicada was closer to five. It wasn’t hard to guess that her carapace covered arms and legs were the key. She wasn’t weak though. Maybe not as strong as an ant, which can lift fifty or a hundred times its body weight, but it was still incredible.

Cicada’s tiny pussy was a lot more flexible than Ana’s, because she didn’t even wince when my cock slid inside of her… Almost to the base. It was so huge in comparison that I could see the bulging outline from her groin to her belly button. Unlike in Hentai though, it’s generally not possible to penetrate the cervix and enter the uterus. Vaginas are stretchy as fuck. They’re designed to pop out babies nearly the size of this little green bug-girl… Okay, maybe ‘her’ vagina probably wasn’t able to do that, but a normal human pussy should be capable of fitting one. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend it, since childbirth is actually very strenuous and can cause hernias, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, vaginal fissures and all sorts of other problems.

“See, I told you it would fit. Now hurry up and fertilize my eggs.” As she said that, the doll-like woman gripped my forearms and pushed herself up, then down again. I reached out and grabbed her waist, feeling like I was using a giant-sized pocket pussy. Then the little telepathic giggled and whispered, “I’ll be your sex-toy anytime you want Michael. Just give me a call and I’ll come over, aaah~!”

“Aaah~! Ow, shit, fuck you Chameleon!” On the other hand, Ana was cursing as she was getting pounded by a comparatively smaller dick. Well, she was also getting spanked really hard and had a fairly large buttplug in her ass.

“Play with my butthole too…” Cicada grabbed my right wrist and moved my hand to her ass cheek. I couldn’t help wondering why all the girls on this island were so into anal? I mean, they all seemed to have pretty healthy anuses, but even people who are really into buttholes don’t necessarily fool around with anal on their first encounter with another person, right? I remember waiting like half a year or more before I even tried something like that with my ex…

“In human society, people put stigmas on perfectly normal and natural behaviors. The anus is one of the main erogenous zones of the human body. It was designed to be utilized in sexual activity. None of us grew up in human society, but we do have the internet. And most of the internet is pornography. Aside from that, we’ve formed our own little society, with our own rules and regulations.”

Unlike normal speech, there are limits to how fast you can talk. But with telepathy, it was like her words were downloaded into my brain faster than I’d ever be able to understand them if she was speaking. She spoke like six sentences within a single second and my head started to throb a bit. To be fair though, part of the headache was from Ana, who had been stuck in a pillory for a while now, also tased, drugged, whipped and fucked like crazy without eating any breakfast yet.

Also, I noticed that my phone kept getting messages, but I was too busy to answer them. 

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