BCJ, Chapter 90: Three Sisters

“Thanks for the food and fertilization. Bye~!” 

Almost as soon as I came, Cicada hopped off my dick and hovered in the air. The buzzing wings were deafening as she grabbed her mini-phone, flew over to the door, opened it and left. I think she had a few orgasms as well, but still… Well whatever. Honestly, I think the little telepath was overwhelmed by all the ‘psychic’ energy in my house. Not to mention how chaotic my thoughts were. 

I went and took a shower, washing the pussy juice, milk and cum off of my body. I also had to change my clothes, since they were kinda soaked with various juices. Speaking of which, Cicada’s milk tasted super sweet and almost like honey. It was pretty weird, but she said that it was good for me and convinced me to drink directly from the source.

“Hah~, fucking A…” Around that time, Chameleon finally stopped fucking me and took me out of the pillory. But she made sure to cuff my hands behind my back and put a damn shock collar around my neck. Then she brought me over to a very dimly lit bathroom in the basement. I had to take a shit, but she wouldn’t leave. Just stood there holding the leash, with a fanatical smile on her dark purple lips. The rest of her body was pitch-black, while her eyes remained glowing bright purple.

As kinky as bondage sex might be, I’m definitely not into the other parts of slave-play. It was time to end the game. While I was sitting on the toilet, I whispered: “Chameleon… It’s me, Ana…”

“Ana?! You finally woke up!” She rushed over and started rubbing my face with tears in her eyes. My hands were cuffed behind my back with actual metal police-style handcuffs, but my legs were completely free. I jumped up off the ground, and before she could react, my legs were already around her throat. She fell backwards and I landed on my side, but my thighs were strangulating her really fucking hard. The first response she made was to press the button on the end of her chain, which zapped the ship outta my neck, but fortunately that didn’t loosen my leglock at all.

After that didn’t work, she scratched me, but this time her pesky neurotoxin apparently wasn’t charged up yet. Or however the fuck that works. Within thirty seconds she stopped struggling and went limp, but I still kept going for a little while longer, because I thought she was faking it.

Eventually I got up, kneeled down next to her and checked the pulse on her throat, making sure I didn’t accidentally kill the crazy bitch. Leaving her in the bathroom, I fumbled around in the dark for a while before finally finding the keys to the handcuffs on the nightstand. If it wasn’t for the dim light from the bathroom, it would’ve taken way longer.

Unlike every stupid fucking idiot in a horror movie ever, I didn’t try to escape immediately. Instead, I turned the light on in the bedroom… Which had purple walls, black shag carpet and a bunch of mirror panels on the ceiling. There were all kinds of crazy bondage apparatuses and fucking machines everywhere. There were also like ten different kinds of handcuffs, of various sizes. It took me a while to find ones that were big enough to fit around Chameleon’s wrists and ankles, then I put a gag in her mouth to prevent her from biting me, clipped her nails to keep her from scratching me again… And even used a rope to tie her ankle cuffs to her handcuffs, and then a relatively thick chain to reinforce that.

If she still managed to escape from those restraints, then I didn’t know what to do at that point. Anyway, I couldn’t just leave her there though. If she didn’t eat something soon, she’d probably go into a coma even if I didn’t choke her out. I picked her naked ass up and threw her over my left shoulder, like a massive sack of potatoes, turned out the bathroom light, then walked over to the door and unlocked it. I turned out the bedroom light and headed up the stairs. She had a laundry room in the basement too, and that same creepy metal door with no handle.

After making it to the first floor, I went straight to the back door and almost went outside. But then I remembered that Chameleon was basically a fucking vampire, so found her thick black trench-coat and wrapped her in it. When I opened the door, Michael was standing there with a black umbrella. He was only wearing boxers and some flip-flops because I didn’t really have time to get dressed or prepared for some big adventure.

It only took a minute or so to rush back to my house and bring the giant dumpling inside. However, she was already groaning and regaining consciousness. Probably from the stimulation of her sensitive skin getting burned by the sun in some places.

I dropped her coat on the floor, along with the umbrella, then rushed her into the bathroom. Where I closed the window and turned on the hardcore-blackout tinting. After that, Ana was finally able to take a shit. On the other hand, Michael was responsible for babysitting the tied up lunatic.

When she opened her eyes, I removed the red ballgag. 

“Ana… No, no! Get off of me! Agh~! Don’t touch me! Let me go! Help! Ana! Agnmff!”

And then I put it back in her mouth, because she was way too noisy. Her skin turned from purple, to blue, to red and then dark red to the point that it was almost black. On the other hand, her irises remained purple. Almost as if violet was the color of her psychotic personality. I dumped her into the bathtub for the time being, but kept her tied up, since I had no clue what the hell she might do if I gave her a chance to break free.

“Michael? Are you okay honey?!” It seemed like the sleeping giantess finally woke up, so I left Ana to finish her shit and the perverted Chameleon who seemed to enjoy the stench, then walked over to the kitchen. My flip flops were obviously left at the door, so my feet were relatively clean. I sighed as I thought about how I just took a shower and was already dirty again a few minutes later… After all, Ana and Chameleon were wrestling on a bathroom floor and before that they were covered in sweat, blood, pussy juice, lube and piss.

The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to jump right back into the shower immediately. However, now I had to take care of my girlfriend… I think. I mean, we had sex a few times, we slept together and are now living in the same home. Though I did just cheat on her earlier with two of her ‘sisters’?

“I’m fine!” I shouted up the stairs while walking up to the second floor. There was something I still needed to find out… As I reached the second floor, the giantess was in the bathroom brushing both sets of teeth at the same time.

She stopped for a moment with her left head and asked, “What happened? I heard Chameleon shouting?”

“Yeah, about that.” When I glared at her, she smirked and I complained: “Did you give Ana to Chameleon, knowing that she was on her fucking period?”

“I didn’t give Ana to anyone.” Gemini giggled and asked, “Did you forget to lock the front door yesterday?”

“Shit!” She was right. After she jumped on me, had sex and passed out, I was too busy to lock the door. I closed it, sure, but never actually locked it. In fact, both my front and back doors were unlocked at that moment. 

After smiling, Gemini sighed and seriously told me: “Never leave your doors unlocked. The window screens are almost impossible to break through, so you don’t need to worry too much most of the time, but I would keep them closed too. You can never be too careful. Don’t forget that we aren’t the only ones on this island. There might even be other Eves or even Adams that we don’t know about, who have powers that we don’t understand. There’s a reason why there are only a handful of us left now…”

“Ugh, fine. But what happened after I passed out yesterday?” The giantess smirked at me, then continued brushing her teeth. 

After that, her other head was finished brushing hers, so she rinsed, gargled with a cup of water, spit it out and then answered: “I wanted to go to sleep with you in my arms like that… But I had to pee, and umm, well I had to use the bathroom. So I dried you off, brought you upstairs and left you next to Ana. After that I did my business, ate and drank some more, texted some friends, played some games on my laptop, took some adorable pictures of you two sleeping… Traded the pictures to Cicada for some of her breast milk… Promised her that she could have sex with you as long as she supplied us with mushrooms, berries and insects… Then I went to sleep in between the two of you.”

“You pimped me out for mushrooms, berries and insects…” I couldn’t help but be annoyed after hearing that.

Gemini finished brushing her teeth and snickered with both mouths, “Everything has a price. And everyone has something to sell. We might have a lot of food and supplies now, but you never know what’s going to happen in the future. I bet you didn’t even spend all your money before the storm, right?”

“Umm, yeah…”

She continued, “And you probably spent most of your money on weapons or ammunition, right?”

“Uhh… Yeah… No, maybe… Kinda…”

The giantess chuckled with her four arms over her breasts, “And you barely have enough toilet paper for you and Ana to last a few months, right?” 

This time I just nodded and sighed as she said, “I have enough toilet paper in my house to last me five years, at least. But it’s still not enough. Chameleon and the others probably did the same. EMP doesn’t even use toilet paper anymore, just washes her ass with a bidet. Because it’s something that can’t be produced on a large enough scale to support all of us. Everyone has skills to gather or grow different types of food. EMP has a huge stockpile of firearms, explosives, gunpowder and various tools, but she didn’t make them. What she didn’t buy from Infinity over the years, Demoness and I created. I’m a decent blacksmith and mediocre gunsmith, while Demoness is a chemist specializing in explosives and gunpowder. Angel makes dairy products, but also knows how to make some medicines…”

“Ugh…” I groaned, muttering: “And my only real contribution to the group is my dick and semen?”

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