BCJ, Chapter 91: Flags

Gemini patted my shoulders with her smaller hands, “You’re the king of the lion pride. Your job is to protect the rest of us! Our old king was Chameleon, but she’s obviously not up to the task anymore. Aside from having a crippling mental disorder that’s been getting worse every year, she’s even weaker than me now and can’t even do anything during the day. It also helps that you can actually impregnate us so that we can expand our little society. And hopefully survive long enough to return home to Earth someday…”

“I’m surprised you’re so attached to Earth?” I snickered and pulled her over into the shower. By the way, the upstairs shower was significantly larger than the one downstairs, so we both were able to fit in there somehow. After all, the bathroom downstairs had a huge jacuzzi, while the one upstairs was only a shower with multiple heads that dangled from the ceiling. She still had to crouch a bit, but that was unavoidable.

“We might not be able to leave the island, but at least we don’t need to fend for ourselves. Trust me, that sense of freedom will wear off real fast once you run out of food, lose power, get some untreatable injury or get chased through the woods by weird monsters.”

“Maybe lay off the death flags for a while, okay?” I grumbled and turned on the water. Then started helping the giantess wash off her lower body with soap, while she reached down and rubbed my upper body with her lower hands. Her big hands were focusing on her upper body.

“I’m not trying to jinx us…” Gemini sighed and then asked, “So how was it? Cicada sent me a winky face emoji, so I know you already met. Were you surprised?”

“Yeah, she’s adorable. I didn’t think a human could even be that small.” I snickered and then sighed, because Ana had finished her shit but couldn’t take a shower yet.

“Cicada and I fool around sometimes.” The giantess casually admitted, “What? We grew up together and are like sisters, but we’re not actually related by blood. Even if we were, what would it matter?”

“I wasn’t even thinking about that.” I laughed and shook my head, “I’m just wondering how crazy your ‘fooling around’ would be. Has she ever like… Tried to fit inside you?”

“Are you seriously asking whether I can fit a two foot tall person inside of my vagina?” I could see her four eyes glaring down at me for a moment, before her lips curved into smiles: “The answer is no. But we have tried. Even if we could do that, it would be really dangerous, especially if she got stuck. And her wings are really sensitive. We did this one thing though, like scissoring I guess, but she sticks one leg in each hole and I used her body like a giant dildo. Did she flap her wings when you were inside of her? Because it’s like the craziest vibrator you can imagine…”

This time I was the one looking up at her with judgemental eyes. Of course, I was also super horny after thinking about that and well, there was a pussy right in front of my face at that moment. What else was I going to do?

Anyway, Ana was downstairs waiting with the prisoner in the jacuzzi who was struggling to undo her bindings, but getting weaker every second. I looked down at Chameleon and asked, “Are you gonna be quiet this time? If you scream again, I’m putting the gag back in…”

As I removed the ball from her mouth, she furrowed her brows and pleaded: “Ana, why are you doing this to me? I was only trying to help you… Let’s go back home, okay? Before that bastard comes back!”

“Here, I know you need a lot of calories, so eat this chocolate before you pass out.” 

The chocolate bar had almonds in it, but I figured that didn’t matter. Surprisingly, she munched on it without putting up any resistance. I guess the instinctive desire for sustenance is stronger than her mental problems.

After she finished swallowing the chocolate, I slowly helped her drink a bottle of water as she was kneeling in the tub. Only after she drank half the bottle did I pull it away and allow her to start talking again.

“Thank you Ana… I know you’re still under that bastards control, but I also know you’re in there somewhere. Let me go and I’ll help you wake up…”

I snickered and grumbled, “Let me guess… You wanna use some electroshock therapy? Or just fuck me with a bunch of really big dildos? Or maybe whips and canes are gonna work this time? Seriously, what the hell kinda logic is that?”

She actually turned blue and started sobbing, “Why don’t you believe me?! Ana, I love you, I just want you to wake up! I just want us to be happy together! We can leave this fucking island and escape from those damn Infinity assholes!”

“What are you talking about?” I sighed and asked, “What do you know about Infinity? Are they still here, watching us right now? Is this their homeworld?”

“No, no, no, they can’t see us now! That’s why we have to escape while we have the chance! Ana, come with me… I know how we can leave here… We just have to, uhmm, ah… Why can’t I think? Why is my brain so fuzzy?” After closing her teary eyes for a moment, she opened them again and they were pitch black. As if her pupils took over her entire purple irises and then started spreading across the capillaries in her sclera, extending to her blue face and dying it obsidian.

She grinned at me and spoke in an eerily deep voice, “I’ve never seen ‘you’ before… Michael Anthony Cinagra? Or is your name Anael Iris Angelica Healy? Hmmm, such a fascinating creature…”

“Oh fucking A, now we got demons and shit.” I grumbled and couldn’t help but ask, “Unless you’re just another one of Chameleon’s personalities?”

“You’re skeptical. Good. I’ve grown tired of toying with this child… I think you’ll make a much more interesting plaything.” The possessed woman cackled madly, then started growling and snarling at me like a dog. After she made a few attempts to bite me, I put the gag back in her mouth and held her down in the tub. Because once she couldn’t hurt me, she tried to bang her face against the sides of the jacuzzi.

Eventually she closed her eyes and lost consciousness. The skin all over her body turned invisible and I could see the muscles, veins, capillaries and fat beneath. Including her irises that were hidden behind her transparent eyelids. They had turned dark brown, which I assume is her natural color.

“Seriously Gemini… Gotta stop dropping flags all the time.” I sighed and then started untying the chains and ropes on Chameleon. Although I wanted to uncuff her ankles and wrists too, I was afraid she might go crazy at any moment, so I just changed the position. I removed the cuffs on her wrists and put them back on once I placed her hands in front of her body. That way she wouldn’t be quite as uncomfortable? I guess. I still kept her curled up in the tub though. She was filthy after all.

Eventually Michael and Gemini stopped fucking around, getting out of the shower and heading down to the kitchen for breakfast. I know that he already ate, but Ana hadn’t yet, and neither had the two-headed horny giantess.

“So yeah, Chameleon might have just been possessed. Know anything about that?” When I said that, Gemini didn’t seem very surprised.

She casually told me: “Probably just a rift-monster. Not a big deal. Happens a lot actually. Especially when your willpower is weak. I’ve seen a few girls have mental breakdowns and then get taken over by those things. It’s actually really similar to our power, or maybe yours. A lot of the ‘monsters’ in the jungle are just Eves that got possessed, lost their minds or lost control of their powers but didn’t die.”

“Chameleon is gonna snap outta it eventually though, right?” I grabbed the tall plastic mug of iced tea on the table and started drinking it. The ice was mostly melted but it was still cold.

Gemini giggled, “Chameleon is one of the strongest willed people on the island. If it wasn’t that time of the month, those stupid ‘Devils’ wouldn’t be able to do shit.”

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