BCJ, Chapter 93: Body-Swapping

I ended up making gemelli. It’s a curly noodle with a hole down the middle, or maybe it’s two holes. Kinda like two curly holy noodles twisted together? Either way, they’re pretty dense compared to most pasta.

For the sauce, I used some crab meat, fresh raw garlic, oregano, basil, onions, a can of stewed tomatoes and I think that was it? I made more than I normally would, since I was feeding a giant with the appetite of three people, and Ana, who was starving and also had a fairly large appetite compared to Michael.

I guess if the Eves have one common weakness, it was that they all needed more energy compared to normal humans. More power, takes more energy to fuel after all. Even if they were more efficient than humans at storing and burning calories, their abilities were what made up the huge difference.

Ana smiled wryly and shook her head, “I always thought I would be a father someday… But it’s a shame my parents won’t be here to see it… Well, maybe that’s for the best. Hell, by that time, I might have great grandkids? Fuck, I might be my own great-grandkid the next time I see them! How the hell am I gonna explain this kinda shit? No, wait, maybe that’s the trick? I’ll just take a bunch of pictures and videos, then show them er… They might be a little confused when they see my four-armed, two headed giant baby-momma though.”

Would our kid have two heads and four arms too? No, wait… Once I thought about it, I remembered that Gemini was actually two identical siblings that were fused together intentionally. The odds of our kids having two heads was low, but the arms and tail might be a genetic thing that could be passed on? I don’t know, I’m not a fucking geneticist, I’m an author! I’m used to just looking shit up online if I don’t understand it and making it make some sort of sense, through the almighty powers of ‘Plot’.

Soon enough, I started to worry about other problems. I’ve been so distracted by sex and relationships lately, that I hadn’t been able to exercise or train. I was also starting to think more about how to train my power effectively. Doing weird poses didn’t really work. Meditation was effective sometimes, but usually just super boring and a waste of time. Physical exercise made me stronger, but also exhausted me and wouldn’t help much in stimulating my mind…

“Video games? I played lots of games though, and it never made me any more powerful. Then again, I never played against other people who were within mind-control distance? I guess I could be an idiot and go into the jungle to search for Hell-rifts or whatever, pft, just kidding.”

Then I thought about poker, chess and board games, realizing that I didn’t actually have any of those. At that moment Michael and Gemini had orgasms simultaneously! That surge of combined mental stimulus seemed to be the key! I mean, I kinda guessed that before, since it was one of the main factors in using my power.

“Ugh, Michael? What the?! Michael!” Chameleon started screaming from the bathroom, while Michael passed out underneath the giant woman… But, I was the giant woman, or at least half of her?

“Fuck me, this better not be permanent.” I struggled to stand up with Gemini’s body, but I was the left head, controlling the right half of her body… So it was super confusing. She also had control over her other half, and the first thing we did was accidentally smack our heads into each other.

On the other hand, it was obvious that she somehow ended up controlling Chameleon’s unconscious body… Which was exhausted and restrained in the bathroom. I focused on Ana and headed over to help, umm Gemeleon out of the tub. After I uncuffed her hands and ankles, she looked down at me and grumbled: “I think I’m gonna pass out in a few seconds. I feel bad for making fun of Chameleon now… How does someone live like this? Agh?! Why does it hurt so much?!”

She almost fell to the ground from the agonizing pain, I assume, of her skin that was rippling with random colors. Mostly green, white, grey and blue for some reason. I sighed and reached up, holding her face with both of my hands. Then I gazed into her eyes and smiled, “It’s okay Gemini. Relax. Just come with me upstairs. Ignore your real body for a moment and focus your mind on this one.”

That seemed to keep her from collapsing for a little while. I brought her to the kitchen, where I helped her drink some coffee and eat some gummy worms that she really liked for some reason. After that, she seemed to calm down, even though she screamed in pain when the sunlight shined on her skin every now and then.

When we got to the guest room, I darkened the shades as much as possible and then helped her under the covers. She had brought her stuffed animals into the master bedroom, so this place was still pretty much unadorned and unfurnished.

Almost as soon as she laid down, Gemini passed out and Chameleon was able to sleep comfortably in a bed rather than a tub. I thought about cuffing her, but decided against it. There was still a minor problem though.

“Umm, Michael, I feel really weird.” Gemini’s right head looked around the room as the two of us struggled to control her body to stand up. Her legs were shaking because she just came, but fortunately we were on a mat, so even when we fell down a few times, it was okay.

I snickered and whispered into her ear, “That’s what it feels like to only have one head. Almost like you’re working at half-capacity, right? It’d probably feel a lot better if your other head wasn’t occupied by my mind… Ah, well, I think I’m gonna wake up now.”

As soon as I said that, I lost consciousness and then opened my eyes again, looking up at the cum dripping from Gemini’s pussy. Obviously I was starting to get turned on again, but at the same time I was a little worn out mentally and physically.

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