BCJ, Chapter 94: Socializing

“I can’t imagine how you can deal with that on a daily basis…” Gemini seemed genuinely shocked and appalled by the difficulty of controlling my power.

However, I shook my head and explained: “This isn’t normal. I mean, this temporary state is much more strenuous and unnatural than when I’m, well, ‘me’. It could be Ana’s ability, or it could be because we’re both so compatible with each other, but it’s definitely different than that shitshow. Your situation is a perfect example. Like you said, our powers are very similar. You control both of your heads and both sides of your body effortlessly. If they were separated into two entities, you would probably still be able to control both bodies just as easily.”

“I guess you’re right… But if that’s true, then wouldn’t it be impossible to use your power to become immortal?” The giantess grumbled and grabbed my hand, pulling me up off the mat.

I snickered and shrugged, “Who knows? And even if it was possible, I plan on living a long time, okay? Besides, instead of planning for your eventual demise, we should focus on trying to keep you from dying in the first place.”

Gemini giggled and then hugged me tightly into her four sweaty titties, lifting me off the ground in the process. Then she told me, “I love you Michael. I really mean that.”

“I love you too.” I laughed and hugged her back, then grabbed her ass and rubbed her tail… And before I knew it, we were in the middle of fucking again. Meanwhile Ana was in the kitchen naked, humming a melody from a song that I can’t really remember. Maybe I made it up? I’ve written at least a couple dozen when I was a teenager, but didn’t record all of them and even the ones I recorded were never really published or anything.

Then I noticed a couple new messages on my phone and giggled.

[From Eve-62: Hi! This is EMP! Haha, I saw you the other day but I was afraid my power might hurt you so I didn’t come closer… It was nice to meet you :). You’re super pretty! I was totally serious by the way! I always have lots of eggs and milk to spare, I just… Think you two are so hot and wanted to know if you’re interested in trading pictures and videos… Or maybe other things. Let me know! Haha, talk to you later~!]

So Eve-62 was EMP. And she wanted to trade porn for food and stuff. But, uh… Well, who the fuck is gonna read this anyway? I don’t think Infinity gives a shit about it at least.

[Hivemind: That’s not really a fair trade. Why don’t we just exchange pictures and videos with each other? I’m sure you have plenty *Wink Wink*. You know the kind I mean lol.]

After that, I sent her a handful of pictures of Michael’s cum dripping out of Ana’s pussy, ass and mouth. Along with a pretty basic video of us fucking missionary from Ana’s perspective, then switching to doggy style from Michael’s point of view.

By the way, I took pictures and videos obsessive compulsively almost every time I had sex ‘alone’. I didn’t do it with anyone else yet though, since well, our ‘relationships’ had just started. Everything was fresh and new. Plus, when I’m in the middle of having sex with someone else, it’s kinda hard to make the suggestion outta nowhere.

While I was waiting for a reply, I checked the other message. Unsurprisingly it was from the last ‘neighbor’.

[From Eve-106: Hey dude, it’s Lioness! Just got your number from Angel! Just got back from a wicked awesome hike! Look at this thing I found! Pretty sweet, right?!]

In the message, she also sent a picture… It was her, topless again, but covered with sweat and drenched in blood. Her golden hair was matted and practically dyed dark-red. One hand was obviously holding out the camera and taking the selfie, while the other hand was holding the tail of a bright-green snake. But instead of a snake head, this thing had tiny arms like a human baby, and well, a human-ish head. Its eyes were serpentine, with yellow irises and instead of a nose, had two little holes. With long fangs, it was obviously trying to bite the fearless woman, but her arms were just too long. Its claw-like hands also seemed to be underdeveloped. After seeing that, I immediately sent her a message.

[Hivemind: Hey Lioness, nice Lamia? Where’d you find it?]

[Lioness: Lol! Yeah, it really does look like one of those monsters from the games! Here’s a picture of its mother! She was actually pretty tough and I almost got my ass kicked, but luckily her venom ain’t too strong. When she brought me back to her nest and let her guard down, I stopped playing dead and bit her throat out! Then I got a little carried away and made a mess… I wanted to put her in my trophy room, but there’s not much left to stuff. So I decided to just save the meat as food. Oh yeah, there were like three other little snakes, but they scattered once their mother died. Only this one was too young lol. I think I’ll raise her as a pet or something? She’s kinda cute, right?]

In the picture of the mother Lamia, the head, neck and even the upper torso were ripped to shreds. Almost looking like they were blown up by a fucking grenade. I guess Lioness wanted to show off, because there was a fucking measuring tape stretched out across the whole body, including the mangled bits. If this creature was a real snake, it would be a river monster, because the length alone was over ten meters, but it was also pretty thick. At the head, the remains of the female torso started at the waist, yet just that upper half of the body was at least five feet tall. In other words, the human parts were even bigger than Gemini. Though it made me really curious about the anatomy of the upper half. I mean, most of a snake’s body is a huge digestive system surrounded by powerful muscles.

[Hivemind: Holy shit! That’s pretty fucking amazing. By the way, were there any vital organs and stuff in the upper body? How did that thing eat? From what’s left of that woman’s head, I can tell that it was wider than her tail, but could it stretch out that far? Did she have ribs and stuff?]

[Lioness: Dude, I knew we’d get along, lmao! Yeah man, she almost ate me! Her mouth stretched out scary wide and if she didn’t start from my legs, I’d probably be a goner! It was super crazy! Definitely puts things in perspective, ya know? Like, my super-healing is really strong, but I don’t know if I can survive getting digested by a giant snake monster?]

[Lioness: Give me a minute, I’ll cut her open for you and take some pictures. Might be helpful later, who knows? Lmao! This little brat is pretty fucked up though dude. Like she keeps eating chunks of her mom’s meat.]

Eventually she sent a picture of the dissected upper body, which was pretty similar to what I expected. From the neck down to the waist, it was basically just a long digestive tract. There were no lungs or heart, since they were part of the snake half. The brain was in the head though. And since snake brains aren’t particularly large or well developed compared to humans, the creature obviously did have some advantages. Not to mention the opposable thumbs and limbs in general, that can be very useful for a variety of situations. It was also unknown whether the creature was actually an Eve or one of those so-called ‘Rift-Monsters’, or some other weird experiment.

[Hivemind: It’s about what I thought it’d be. By the way, I’m almost done cooking some gemelli with crab-meat sauce if you’re interested? Idk if you’re too tired though?]

[Lioness: Hell yeah, dude! I’m starving! Was gonna cook up some snake barbecue, but I can always eat that later lol. I’ll put this meat in the freezer and go take a shower, then head over to your place… By the way, where do you live? I’m over to the east of Angel lol.]

[Hivemind: Ah, I’m in between Chameleon and that burned down ruin. Pretty sure both Demoness and Angel live east of Chameleon so, you should be able to find my place if you just keep going west. I’ll make some extra food, so just invite Angel and Demoness over on your way. They should be in Chameleon’s house, taking care of the place. Hell, almost everyone is gonna be here. I’d invite EMP, but I don’t wanna knock out the power and destroy all my electronics lmao.]

[Lioness: Sure thing! Mind if I bring Viper? That’s what I named this snake lol. I know it ain’t creative, but we all got silly nicknames anyway, right? I’m afraid she might cause trouble or get sick eating random junk if I leave her at home. I don’t got any cages that can hold her right now.]

[Hivemind: Go ahead lol. See you in a bit :).]

“Fucking A… Why can’t I just be antisocial? It’s so much less work…” Thus, I started preparing a second big pot of water and another pot of sauce. This time I made two boxes of ziti and the sauce was just garden vegetable out of the jar, due to laziness, but also just in case one of the people I invited didn’t like crab meat or whatever. I still didn’t know much about the two little brats.

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