BCJ, Chapter 95: Party?

I also invited Cicada but she just sent me a frowny face, which I guess means ‘no’? She is a telepath after all, so being around a bunch of people would probably be irritating. Either that, or she was just busy? Either way, I already had enough people coming over as it was. A flying telepathic bug-girl might be a bit too much.

Occasionally I would go upstairs and check on Chameleon, to make sure she wasn’t possessed or just psychotic. Speaking of which, supposedly she was on her period, but I hadn’t seen her bleed at all? Maybe her biology is just totally different because of the whole lizard thing? Actually, she reminded me more of an octopus, cuttlefish or squid. Since they generally can change color much more rapidly than a chameleon. There are also insects that can do similar shit, but I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

By the way, if you’re wondering why I wasn’t afraid of Lioness… Well, she was only five years old for fuck’s sake. She might be powerful and extremely dangerous, but her guile and cunning were almost nonexistent. Also, her powers seemed to be mostly physical, which were at least easy to understand. Super regeneration allowed her to build muscle much more quickly, giving her ‘superstrength’, though I didn’t know to what extent. Honestly, EMP was the person who scared me the most, simply because her very presence could destroy all the fucking technology in my whole house. Cicada could read my mind, but I couldn’t tell what she was thinking unless she let me.

Then there were Demoness and Angel, who I didn’t know much about yet. If they had telekinesis or pyrokinesis, or maybe shot laser beams outta their fucking eyes, they’d be far more dangerous to me than a girl who was just really hard to kill.

Aside from that, thus far, Lioness was probably the most powerful and ‘normal’ among all the Eves. It wasn’t too surprising though, since she was 106. From what I could tell, every ten numbers is another ‘generation’. Where they use what they learned from the previous ones to make more effective and stable experiments. At least that was my guess.

With Lioness on our ‘team’, we had a strong hunter that could also provide some semblance of protection. She could also do recon during the day, while Chameleon was the night scout and hunter. Assuming that she wasn’t possessed or PMSed? For that matter, Gemini was also one of the strongest. But from what I could tell thus far, she was more of a pacifist. Not to mention that her giant body was certainly strong, but also made her a bigger target if we fought against people with guns.

Cicada was strong for her size, and super mobile, but I didn’t know much about her to be honest. EMP was also somewhat of a mystery…

[EMP has sent a video.]

Speaking of which, she sent me a video shortly after I finished talking to Lioness. Ah, the sweet allure of taboo at my fingertips. Blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, thin brows, a sharp nose, blue eyes, slightly tanned skin though it still looked almost as pale as mine… She was really skinny, like super boney and lanky, yet still managed to fit that giant horse cock in her pussy. Holy hell, she seemed strong too, considering how frail she looked. Hmmm, small breasts with tiny nipples, no obvious mutations or inhuman characteristics. A decent butthole, not the best, but good enough for fap material. Unfortunately, halfway through the video, everything around her became blurry and then mosaiced and eventually it cut off completely. The screen was black for a few minutes before a girl reappeared, unsteadily walking towards the camera.

“Hah~, I hope that I… Got all of that…” She waved at the camera and smiled at me, blowing a kiss: “Did you like the show? Hehe, bye~!”

[Hivemind: Wow, that’s pretty fucking impressive lol. Did you just take that?]

[EMP: I umm, tried my best. Sorry that most of the video was lost… Because of the way my powers work, it’s really hard to take pictures and videos. The farther away I am from the camera the better, but if I’m too far, then you can’t even see me… Sorry.]

[Hivemind: Don’t worry lol. This is fine, and besides, I kinda forgot about your power or I wouldn’t have asked for something so troublesome :P. By the way, I’m making a huge meal right now for pretty much everyone. Cicada didn’t seem like she wanted to come, and Chameleon is here but sleeping, so you’re basically the only one who I haven’t invited yet. I know you can’t come over because of the EMP thing, but I can drop by and bring you some food if you like? It’s not a trade or whatever, just normal sharing between friends/neighbors lol.]

[EMP: Yes! Definitely! Please! Ah, but I’m afraid I might give you a headache…]

[Hivemind: I’ll send Michael instead of Ana. He might not be affected as much. Who knows? Either way, we’re all gonna be stuck together for a really long time, so I figure it’s best to get to know one another sooner rather than later… Ugh, I need to stop planting disaster flags.]

[EMP: Awesome! Hahaha! I’m so happy! I hope I can see you soon! Ah, I need to clean up the place… Actually, is it okay if I meet you halfway? Like… On the pier of the house between us? It’s far enough away from your house that I shouldn’t break anything. And we can have a cute little picnic there!]

[Hivemind: Sure lol. Whatever you wanna do is fine with me. Michael might actually be hungry by then too… He, ugh, it sounds super weird when I talk about myself in the third person, but when you have two bodies, it’s just how I process it I guess? Anyway, Michael ate not that long ago, but I’ve also burned a lot of calories since then… If you know what I mean, lol. Like a lot a lot. I met Cicada earlier, and since Gemini woke up… Well I’m sure you probably know both of them better than I do, lmao.]

[EMP: Oh I definitely do haha! Well, I’ll go get ready now and see you soon!]

No, I wasn’t planning to go fuck Beast-Girl, okay? But I was afraid that she might feel left out if I didn’t at least go hang out with her for a little bit. Besides, it gave me an excuse to ‘escape’ from the mini-party. After all, I was kinda-sorta afraid of being the only ‘Adam’ in a group of Eves.

Why would I be afraid? I don’t know…  Just intuition I guess. If they all ganged up and took turns fucking me, I honestly wouldn’t care, but what if they started fighting each other over me? Or something like that… Who knows what could happen? There’s also the possibility of psychic nonsense too. Until I knew what kinda powers those brats had, I was a little concerned about what could happen.

“Fuck, I’m thinking too much.” Eventually Ana shook her head and sighed. Continuing to make pasta in the nude. Michael and Gemini came upstairs, covered in sweat, cum and pussy juice. So I looked at them and complained, “We have guests coming over in a few minutes. Go take another fucking shower and this time, don’t have sex. Make sure to wear some clothes too.”

“Pft~! Hahaha~!” Gemini burst into laughter, “You better be careful Michael. Don’t accidentally develop multiple personalities like Chameleon. Hahaha~! And what ‘guests’?! Isn’t it just those two kids next door?!”

Michael snickered and explained, “Nah… Well yeah, it’s them, but I kinda-sorta invited everybody. Cicada probably won’t come. I promised to deliver some pasta to EMP. Lioness, Demoness and Angel should be coming over to eat ‘here’ though.”

“You’re going to go… What? Have a private meal with EMP, while the rest of us eat here? And Lioness is coming over?! Well, at least if all of us are here together, we’ll be safer in case she decides to literally eat us!”

Ana smirked, “You’re being a little over-dramatic. Lioness seems like a nice kid. Oh, and she found some baby lamia thing that she decided to raise as a pet. She’s bringing it over with her…”

“What?!” Gemini frowned and then her grey eyes rolled up until I could barely see her irises, “Good… I don’t see any of those snake bitches near our territory. Where did she find it?”

“Of course you’ve seen those lamias before… You’ve probably seen everything on the island, hahah~!” Michael laughed and shook his head, walking towards the bathroom for another fucking shower.

“Supposedly she went on a hike and almost got eaten by its mother. She killed the mother and captured that little one. Here, you can read for yourself heh~!” Ana handed over her phone to the giantess, whose eyes returned to normal.

“I wonder if Chameleon will be happy or sad when she finds out?” Gemini sighed as she looked at the mutilated, then dissected corpse: “Boa… Eve-59, was from Chameleon’s generation. They were like sisters growing up, but like Chameleon, Boa had some mental issues too. At first it wasn’t so bad, she was just more aggressive and unable to speak for a few days every couple months. As if she’d gone back to her natural snake-like instincts. But then it just got worse and worse, until eventually, she ate one of their sisters. After that, she hid in the woods and avoided everyone for years. At some point she started reproducing, but her offspring were even more savage than Boa. More like actual snakes than people… I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually did mate with real snakes haha~! Ah~, it’s still kind of sad. I knew her too, just not for very long.”

I sighed and padded her on the left hip, couldn’t reach her shoulder, “I’m sorry for your loss… But at least we got one less giant snake monster to worry about, right?”

“Yeah, that’s true.” The giantess giggled and then handed me back the phone, “I’m going to go take a shower upstairs. The one down here is too small.”

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