BCJ, Chapter 96: EMP

During our short conversation, Michael was already walking out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. He followed the giant booty upstairs and first checked on Chameleon, then headed to the master bedroom to scrounge up some clothes. I hesitated for a while, but eventually decided to just wear some red swimming trunks.

EMP couldn’t be around electronics, but I didn’t really have anything that relied on electricity that I wanted to bring with me anyway. I just took my revolver, just in case there were more snake monsters or water demons or some such bullshit. Wrapped the belt around my waist and put the holster on the right side, the combat knife on the left. Decided not to wear a shirt, since I wanted to get some sunlight anyway.

Then I grabbed a white two-piece bathing suit for Ana. Yes, I know. I really wasn’t thinking that much when I bought a white bathing suit… Apparently they’re practically transparent when you get them wet? I figured that maybe we would go swimming together or something, who knows?

It was kinda exciting to be honest. I hadn’t had a big get-together with anyone in ages, and even when I went to the occasional family gathering, I was never the host. Hell, I think my last birthday party was when I was like one year old?

“Hmmm, I guess that’s good enough.” By the time I made it downstairs, Ana had already placed two servings of gemelli in plastic containers. The sauce was placed in a metal thermos, while I brought along a small cooler with frozen water bottles, cold water and bottled iced tea. I took the food and cooler from Ana, then passed her the bathing suit, which she quickly put on.

I’ll be honest, I don’t really like clothing that hugs tightly to my genitals or nipples. Within a few seconds, Ana’s nipples were already hard and the bottom of her bathing suit was a little damp. Not to mention Michael’s boner…

“Now that I think about it, this was the first day in a really long time that the two of ‘us’ hadn’t fucked.” I couldn’t help muttering. However, I quickly calmed myself down and then headed out the front door.

It was a pretty short walk to be honest. Only about a city block at most. But when I reached the pier, I realized that it really wasn’t a great picnic spot. First of all, there were hundreds of ducks covering the beach and the pier itself was taken over by seagulls. Some of those bastards were pretty huge too. Maybe they were experiments or something, but I swear that one seagull was the size of a damn crane!

Ultimately though, they still followed their basic instincts and flew the fuck away when I got closer. Some of them didn’t, but the mess they left behind was so gross that I was thinking about just heading over to EMP’s place directly. In case you didn’t know, birds shit, a lot. All over the place. They don’t care. They’ll shit in the water and then drink from that water the next second.

As I was standing in front of the mostly-vacant pier in my flip-flops, I noticed loud splashing noises mixed in with the waves crashing. Looking towards the west, I saw a big-ass brown wooden two-person canoe traveling along the shallow water. There was a skinny young woman with blond hair tied back in a ponytail and a white cowboy hat on her head, paddling towards the shore near the pier.

She waved at me and yelled, “Hi there! Haha~! Wow, you got here so fast!”

EMP was wearing a white tank-top, blue-jean short-shorts and also had a holster on her left hip. The gun looked like a generic silver semi-automatic, but with a pretty worn look on its wooden handle. She had some spare magazines on her other hip that I could see, though I noticed a shotgun, hunting rifle and a bunch of ammunition in the canoe. Along with some fishing gear, life preservers, nets and other basic supplies. Obviously that included a cooler like mine.

I smiled and walked over, avoiding the bird shit as much as possible and handing over the cooler, along with the two ‘lunchboxes’. They weren’t technically boxes, but just plastic containers that you store food in the fridge with… However, it’s got the same general purpose. I also included clean forks and spoons in there with the still steaming hot noodles.

Sitting on the canoe that was resting on the shore, we were able to avoid rocking around and also have a relatively clean place to eat. She was grinning at me as she exclaimed, “Wow! This is like a real picnic! I think, I don’t know, have you ever had a picnic before?”

“Ummm, actually, I don’t know?” I snickered and shook my head, “I’ve eaten on various beaches before, like Ocean City, Atlantic City, Assateague… Usually when I wanted to eat, I would do it in my house, before going anywhere. Even though I did live on the water as a kid and teenager…”

As I was rambling on about my whole fucking life story for no apparent reason, I opened up the thermos, along with the containers of pasta. Then I poured out a bit onto my gemelli, handing the thermos to EMP, who poured out the entire rest of the sauce… Which was way more than she expected.

“Here, if it’s too much, you can eat mine and I’ll eat yours?” I snickered and traded containers with her without thinking too much. Our hands touched for a brief moment during that process and it felt like I had been electrocuted by a taser again… Except this time the cramping was in my goddamn brain!

“Aaaghh~!” I screamed out of reflex, but fortunately didn’t drop my food. However, that tiny momentary spark between us didn’t just cause pain and discomfort… It activated my power. And to a degree that I had never experienced before or even thought possible.

“Michael?! What happened to you?! Are you okay?!” EMP reached over but was afraid that touching me again would hurt me even more. I say that because I could literally hear her thoughts and feel her emotions. Not only that, but I also heard another voice in my mind immediately.

“Ah?! Michael? How did you… Where are you? How did you connect with me from so far away?” Cicada’s high-pitched voice seemed more angry than concerned. I could also feel her emotions. It seemed like she was really embarrassed and afraid? Seconds later, she blocked me out with a stern warning: “Don’t you know it’s rude to poke into someone else’s mind without their permission? You’ve probably learned this bad habit from Gemini!”

Speaking of Gemini, she was the third person I was connected to… This time it was much stronger and deeper, since she was literally right behind Ana, in physical contact, giving her a four-armed back/ass massage. Most of what I got from her mind just gave me a boner and made my pussy wetter than it already was. Of course, it was only a little bit of ‘power’ and it wore off fast.

“I’m fine haha~!” I smirked and started eating the pasta, casually explaining: “Our powers are really compatible, apparently… I mean, it hurt, but it was still a pretty neat experience.”

She immediately blushed and looked away shly, “You think we’re ‘compatible’?”

“Yep.” I snickered and took a few more bites as she started eating, “Your ability causes electromagnetic pulses at random? Or is there more to it? Like, can you manipulate electricity itself or certain electromagnetic forces? Can you fuck with the electromagnetic forces holding atoms together and make things disintegrate or crazy shit like that?”

“It’s not just random…” EMP frowned and then took a sip of water, before explaining: “Back when I was younger, I lived in Miami. Before my powers really manifested, they took a lot of effort to use and I could barely even do anything with them. Maybe make the lights flicker or break a cellphone that I’m holding. One day, my ‘Adam’ wanted to bring me back home to meet his parents in upstate New York… On a plane.”

“Yikes.” It didn’t take much effort to imagine the rest of the story from there.

She went on, “Dad was a really good person. Even when I grew to maturity in a few years, he still treated me as his daughter, rather than the ‘mating partner’ that I was designed to be…” EMP actually started crying at that point, “Anyway… Like I said before, my powers didn’t used to be very strong and were never passive like they are now. But aeroplanes are really weak against electromagnetic pulse attacks, especially from the inside. It wasn’t intentional, I didn’t get angry, my life wasn’t threatened… I just sneezed. And boom! Before I knew what was happening, the lights were out and everyone was freaking out.”

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