BCJ, Chapter 97: Perverted Neighborhood

“Well…” I couldn’t help but add, “Aren’t most of the functions of passenger planes like, mechanical? They use a lot of automated digital systems, but even without them, the plane wouldn’t just fall straight outta the sky like a movie.”

“You’re right. The plane did land safely and everyone survived.” EMP nodded her head and started eating again.

“Okay? Then why were you crying? Did your father die after that from your power?” I couldn’t help but ask.

She shook her head and said, “No… He’s still alive and well actually. But I haven’t seen him in over twenty years… For him it must have only been about fifteen years though? It’s still a long time. He used to check up on me every now and then, but eventually he moved on with his life, got married, had ‘real’ children…”

“Umm, okay then, so back to your really cool superpowers. Can you shoot lightning out of your hands or things like that?” I smirked and thought about how much energy it would actually take to do something like that in reality.

Surprisingly though, EMP nodded her head and giggled, reaching out her left hand to show a spark jumping from her thumb to index finger. Before continuing to eat her food, while casually explaining: “My body is umm… Not an insulator? I never did well in science class, but they told me that electricity can pass through me really easily. And I can store or release it… And uh, the electromagnetic pulses are more of a side-effect. I can still get hurt by lightning though, just not that much. I’ve been struck a bunch of times and it only really tingles now. But that’s how my powers got so much stronger over the years. They kept giving me tasks like ‘Absorb this car battery’, ‘Stick your finger in this light socket’, ‘Get hit by lightning’ hahaha~! I still can’t shoot lightning out of my hands on demand though. I’m more like a giant taser.”

“Gotta admit though, your power is pretty fucking cool.” I snickered and opened a bottle of sweetened green tea, taking a few sips before remembering why I stopped drinking the stuff years ago. It was just way too sweet for my current tastebuds. Ana was different. Like the other Eves, she also seemed to have a sweet-tooth, but I was kinda going in the other direction. Honestly, I started to like drinking plain water lately. Something I never thought would be possible. Though I guess it’s a lot more realistic than most of the other shit that happened in my life recently.

“Thanks, hehe~! I just wish I could control it better…” EMP giggled and then sighed, before blushing as she asked: “Gemini told me your power is like hers? You can see through the eyes of animals and stuff?”

I smirked, realizing why she was suddenly acting shy: “I can only see through their eyes randomly, not intentionally so far. And it usually happens when I’m hyperstimulated like, well, having an orgasm or two? Though lately it’s been happening even when I’m just taking a shower… Typically when Ana is sleeping and I’m awake. By the way, as far as I can tell, my ‘true’ power is related more to manipulation? Or maybe that’s also just another side-effect. Who knows?”

“What’s it like being two people at once?” She was still blushing but at least looked me in the eyes this time.

“A lot like multitasking, constantly, but everything is easier because you have at least twice as much brain-power to work with.” I snickered and we continued eating for a little while longer, before I said: “At first, the sex was amazing and pretty much the most interesting thing. I mean, I was a guy and penises are just generally way less sensitive than vaginas. So there’s that. But Ana’s senses are almost all way above normal human limitations as well. Ana takes after me, so our combined sex drive is just, ridiculous. Not to mention the fact that Infinity was basically paying me to fuck myself for the past few months. It didn’t take long though, before that initial strangeness to become kinda boring to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, fucking a female version of myself is definitely awesome, but at the same time… Ana is still me. Having sex with someone else is a totally different experience.”

“Wow!” She chuckled and asked, “Is sex all you think about? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m definitely not one to judge, but I just want to get to know you better. What are your hobbies and skills? Where did you live before? I wanna know everything about you, Michael.”

Yeah, that was gonna be a long, redundant conversation. So I’ll skip most of the bullshit. It was fun though. EMP is nice. Kinda ironic that the girl who has a harem of different animals to have sex with on a daily basis wasn’t that interested in talking about sex. Since almost everyone else on the island seemed to only care about reproduction.

Well, everyone except Chameleon and Lioness. Speaking of which, the rest of the party had finally arrived at my front door around that time.

“As I expected. You’re also a giant, haha~!” When I opened the door, I saw a six foot tall muscular woman who was wearing nothing but a pair of khaki shorts. Not even any shoes or sandals on her feet. The bronzed skin was a stark contrast to her bright blue eyes and golden blonde hair. Ultimately though, at least she was still in the range of human aesthetics.

‘Viper’ was squirming around in her right hand, hissing and crying like a baby. The two foot long tail was wrapped around Lioness’ beefy forearm, while the part that was being gripped tightly was her humanoid torso. The little green snake suddenly stopped once it sniffed in my direction and looked at me in the eyes. Then its little arms reached out, as if it wanted to hug me, while tears were welling up in her yellow eyes.

“Haha~! Dude, you’re so short!” Without hesitation, the huge woman reached out and hugged me with her left arm: “Wow, you smell really good? Is that like a special shampoo or something?”

It wasn’t the first time someone told Ana that. Even the little Viper reached out and nuzzled against the side of my neck, as if I was it’s fucking mother or something. Of course, after the brief hug, Lioness shouted: “Dude! I haven’t had pasta in so long! Ah, is it done already? I’m starving!”

Fortunately it seemed like the five year old had a much lower sex drive than Chameleon. At the very least, she was more interested in food than anything else at that moment. She even left the damn venomous snake-baby on my shoulder! Actually, I had no idea whether it was venomous or not, but I didn’t want to find out, so I was afraid to startle it.

“Ana~! We finally meet! Hehehe~! You’re so sexy~!” Before I had the chance to have a panic attack, there was a bright-red little girl hugging and rubbing up against me. The brat actually pressed her face against my tits, though they might be more muscle than fat, and grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands. Those small black horns sticking out of her forehead were smooth and blunted to a certain extent, at the very least, they didn’t hurt me when she rubbed against my chest. The kid’s long black hair was pulled back into two pigtails, while I looked down and noticed that there was an actual tail wiggling around behind her flat ass. It looked like a red snake, and I also noticed that her skin did feel more like scales than normal flesh.

Those bat-like wings were also wrapped around my arms and even managed to reach my back. There were little claw-like ‘hands’ on the tips, similar to the wings of real bats. The wingspan was a lot bigger than her tiny four-foot tall body. Another thing I quickly noticed was that her skin was unnaturally cold, especially in such warm weather.

Oh, and she was wearing an extremely ridiculous micro-bikini that barely covered her nipples, clit and butthole. And it was white, like mine. Except that her skin was red, so she might as well not have been wearing anything at all. Obviously I couldn’t see everything at that moment though. I could only feel the skin on her whole body rubbing against mine.

“Hello. We meet again.” On the other hand, Angel was dressed much more conservatively. She had a straw hat on her head, along with dark sunglasses covering her silver eyes, while her long white hair was pulled back into a ponytail. The angelic brat wore a frilly black sundress that reached her knees, with the back opened up so that her two dover-like wings had plenty of room to flap around. Unlike her barefoot sister, Angel actually wore some black flip-flops on her dainty little feet.

“Welcome to my house!” I snickered and then turned to walk back into the room, with a baby lamia on my shoulder and a slutty Demoness stuck to the front of my body. Gemini was already sitting on the kitchen counter, holding and eating two plates of pasta at the same time. On the other hand, Lioness picked out my biggest metal bowl and practically took the whole thing of ziti by herself. All that was left was a little ziti and gemelli, but fortunately I had an extra pot of each almost done cooking, along with a third pot of sauce.

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