BCJ, Chapter 98: Generations

“I’ll be honest… I never thought I would be able to invite people over, especially not this many people, or I would’ve invested in a table and some chairs.”

There were only four stools at the bar, so once we sat down, there really weren’t any more seats. Fortunately I thought ahead and sent Michael off to have lunch with EMP, or one of us would likely have to stand. Well, either that or Demoness would have an excuse to use my lap as a chair. Which would have been extremely annoying, since she has two bat wings on her back and a slimy tail that’s flexible enough to penetrate any hole that isn’t well-defended.

Gemini snickered, Demoness snorted and Angel giggled, while Lioness laughed really obnoxiously loud. By the way, Lioness’ voice… Well, it really fits her appearance to be honest. Almost deeper than Michael’s normal speaking voice, and a bit more masculine. It also has to do with the way she talks, probably.

“It’s not a big deal.” Gemini suggested, “I have plenty of furniture and stuff that I couldn’t carry or just couldn’t bring through EMP’s yard, like my laptops, desktops, game consoles, TVs… There’s no rush though.”

“Ah~! Lucky Bitch!” Demoness cried, complaining: “Ugh, why didn’t I grab you first?!” She was sitting on my left, while Angel was on the right and Lioness was on the end with the little Viper stealing noodles from her giant bowl.

“Ignore her, Ana, my sister has always been a whiny baby.” Angel reached over and patted me on my right shoulder, subtly letting her hand slide down my back, only stopping when she reached my hip. Then she pulled her arm back and casually pretended like nothing happened.

“Well, Chameleon is also living here temporarily.” I sighed, “At least until she gets over her period and I know she isn’t possessed by any demons or whatever. Otherwise I’m gonna keep an eye on her…”

“Woah, seriously dude?!” Lioness perked up immediately and stopped eating to shout, “Are there really Demons?! That’s so badass! Hahaha~!” Rather than being afraid, she seemed ecstatic… Five year olds are so brave now days, I guess.

Angel frowned, taking off her sunglasses and placing them on the table as she grumbled: “I guess they’re going to start a lot sooner this time?”

Demoness slammed her little fist on the table, screaming: “How dare those worthless bugs try to control my Mom?!”

Then the temperature of the whole room suddenly rose by at least ten degrees. Keep in mind that there was a constant refrigeration-like cooling effect from the creepy door downstairs. So raising the temperature was really hard, even when I opened the windows upstairs, much less right in the kitchen that was right next to the basement stairs.

“Both of you brats need to calm down.” Gemini snickered and glared at the two kids at the same time, “Things are different now. We have another strong Telepath. The Devils won’t be able to hurt us so easily… And we have you, Lioness. Even if they send monsters and minions to attack us, you’ll be willing to protect us?”

“Hell yeah! Hahaha!” Lioness grinned, exposing her huge and sharp tusk-like canines: “I love fighting bad guys and monsters!”

The two-headed giantess nodded, but then smirked and said: “But instead of buying weapons and ammunition, you spent almost all of your money on video games.”

“Hahah~! I am the weapon!” Lioness took the chance to flex her biceps and then her triceps, even her back, abs, pecs, thighs, calves… Eventually, she sat back down and asked, “Do you guys really have guns and knives though? That’s pretty sweet! I don’t need any armor, but I wouldn’t turn down a big-ass sword, hahaha~!”

“We have guns, ammunition, spears, swords, shields, knives and even explosives.” Gemini snickered, “But the question is whether you know how to use them or not?”

Lioness nodded her head while smiling brightly, “Of course I don’t! Hahaha~! I’m only five years old! When would I have the money or time to learn how to shoot or fight with medieval weapons?”

After hearing that, everyone laughed to a certain extent. And eventually I asked, “What are your powers? Just the super-healing? Oh, Angel and Demoness, I have no idea what your abilities are like either.”

“Yeah, pretty much dude.” Lioness seemed a little upset, “I don’t got any cool psychic powers, but I’m strong, fast and my bones are really hard to break… Like this one time I got hit by a freaking bus! Cracked my skull a little, but it healed before they even got me to the hospital! Hahaha~! And that was when I was still tiny like you!”

Demoness giggled and confidently said, “Aside from being super sexy and having a pussy that’s always wet, I’m a Psychic… But not a Telepath. Hehehe, look at this!” With her dainty index finger stretched out above the counter, the comfortably cool air quickly got hotter to the point where it was easy to see the heat-waves in the air around her fingertip. Finally, with a spark, the air ignited and turned into a tiny fireball before quickly fizzling out.

“Pft~! Hahaha~!” Angel burst into laughter, “Stop bragging if you can’t even show off properly.” She reached her hand out and above her palm, a tiny tornado appeared. It lasted almost fifteen seconds before also fizzling out.

“So you’re both Telekinetics?” I was slightly amazed, even though their displays of power were a bit weak, because at least it meant that telekinesis was possible. Who doesn’t want to have telekinetic powers after all?

Gemini casually explained: “From what we know, either from Infinity or through our own experimentations, Eves can be split into five types. First, the very basic, Neo-Humans or Neos for short. The first three Generations of Eves, numbers one through thirty-nine, took a long longer to be created, mature and the earliest of the bunch died from old age. Eventually they figured out how to perfect the human genome to a certain extent and make people that would live longer, healthier lives, while still remaining completely human in the most basic sense. Eventually they decided that wasn’t enough. So they kept going. Gen-4 was when they started on a new, ‘brilliant’ idea of infusing the DNA of various animals into the already perfected Neo-Humans in order to create the second type: Chimeras or Hybrids, though Chimera sounds cooler so that’s what we normally go with. Generation Four was a nightmare.”

“Obviously.” I nodded my head and interjected. 

Angel and Demoness giggled in response, while Lioness asked: “Why? What happened?”

“Chameleon told us that they mostly had extremely low IQ, closer to animals than humans, or extreme psychological qualities that were often even worse than being idiots. Either way, they all died off shortly after Gen-5 was created. Probably culled by Infinity to make way for the new, much more successful experiments.” Gemini sighed, “Generation Five wasn’t that much better though. Chameleon is the only one left, now that you killed Boa. But they learned a lot in the Fifth Generation. By the way, this might be obvious, or maybe not… Each Generation included thousands of ‘Eves’, that either died prematurely or simply didn’t provide any new and interesting data for Infinity. For example, Ana… I remember there being at least a full alphabet of Eve-77’s that fully developed, showed no interesting or extraordinary traits, so they were moved into different projects.”

“Wait what? What the fuck does that mean?” I was startled for a moment, then grumbled: “So you’re saying that back on Earth, there are at least a couple dozen other Anas out there?”

“No. Not exactly.” The giantess giggled and elaborated, “In order to create Eve-77, they needed to take your DNA and mix it with other junk, manipulating it until they made this version. But in that process, there was an Eve-77a, 77b, 77c… All the way until z and probably far beyond that. Those are just the ones that survived to adulthood properly. Each other version likely doesn’t look the same, maybe more like a sibling or cousin than an identical twin. If you weren’t found to have Psychic tendencies, they wouldn’t have kept you alive for so long.”

“I guess that makes sense.” I snickered and continued eating my pasta.

Gemini was also eating, but still using one head to keep talking: “When they realized the problems with the Chimeras, their research changed directions again in Generation Sex, I mean Six. Um, anyway, Gen-6’s goal was to create Superhumans that still looked and acted human for the most part. Somehow, they ended up creating Psychics. EMP is a good example, since she’s the only one alive and still on the island. Psychics can be broken down into two different groups, Telepaths like me and Telekinetics, like Angel or Demoness. One type focuses on the mental aspect, while the other type involves using the mind to manipulate electric fields around our bodies and then through that, alter the world around us in various ways. The original Psychics like EMP and Firefly though… Their powers weren’t ‘specialized’? They weren’t… Optimized? I don’t know. Focused I guess.”

“Basically, their powers rely more on their bodies and less on their minds?” I interjected before taking a sip of iced tea.

“I guess.” Gemini sighed and continued the history/science lesson: “Generation Seven, that’s our Generation Ana, is when they started focusing more on the Telepathic nature of Psychics. I’m not sure what their goal was, but in order to achieve it, they actually created something like ‘me’. The fourth type of Eve: A Mutant. I’ve long come to terms with my umm, odd appearance and body structure. However, there are much more severe Mutations out there… My situation can’t be created purely through genes. I’m two Eve-79s that happened to grow as conjoined twins, but were surgically ‘redesigned’. Mutants don’t have ‘animal’ characteristics, but don’t really look ‘human’ either.

“Gen-8 is when they started trying to push the limits of humanity even further and give Chimeras Psychic powers. They also have a habit of creating ‘real’ mythological creatures for some ominous reason. Generation Eight is also important because, unlike Gen-5 that’s practically extinct now, there are still plenty of them still alive and living on the island right now!”

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