BCJ, Chapter 99: Superpowers

“Umm, wait what?” I couldn’t help but ask, “Are you saying that there are hundreds or thousands of Angels and Demonesses out there in the jungle? More importantly, what the fuck are they doing out there?”

Angel giggled and shook her head, taking the chance to pat me on the shoulder again: “Don’t worry Ana. The monsters out there aren’t usually that intelligent or organized. And a lot of them ‘escaped’ into the portals already. Who knows whether they’re even alive or dead? Any Eve created with Psychic powers is really valuable to Infinity. They wouldn’t just throw them away like that. Look at how much they’re willing to invest in us?”

Gemini sighed, “There are thirty or forty houses on this central island. All of which are along the beaches, and there’s a large port at the center of the southern side. There used to be way more people who stayed on the island, but most people transfer to other bases rather than trying to survive on this… Other World. The Devils are dangerous because they can mind-control the stupider Rejects out there to go out of their way to attack us.”

“Hahaha~! That’s so cool!” Lioness seemed really excited…

“In Gen-9 they decided that it was too difficult to make humanoids that could fly, so they focused on the oceans. Well, lakes, rivers and swamps too. Generation Nine are all aquatic Chimeras, some of which are amphibious to a certain extent, but primarily need to live in the water. Many of the non-Psychic ‘rejects’ were just casually released into the wild. You might see a few mermaids or crab people near the beaches sometimes, but they aren’t very aggressive. The stranger and more dangerous aquatic creatures were sent to other bases.”

I sighed and said, “It’s not that surprising I guess. But Enigma is Eve-92, and she’s currently locked up in a fish-tank on the island somewhere. Maybe behind the creepy door in my basement. You know, the one which we apparently all have, and there are tunnels leading all across the island underground?”

The giantess smirked with both mouths and put her empty plates down on the kitchen counter, “I was going to get to that. As far as I know, there are only two ways to break into the underground. Either find a destroyed house, like the one right next door, and hope that the tunnels haven’t collapsed… Or EMP’s basement. She usually has it blocked off, because there could be all sorts of dangerous monsters, animals or even robotic sentries down there. But you’re right to be concerned. There’s usually a room that has a heavily reinforced door that keeps things from the tunnel from breaking into it, so even if we do go through EMP’s basement to reach yours…”

“We won’t be able to open the door from the outside anyway.” I snickered and shook my head, “So EMP’s power can disable the doors… In other words, if it comes down to it, EMP can open the door, but we need to make preparations first. Either we create some kinda Faraday Cage suit for EMP, or move everything out of the house first and hope for the best. If it comes down to it, I can always just move over to Gemini’s house. Either way, I’m not willing to let someone die just to protect the wiring of this building… Wait, fuck, no… That won’t work. By the time we actually get in there, Enigma might have died in whatever fish-tank they’ve got her locked up in right now. We need a way in that won’t knock out the power.”

Demoness giggled, “The door isn’t indestructible silly~! If you really want to get in there that badly, we can always cut it open with a plasma-torch or burn through the metal with acid… There are lots of options, hehe~!” 

She reached out and placed her tiny red hand on my inner thigh, rubbing it gently and slowly sliding towards my crotch… But then another little golden hand reached out, smacking the naughty hand way and ‘accidentally’ grazing a few public hairs that were sticking out of the side of my bikini. What? When did I mention shaving my armpits or pubes since the start of this diary? At most I just trim them from time to time, but I’m still a hairy motherfucker. And Ana definitely takes after that aspect… At least she hasn’t grown any facial or body hair yet.

Lioness eventually finished eating and asked, “Then what about me? I’m Eve-106… What’s up with Gen-10?”

Gemini shrugged her upper shoulders and explained, “As far as I know… Gen-10 was already pretty much perfect. They figured everything out by then. And it was the last Generation of the Adam and Eve Project in a lot of ways. Don’t get me wrong, it still exists. I just heard that they changed from creating Eves from Adams, normal humans on Earth that might have some underlying genetic abilities that make them somewhat ‘special’, to using already perfected Eves to give birth to genetically engineered Adams. In other words, we still have some research value. But they’ve pretty much given up on making more of us.”

“Lioness, you’re the first Eve from Gen-10 that was sent to our island. But we’ve heard stories from Eves in other bases…” Angel elaborated for the twin-headed giantess who was drinking coffee with one mouth and iced tea with the other: “As far as we know, from one-hundred to one-oh-nine, everyone has some extremely potent ‘Superpower’ based off of what Infinity learned from Psychics, Chimeras and Mutants. Your regenerative abilities are probably a combination of enhanced passive regeneration, combined with Psychic manipulation of cells to reproduce faster and more efficiently… In other words, it might even be possible for you to use your ability on other people. Either through touch or from a distance. We would have to test it out though.”

“No way! Seriously?! That’s awesome, hahaha~!” Lioness grinned and stood up, looking around at everyone who was confused: “Well what are you all waiting for?! Let’s fight! I’ll try to use my power to heal you after I win!”

“Nope.” Angel shook her head.

“I’m a lover, not a fighter~! Now if it’s an orgy…” Demoness giggled and licked her dark-red lips.

“Not interested.” Gemini sighed and rubbed her exposed belly, “I need to make sure my baby doesn’t get hurt.” By the way, she was wearing her black bikini again. The only item of clothing I had seen her wear thus far to be honest.

“I’ll fight, but not right now. We just finished eating after all.” I stood up and smiled at the woman who was half a foot taller than me, and at least two or three times as muscular. Even though I didn’t know how strong she was, I had a gut feeling that it wasn’t completely ridiculous. I was pretty strong too, and maybe more agile? At least that’s what I guessed.

“Haha~! I guess you’re right, man.” She laughed and shrugged her huge shoulders, “How ‘bout we go swimming then? Or play video games or something?”

“We could practice shooting. I have two bows, a crossbow and a variety of guns. Arrows and bolts can be reused, while I have a lot of bullets but… It’s still better to not use too much.” I snickered and walked over to the front door. Along the wall to the left was, well, an armory of sorts. Boxes of ammunition were piled up and the guns that used them were casually placed on top of the stacks. Michael had the .357 revolver on him, so that pile of .38 specials and .357 magnum round boxes was lacking a firearm above it.

“Awesome! Dude, I can’t believe we can actually shoot real guns, hahah~! It’s so badass!” Lioness rushed over at a speed so fast that I was afraid she might trip and fly through my window… But fortunately she was barefoot and extremely agile. She went back and forth between the rifle, shotgun and pistol for a while, before asking: “Can I try all of them out?”

I shrugged and laughed, “Go ahead kid. Just don’t aim at my house, or your face. Don’t underestimate the power of firearms just because you have a fancy superpower.” Even though she looked like an adult, the body-builder was still ultimately in that childish phase where everything is new and exciting. Then again, I felt that way as well lately, so who am I to judge?

Gemini smirked and walked up behind me, wrapping her four arms around my chest and waist. Her smaller breasts were resting on my shoulders as she whispered, “How is your little date with EMP going now? Have you had sex yet?”

“Nope.” I snickered and asked, “Do you want me to fuck her or not?”

“No… Not yet.” She hugged me tighter and grumbled, “I don’t know why, but I’ve started to feel really possessive all of the sudden. Besides, EMP has been screwing her pets for all this time, while the rest of us have been lonely horny virgins… She can wait until we’ve had our fill.”

“Pft~!” I couldn’t help snickering.

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