BCJ, Chapter 100: Existential Nonsense

Imagine being on an island with a bunch of horny, superhuman girls that all want you to impregnate them or have crazy hardcore lesbian bondage sex? It sounds great in theory. But humans are way more complex than that… Especially when they have superhuman Psychic powers and physical mutations or alterations that make them more susceptible to negative emotions.

My power in particular is… Well, complicated and confusing in a lot of ways. For example, Michael and Ana might have the same general aesthetic tastes: Vaginas, buttholes that are vagina adjacent and well, women in general. However, there are subtle differences between the two of us.

Ana’s senses are much stronger overall. Hell, she can’t even get close to EMP because of the noisy ringing. While Michael can have a pleasant conversation from a foot or two away without trouble. But then there are also pheromones… Of which, both my bodies seem to possess, yet each of us are very different. Ana’s ‘female’ pheromones, yes that’s a thing, are extremely potent. Hence why Chameleon is so infatuated with me, or at least partly due to that. On the other hand, Michael’s pheromones might not be so ridiculous, but they definitely turned Gemini on much more than Ana’s.

That’s only the physiological aspect. The psychological factors are much more severe. I feel guilty to be honest. Because I’m not an idiot. In fact, I’ve always been a pretty powerful ‘Empath’. By the way, that could also have something to do with why Infinity picked me in the first place… 

Anyway, as an Empath, I obviously sense and react to other people’s emotions much more significantly than I would prefer. Chameleon is extremely possessive. To the extent of an actual psychotic stalker that under normal circumstances, most people would consider fairly dangerous. But I still like her. Aside from the sexual aspect, I also respect her for being able to survive on this crazy island for so long, especially with her various physical and mental conditions. I could barely survive a normal lifestyle with my parents supporting me, so that kinda tenacity is incredible to me.

Gemini is more like me. In a lot of ways. At least thus far, we seem to get along pretty well. Either that or she’s playing me… But well, whatever. It’s nice that she likes ‘all’ of me, rather than just half. Though she obviously is more interested in Michael than Ana.

Cicada is a mystery. She barely talks unless it’s telepathy and even then, she seems to be pretty antisocial. If she didn’t need my dick or cum, she probably wouldn’t even bother interacting with me at all.

EMP is nice, like really nice. And out of everyone, she probably has the most ‘normal’ personality. I guess. Maybe everyone else is just so weird that the girl who lives alone on a farm without electrical appliances and fucks her ‘pets’ seems pretty normal. By the way, they’re more like pets than livestock, since from what she told me thus far, she’s a vegetarian. She eats fish… And insects, stuff like that. But not land animals unless absolutely necessary. However, she said that she does trade away her chickens sometimes, when there are just too many of them to take care of anymore.

As for the two brats, Demoness and Angel both seem to like me, though it’s definitely only physical attraction and/or desperation at this point. But I really need to wonder about something. They definitely aren’t ‘alone’ on this island. There are men and women, either other Eves or their descendants. So why would everyone focus so much on me, rather than settle for someone or something else?

Like EMP with her pets… Now that I think about it though… I don’t really know that much about any of them. I haven’t been to their houses. Everything they’ve told me could be lies, to a certain extent. But let’s say that everything they’ve said is true. Each of them could easily have a bunch of ‘pets’ like Viper in their homes. I honestly haven’t even explored Chameleon’s house yet. Aside from parrots and stuff, she could have Chimera harpies or something. Who knows?

Maybe I’m just too imaginative or paranoid? It just seems odd though. Then again, Infinity might have rules against certain things. Or maybe they took away those ‘pets’ after everyone returned to Earth?

Speaking of which, that’s something I’ve been worried about a lot lately. Returning to Earth. It’s not like I don’t wanna see my family again, I definitely do have quite a few strong connections that I would rather not sever permanently. However, it’s the old adage of “Sacrificing freedom for security”. I’m obviously more free and easy without constantly being watched by my ‘owners’. And let’s not pretend that they’re on my side or anything silly like that. I’ve just been a little expensive toy that they created and decided to play with for a while. Well, maybe a bit more complicated than that, but that’s the general feeling I’ve always gotten.

If I go back to Earth, I’ll be almost powerless to protect myself from Infinity as I am right now. I have no leverage and they have all of it. The problem is that there’s no really a reasonable way ‘out’ of this situation. Who knows what’s actually outside of this island? It could be a Pangea-type supercontinent that’s thousands of miles away or less than a hundred. There could really be monsters in the water that could devour any ships that I might be able to steal from the Infinity port on the other side of the island.

Those hell-portals are way more dangerous and ridiculous than just going back to Earth. So ultimately, there isn’t much I can do… Or not. There is one thing. Something I’m pretty good at… Sex. I can make babies, and maybe pass on my power to the next generation in order to eventually create some kinda demi-god type overpowered monster that can’t be contained by Infinity or this island. For that matter, if it’s possible, my Hivemind could transform into an actual swarm of superhuman avatars that could achieve the same result.

On the other hand, if my power doesn’t work that way, then my own children might end up being the biggest threat to my survival… Oh well. It’s better not to worry about this kinda shit too much, right? There are more immediate threats and issues at hand.

Anyway, enough about that. I should finish talking about the day of the ‘party’.

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