BCJ, Chapter 101: Shooting Gallery

“It’s normal to feel possessive when you like or love someone.” I snickered and placed my hands on the back of Gemini’s smaller ones, which were grabbing my tiny titty-pecs. Then I sighed and said, “It’s kinda ironic for me, a person who can literally possess the bodies of other people, but I’m not ‘that’ possessive. At least it’s within the normal range of not wanting other men, especially strangers, to fuck my girlfriend… Girlfriends? Yeah, I know it sounds kinda silly, but maybe it’s like some kinda natural human instinct? Actually, maybe there’s more to it than that… I didn’t feel jealous or anything when I watched EMP fucking her horse, but I also didn’t really have any feelings for her and we aren’t in a relationship. Hmmm, humans are weird.”

“Hehe~! Yes, humans can’t stand sharing their dicks and pussies, I mean ‘loved ones’ with others, but I’m willing to be your personal fucktoy baby~!” A high pitched voice suddenly appeared from behind my left shoulder, as a crimson-skinned little girl giggled and poked her horned head out in front of my chest.

“Ugh, you’re so vulgar.” Another very similar voice grumbled as a golden-skinned girl showed up on the other side, “It’s normal for human males to be possessive of females. After all, under normal circumstances, a human female will take at least nine months to give birth and the goal of reproduction is generally to have your own genes be passed down. That’s not even taking into account the dangers of childbirth before modern medical technology.”

Gemini chuckled, “Then why are there so many gangbang videos on the internet… More importantly, why do you jerk off to them so often?”

I sighed, “There’s loads of rape videos on the internet too, but it doesn’t mean I wanna get raped or rape someone… Not to mention how fucking nasty gloryholes are in reality, yet I still get really turned on by them for some odd reason? A lot of fantasies just aren’t that appealing in reality. On the other hand, regular basic normie porn is super boring, but just having sex with another normal person can be amazing. I still prefer fucking you though, hahahaha~!”

“Alright, let’s go make sure Lioness doesn’t hurt herself or break anything.” Gemini giggled and easily picked me up off the ground. If she didn’t have two heads, it might be possible for me to ride on her shoulders like a little kid. Unfortunately, the two necks kinda made that very difficult.

“Put me down, haha~!” I laughed as she dropped me down to the floor. Then I walked over to the weapons and said, “There’s six guns and three bows… Pick whatever ones you wanna play with. Just don’t break em’.”

Angel smirked, “Unlike you two… The rest of us have been playing with guns since we were little kids.”

“You’re still little kids.” Gemini snickered and patted the two girls on their tiny heads.

The rifle and shotgun both had straps, so Lioness was able to put one on each shoulder in an ‘X’ shape across her beefy chest. Then she grabbed a box of rifle ammunition with one hand, and a case of shotgun shells with the other. Shells, buckshot and birdshot. Shotguns are nice because they have such a huge variation in ammunition and usefulness. I used to watch videos of people who made and tested really weird shotgun ammo… Some things were kinda silly, but there were a lot of really scary ones. For example, slugs that expand with lots of metal petals upon impact in order to create a massive hole, explode into hundreds of tiny pieces inside the target or are just super heavy and capable of penetrating thick steel plates.

I grabbed the 9mm semi-auto pistol, plus a small box of the cheapest ammo, then took the recurve bow along with a dozen arrows that had simple field-point arrowheads. Gemini casually grabbed the biggest .44 magnum revolver and .50 caliber semi-auto pistols with her ‘small’ hands, then picked up a box of each type of ammo with her big hands. I had to remind her, “Umm… The magnum ammo is kinda expensive so maybe, take the regular kind?”

Demoness giggled and patted me on the ass cheek, “Don’t worry Honey~! Hehe~! We got literal tons of gunpowder, shells and bullets… Didn’t Gemini tell you that I’m a super sexy chemist, amateur, but I’m good enough to make ammo hehehehe~! I’ll give you a couple boxes if you do me a favor later~!”

“Don’t fall for her tricks.” Angel grumbled, casually grabbing my other ass cheek, “We all have plenty of ammo, so there’s no need to play her stupid bondage games.” 

After saying that, she picked out the crossbow and some bolts. Demoness on the other hand, chose the compound bow and arrows. Seeing that the .45 ACP was still unclaimed, I decided to take it along with some ammo. I was afraid to leave Chameleon in the house with a gun readily available.

Viper was clinging to Lioness. Even though she seemed to like me, I could tell that the baby snake had a much stronger attachment to her mother’s killer


As I was walking out the door, Michael and EMP had finally finished their meal together. Yeah, I know it’s confusing.

“Why don’t we take a trip around the island?” I figured that was probably why EMP brought over the canoe in the first place, but since she hadn’t mentioned it yet, I decided to ask.

“Yes! Ah-hem, I mean, okay, that sounds fun.” The cute girl was smiling cheerfully and blushing. Like I said before, I found it amazing how she can send me a video of herself fucking a horse without a hint of embarassment, but she almost constantly seemed ‘shy’ when we were just casually chatting with each other.

“I’ve never actually rode a canoe before. I used to kayak everywhere though when I was growing up. I actually have a few in my house right now.” I snickered as we pushed the boat a few feet into the water and then got inside. By the way, did I mention how fucking tall EMP was? Over six feet, maybe 6’2” or so… Yeah, I was starting to wonder if I was the only ‘normal-sized’ person on the island. I mean, Cicada, Demoness and Angel are all unreasonably small, while everyone else seems like a giant.

EMP giggled, “Kayaking is fun too. But they’re a bit too specialized. It’s hard to go fishing or eat lunch, and there isn’t much room to put a cooler or weapons. Never leave your house without a weapon, Michael. I know it might seem a little silly…”

“It’s not silly and I definitely agree.” I smirked, “With fucking weird monsters, wild animals and crazy people running around in the woods, walking around unarmed would be suicidal. Only a daredevil like Lioness would do that.”

Kayaks have double-sided paddles, so a single person can use them much more quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, canoe paddles only have one end, and the rest is a stick. It’s not terrible, since the stick is longer and you can use both hands, so each stroke gives you much more leverage. However, without a second person to paddle in front and back of the ‘long’ canoe, it requires much more time and effort to move. With two relatively strong people, you can actually paddle a canoe pretty fucking fast.

Within a few seconds, we were already a couple hundred meters from the shore so I had to ask, “How far out can we go?! I don’t wanna get eaten by sea monsters…” I was speaking loudly because in case you never noticed, the ocean is fucking loud as hell most of the time. Between the wind, waves and annoying birds, there was a ton of white noise.

“There are sandbars, reefs and artificial structures all around the island! The deepest parts are only five to ten meters until you get a few miles out! Well, the southern side of the island is more dangerous though! There’s a big pathway that huge freighters can use, but that also means that big sea monsters can also enter the deep port! Remember to always stay on the northern side of the island if you want to go kayaking!”

From hundreds of meters away, it was easy to see my house and everyone, along with Ana, gathered in front of the shooting gallery. Some of them noticed us and started waving, fortunately they weren’t stupid or crazy enough to start firing at the targets while we were so ‘close’. Realistically, while the bullets could theoretically hit us from that distance, with the heavy ocean winds, water glare and other problems, it would be incredibly difficult to intentionally shoot us.

EMP giggled and waved back at everyone, “I’m really envious. I wish I could play with everyone too… But I’m also kind of happy that the two of us could hang out together like this.”

As I was about to respond, Ana suddenly noticed something weird.

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