BCJ, Chapter 105: Adams and Eves

“When they made us… Eves, they wanted us to be more efficient. More ‘perfect’ than humans. But what was the result?” EMP was too exhausted to paddle, so she was just sitting in front of me and talking. I was in the ‘back’ of the canoe, so we could be face to face.

“Superhuman horny monster-girls? Wait, why are there so many women? Shouldn’t there be more men? Do they ‘cull’ them or something?” I didn’t really think about it until then, but it was kinda strange. After all, there were males on the island and many of the Eves did reproduce.

She smiled wryly, “Adams rarely come to the island. But they have before and they did reproduce with the Eves here… And yet, where are all the boys? What determines whether a baby is born male or female? The father’s sperm is either X or Y. If it’s X, then it’s a girl, if it’s Y, then it’s a boy. At least that’s how it is for normal humans, right?”

“Yeah, pretty sure.” I nodded and then guessed, “But Eves can override that somehow?”

EMP sighed, “They gave us… Too much control over our own reproductive system. There’s still a lot that we can’t control, but sometimes even a tiny little mistake can cause huge problems. They designed us to predominantly favor X sperm, ideally to create more females than males. I think they were trying to create an evolutionary situation where males become completely obsolete and only females are necessary, for maximum ‘efficiency’. Or maybe it’s the opposite and they wanted to control our population for experimental purposes? No matter what Infinity intended, the situation is that Eves generally only have girls.”

At that point in the conversation, we had already reached Fort Lioness. Just in case, I still had Ana on ‘standby’ mode and focused entirely on Michael.

“Why do you ‘need’ guys though? If the Eves wanna reproduce so badly, can’t they just buy sperm and do it themselves?” It was kinda fucked up and I wasn’t gonna say anything, but the smell of that burnt calamari-er ‘tentacle’ was really making me hungry again.

EMP giggled, “And where would we get this sperm? From the Death Gate sperm bank? The most important thing is that we’re always being monitored by Infinity on Earth. Even if we wanted to have kids, we’d basically need their permission first. And then, afterwards… They might take our babies away to another island or base somewhere and we’d never be able to see them again. I’ve seen it happen twice.”

“That’s what I was worried about.” I smirked, “They wanted me to get myself pregnant so much that their primary task for me was always to give myself creampies. Of course, it didn’t happen, because I wasn’t really ready to have kids… Especially not on my own hahah~!”

“I’m jealous.” She smiled wryly at me before sighing, “You’re perfect Michael. You’re like, exactly what the Adam and Eve Project was designed to produce. At least from my perspective. A single mind with two bodies. No obvious defects or extreme mutations. And if what Gemini suspects is true, you could really become immortal if you wanted to… Maybe, it really depends on how your Psychic ability will pass down to your children. I don’t think Gemini will be able to get the ‘new body’ she wants, but I think she’s lucky enough to just be able to live with you.”

At that point she finally seemed to regain her strength and turned around to start paddling at the front of the canoe. With both of us, even while dragging the unconscious Scylla, it didn’t take too long to pass by the end of my pier. We briefly waved at the people on the shore, but had to hurry up. After all, the poor girl lost a tentacle, had a bunch of gunshot wounds in her other tentacles, a bloody gash on her forehead and maybe other injuries… We couldn’t go too far away from the shore the whole time because she would basically become chum in the deeper waters.

As soon as we reached the beach right next to her fence, EMP jumped out of the water and helped me ‘reel in’ the octo-girl. Fortunately she was still alive, though she still looked pretty bad. I carried the tentacles half, which was much heavier, while EMP lifted the human part that was also pretty fucking heavy to be honest.

She struggled for a bit to unlock and open the gate with only one hand, but eventually we entered the pasture-like yard. It was a wide open space, filled with the wonderful stench of horse, cow, chicken, dog and pig shit… Yeah, not a fan. But fortunately the ocean breeze at least made it bearable.

“You said you have a saltwater fishtank? But doesn’t it need like, electricity to run the pumps and shit? I thought you couldn’t be around electronics?” When we were halfway there and surrounded by dozens of miscellaneous animals, I couldn’t help but ask that important question.

EMP was panting as she said, “It’s not… That bad… I can still… Use certain things. And I still have… Some electrical appliances… That I can power myself, if I need to…”

It actually seemed like a pretty amazing ability, if it wasn’t for the side effects. Anyway, we didn’t actually bring the girl into EMP’s farmhouse. Instead we had to go back, past a big freshwater pond that had a lot of colorful decorative fish, there was a relatively small red and white barn. Inside there was a huge fish tank, and I mean enormous, like nearly the size of the entire building. There were only some small fish, shrimp and crabs though. All of them were very colorful and pretty, sure, but it was obvious that the tank wasn’t anywhere near capacity.

When we finally climbed a ladder and dumped Scylla into the water, EMP let out a long sigh and said: “I’ve actually… Raised quite a few of them. Not just the 91 series, but a lot of the Ninth Generation Eve ‘rejects’. It’s so… fucking cruel. How can Infinity treat people like this? Even if they aren’t ‘perfect’, it doesn’t mean they should just be left to die, right? So when I find them, I raise them. Sometimes I find Gen-8 little girls too. They’re just little kids, so they aren’t the originals, but the kids or grandkids of the Rejects. A lot of the Primaries were sent to other facilities or died, so only the Rejects were left on the island with us.”

“Yeah, it is pretty fucked up, but you know that Infinity probably aren’t human right? Not only inhuman, they’re probably fucking AI or Aliens with no sense of empathy.” I snickered and shook my head, “But if I happen to find some Eves… Well, babies and kids at least, I’ll send em over to you. If they’re full-grown adults and still try to rape or murder me, I can’t make any promises. I don’t want to put you or the others in danger just to protect some strangers.”

EMP smiled at me and then she suddenly hugged me tightly for a few seconds. After letting go, she was blushing and looking away awkwardly. Then she turned back towards me and said, “Michael… I’m glad you’re here with us. I honestly didn’t think we would survive this time… But since I met you, I know. We’re going to make it. There’s hope now. With you here, this island doesn’t feel like a prison anymore. I finally feel… Free.”

As she said that, she actually started crying, which looked pretty intense since we were both covered in blood. I mean, it looked more like blue paint, but still.

“From what Chameleon said, we have like… At least a decade, maybe longer, to be ‘free’ in this other world before we go back. That’s apparently long enough to have kids and grandkids with the reproduction speed of you Eves. So right now, we should focus on the present.” I snickered and asked, “There’s something that’s weird though. Gemini said that Psychics are really valuable, right? The way she said it, implied that there wouldn’t be any Psychic ‘Rejects’…”

“Oh, ummm, that’s kind of true.” She nodded her head and then explained while sniffling a bit, “Sirens don’t always have Psychic powers. Sometimes they can just use sound to manipulate and trick people. I think that maybe they just didn’t care that much about Telepaths in Generation Nine though. I’m not sure, but I think there are quite a few of them in the Rejects that they just never cared about. Scylla is a pretty weak Telepath, but she can still use sounds to cause hallucinations in combination with her power… So she’s one of the more dangerous Sirens. It’s a good thing we caught her now, or she might have hurt someone sooner or later. Especially now that you’re here.”

After a few moments of awkward silence, I suggested: “Maybe we should go bring the canoe into your yard now?” Not like anyone would steal it, but the waves could carry it away if we waited too long and aside from that, birds might shit all over it.

“You’re right… But maybe we could go swimming first?” She blushed as she said, “I really don’t want you to leave yet.”

“Fine with me.” I snickered and complained, “Otherwise I was gonna have to ask to use your shower… You do have running water, right?”

“Of course! Hahaha~!” She gave out a cheerful laugh and wiped the blood/tears from her face with her arm, which didn’t really work out that well. Then she had her eyes closed as she whined, “Ahh~! Michael, help! I, I need to wash it out fast! It really burns!”

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