BCJ, Chapter 106: Swimming

After rinsing the blue blood out of her eyes with clean water, we decided to head over to the spot next to her fence to go splashing about in the shallow waves. She took off her tank top and jean-shorts, revealing a dark green bikini underneath. Though I would’ve been fine skinny dipping…

Anyway, we didn’t have sex. Just played around like teenagers, like young teenagers… Okay, like me as a young teenager who didn’t fuck his friends, even though I could have. I mean, when I really look back on my teenage years, I see countless opportunities that I missed, with girls and guys. There were a lot of friends that were just as awkward as I was, so nothing ever happened.

Oh well, everything happens for a reason, right? Maybe I would’ve gotten somebody preggers or gotten married and then this crazy adventure to another world would have never happened? Or maybe it still would have happened, but in a way more fucked up situation?

*Bang, Bang, Bang!*

While Michael was frolicking in the ocean waves with EMP, Ana was ‘awake’ again and practicing her marksmanship with Lioness. The two little girls were still bickering and competing with each other. But they switched from archery to pistols, specifically the .45 ACP and 9mm, since the .50 cal and .44 magnum were a bit too big for their tiny hands. Not that the other guns were that much smaller, but it definitely makes a difference when you’re having a competition. Actually, that’s why they kept fighting so much when they were using a crossbow and compound bow respectively, since whenever they won or lost, they would blame their weapons rather than their own inadequacies…

“You’re getting much better.” I complimented Lioness as she was using the rifle to hit a metal target that was set up at the end of my pier. The total distance was pretty damn far, but with her absurdly powerful eyesight… Well, actually, we both had crazy good eyesight. So we were able to see the little marks that our shots made on that distant target. We took turns using the same gun, since the giant five year old was actually more ‘mature’ than those two little sixteen year olds.

After finishing off a magazine, Lioness cracked her neck and handed the rifle back to me: “Thanks man! Haha~! Dude, this has been a helluva lotta fun, and the food was great, but I think we should probably head home now. Feel free to come by my castle sometime! Fort Lioness! Hahaha~!”

“Thanks, and I will. Oh, but don’t forget your umm pet.” She only had the little Viper for half a day, and most of that time the snake was at my house, so I was afraid she’d forget about it or intentionally leave the little critter here. Lamias are cute and all, but I already had one ‘reptile’ that I needed to care for in the house, I didn’t have the time to deal with another.

“Ah, shit dude! Seriously almost forgot! Hahaha!” Lioness grinned and headed back into my house. It seemed like she forgot about our sparring match, but that’s probably for the best. Both Michael and Ana were pretty exhausted, mentally and physically.

Then the two little imps came over to complain.

“We didn’t even fuck yet, so I’m not leaving!” Demoness whined.

Then Angel grumbled, “I thought we were going to go swimming… Or at least we could go inside and relax together in your jacuzzi?”

“I ain’t kicking you guys out…” I snickered and shook my head, “If you wanna stay, then stay. Whatever. We can go swimming or go inside to play games. I don’t know why Lioness wants to leave all of a sudden, but it doesn’t mean that I’m kicking you all out.”

“Yay~!” Demoness shouted and suddenly jumped on me in a tight hug, while Angel just smirked while standing next to me.

After a few seconds Lioness came out of the house in a hurry, with Viper on her left shoulder. Then she answered the question that I hadn’t even asked her yet, “Sorry dude, I gotta go take a wicked shit… And I can only go in my own bathroom. I know it’s weird, hahahaha~! But ah, gotta go!”

“Pft, hahaha!” Angel burst out laughing and Demoness was giggling while humping my waist with her soaking wet ‘bikini’, still locked onto me with her arms, legs and wings.

I sighed and waved at Lioness, “Don’t worry, I totally understand. I’m definitely the same way. Be careful on your way back!”

Honestly, I wasn’t too worried about her safety, but more concerned she might shit herself before making it all the way back to her castle… Not to mention that she needs to go inside that huge place and find the toilet. Oh well, it wasn’t my problem anymore.

“Let’s go swimming I guess?” I obviously brought all my guns, bows and the left-over ammo into the house first, then I carried the horny little brat who was still latched onto me… All the way down to the end of the pier and jumped off. She was obviously pulled away by the impact and I was free for a moment, but as soon as I emerged from the water, a golden ‘Angel’ smacked into my face… With her pelvis. It sounds hot in theory, but in reality she almost broke my fucking nose and I swallowed some seawater in the process, which wasn’t so great. Not to mention that Michael, who was also in the ocean, was disoriented as well and needed EMP to save him from drowning.

Was I turned on by the two little brats molesting and hugging me every chance they got… Honestly, yes. Why not? I get turned on when I try to piss sometimes, so what’s the big deal? Besides, they looked like kids, but they were already sixteen. That’s like eight years older than Ana and I wasn’t actively doing anything to them.

Just a bunch of mischievous horny girls playing on the beach. Phew~, anyway, eventually the fun had to end because it was starting to get dark and I knew that sooner or later, I’d have a seven-foot-tall crazy woman to deal with very soon. Demoness cried, “Let me help you take care of Mom!” But Angel pulled her sister away with her…

On the other hand, Michael was also coming home after helping EMP drag that canoe into her yard. He brought the plastic containers, cooler, thermos, revolver and knife back with him. Before I left her house, EMP hugged me and even kissed me on the cheek before blushing even harder than usual. I just snickered and told her, “Feel free to give me a call if you need anything. Especially if Scylla wakes up and causes trouble. Actually, should I stick around-”

“No! Ah, umm, sorry, no, it’s fine Michael. Thank you for hanging out with me today. It was really fun.” She hugged me again and then ran back into her yard, closing, then locking the gate before waving at me as I walked away carrying all my shit.

I wanna say that was the end of the chaotic day… And in a way, it was. But the night was definitely not uneventful. By the time I got home, Angel and Demoness were gone, so I didn’t have to ‘meet’ them again. However, Chameleon was awake. And Gemini was already sleeping in bed upstairs. So I had to deal with her by ‘myself’.

Obviously the first thing I did when I got back was to take a shower together with Ana. And fucking the living shit out of myself. It was such a crazy day and I hadn’t really had sex with myself in a while, so it felt way better than normal. To the extent that I came in my ass, then my pussy, and then I ended up sixty-nining in the jacuzzi after the shower. Which is a lot harder than it sounds. Seriously, I eventually gave up after almost drowning while licking Ana’s clit. Then we just took turns and got ‘each other’ off, before enjoying a short bout of relaxation before the big battle ahead.

Then we dried off, wore some boxers and white t-shirts, before heading over to the guest room door. The sky out the window to our right was pretty dark, but there were ceiling lights in the hallway that made it seem slightly less creepy.

I decided it was best for Michael to stay outside, since Chameleon seemed to have severe androphobia even under normal circumstances. It’d be like bringing a giant spider into the room of a person with arachnophobia in order to calm them down…

As soon as Ana reached out and touched the doorknob, a soft voice rang out from inside: “I’m awake. Please come inside.”

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