BCJ, Chapter 107: Ana and Chameleon

When I opened the door, I noticed that the curtains were open and it was possible to see outside the windows of the guest room. You could see the steadily turning wind turbine over there, along with the palm trees swaying in the breeze below the hill and in the distance, there were some flashing lights in the sky; it looked like a storm was coming. That wasn’t really ominous though, we were on a tropical island, it’s actually totally normal to have showers and storms all the time.

The wind blew into the room and was warmer than the cool air in the house, so it felt kinda good to me. Then I looked towards the bed, where a shadowy figure was sitting upright with her legs crossed and her hands resting on her lap. She slowly opened her eyes and they glowed in the darkness, bright yellow.

“I’m sorry.” That was the first thing she said, before sighing and sitting in silence for half a minute.

Eventually I came closer and sat on the edge of the bed, not the foot of course, ‘cause that’s gross. But a lot closer to the pillows. She had made the bed already, so it looked all nice and neat. What she was sitting on was the thick blanket, pretty much in the very center.

“I should have warned you.” Chameleon sighed again, before closing her eyes and whispering: “I remember… Everything.”

“Well I obviously forgive you for the crazy shit you did when you were having a psychotic episode or whatever, but…” I turned to look into her reopened yellow eyes, that were trembling slightly: “You really should have warned me ahead of time. No, there’s a lot you should have told me about way sooner… Actually, you were already on your ‘period’ when you invited me to that chat group, right?”

She paused for a minute before biting her lower lip and bowing her head, “Yes…”

“In other words…” I glared at her while smirking, “You wanted to keep me for yourself, even knowing that you were about to go fucking insane for a few days, so you purposefully kept me in the dark regardless of the obvious dangers? Of which, there are apparently way more than I thought on this goddamn island of death.”

“I’m really sorry Ana, I-I never wanted to hurt you!” Her calm facade broke down pretty quickly and her skin turned from pitch-black to light blue, while her eyes were glowing with a reddish hue.

I sighed and crawled over to the giant crybaby, hugging her extremely smooth naked body tightly and whispering in her ear: “I forgive you, Eve~, but it doesn’t mean I won’t punish you~…”

“Wha~ Ah!” She yelped as I pushed her down onto the bed and started kissing the left side of her neck, right by her ear. Before moving down to the nape, fondling her unreasonably large breasts to the best of my ability as she turned bright pink from embarrassment and arousal. Michael was watching ‘us’ from the open doorway and snickering, before going back to the bedroom in order to bring over the necessary tools for punishing the naughty Chameleon.

Meanwhile I looked up at the ‘shy’ woman and whispered, “You fucking tased me, poisoned me, whipped me, spanked me, flogged me, scratched me, bit me and fucked all my holes with unnecessarily large dildos…”

“I’m so sorry, please forgive me!” Chameleon was still crying, this time way harder than before, but her pink skin revealed that she was more embarrassed than repentant!

So I giggled and then continued, “Hmmm~, but all of that was still within my limits of tolerance since it was still kinda hot… But seriously, what the fuck Eve?! You literally drank my piss and wanted me to take a shit in front of you while treating me like a goddamn dog!”

“Ahh~!” Instead of continuing to apologize, she just cried loudly, though it didn’t stop my relentless assault. My mouth made its way down to her pussy and then she started moaning loudly, while grabbing my hair with both hands. Then I kneeled for a few seconds and took off my t-shirt, which had been clean, and tossed it onto the bed. After that was my boxers, which were also sent flying next to the pillow.

The two of us were actually laying sideways across the bed, so when I crawled over and planted my ass directly onto her crying face, I managed to avoid getting my feet on the upper part of the bed… Though I guess it didn’t really matter that much to me at the moment, because my brain was in full-horny-overdrive mode. 

As I was licking her clit, I didn’t even care that she obviously hadn’t taken a shower yet or washed herself off at all since before she slept. There was a thick white creamy liquid dripping out of her pussy, which I assumed was slightly dried up vaginal fluid. Generally it’s pretty clear when it’s fresh and gets thicker or creamier over time… At least for normal humans. Who the fuck knows what kinda biological processes a superhuman Chimera would have?

“You’re lucky I’m a softie! Sheesh…” I snickered and grabbed the vibrator that was tossed onto the bed from outside the door. It was a rabbit type vibrating dildo, that basically wiggled around while an extra bit vibrated on either the clit or asshole. I chose the clit, since I didn’t want any shitty surprises. Unlike Chameleon, I wasn’t really into piss and shit play, like at all.

Hell, she was already shoving her tongue up my ass, rather than licking my pussy! And this was her ‘normal’ self, not the overexaggerated crazy version! It was kinda amazing to watch your female self sixty-nining with a giant glowing pink woman, but ‘Michael’ continued to play a supporting role rather than participating in order to avoid ruining things. So he tossed out a slightly bulky white wand massager, one which didn’t need to be plugged into an outlet. When it rolled into Chameleon’s shoulder, she reached up and grabbed it before easily turning it on, then using it on my clit as she continued to tongue-massage the inside of my asshole.

Since her pussy and clit were both occupied, I decided to start licking, kissing and even biting her inner thighs. My left hand was also grabbing, fondling and scratching her ass cheek pretty hard. In response, she was about to start scratching me too, but she stopped herself. Probably remembering that her fingernails carried a powerful paralytic venom… She still squeezed and pinched me though.

I just ejaculated like three times not that long ago, but watching that scene was starting to give me yet another boner… So I tossed the final toy over to Ana, before heading back to the master bedroom. That was the weapon of mass destruction that would let me truly demolish Chameleon’s pussy once and for all… Okay, not really. It was just a normal strapon for fuck’s sake. Unlike a certain someone, I didn’t have dildoes that were bigger than my arms or whatever, unless you counted the one that Gemini brought along with her… But still, that wasn’t really formatted to be attached to my strapon, so I could only do the best with what I had.

The strapon I used had a generic beige dildo, about eight inches long and relatively normal thickness, but no balls underneath. After all, when I bought it, I thought Ana could use it on Michael’s ass, and I didn’t really have a testicle fetish. Aside from that, I made sure to get the kind that has an open ass and pussy region, that way… Well, in my original fantasy, I hoped there’d be at least one woman on the island that we could fuck together. In that ideal scenario, Ana would fuck the girl with the strapon and I would stick my dick in Ana’s holes during the process.

Oh well, maybe I could try something like that with Gemini later, but for now, I finished sixty-nining the giant pink woman and she helped me wear the strapon silently. Too embarrassed to even say anything, probably. Then I flipped her over onto her stomach and started pounding into her pussy as hard, fast and violently as I physically could. Which is pretty damn hard, because Ana is a beast and no matter what happened to the dildo, it wouldn’t really cause me to flinch in pain or discomfort.

Chameleon on the other hand was screaming, whining, moaning and even crying towards the end, as I was squeezing, smacking and scratching her ass, occasionally grabbing her tits a bit too tightly on purpose, or pinching her nipples. She didn’t have hair, so at some point I found myself wrapping my right arm around her throat and choking the shit outta her… Finally, she ‘came’ and made a huge mess all over the bed, before blacking out for a few minutes.

Only then did I calm down a bit and then grumble, “God Dammit! Now I gotta clean this shit up?! Ugh… And I didn’t even cum…” I smirked as I turned the heavily breathing woman over onto her back. She had a smile on her bright pink lips, while her neck was actually purple from bruising rather than her usual color-changing scaly skin. Michael chuckled as he looked into the room from the hallway.

He had a boner, obviously. I was contemplating having sex with Gemini, but decided against it. Just felt like, well, wrong-ish. She definitely told me several times that I could and should do it, but maybe our relationship hadn’t reached that level quite yet. Not to mention I still had another horny body, and she wasn’t quite satisfied with ‘abusing’ Chameleon into unconsciousness…

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