BCJ, Chapter 108: Bad Decisions

That’s when I got a devious and kinda fucked up idea, even for me. We both went over to the wet bed and picked up the sleeping beauty, carrying her down to the basement. Then we used handcuffs to bind her wrists to her ankles, similar to how she was when I first brought her into the house. Then we left her on the mat and put a gag in her mouth, which I washed off earlier, obviously.

Finally, I closed the door and pressed Ana down onto the mat next to her ‘girlfriend’ and shoved my cock up her already well-lubricated asshole. It really turned me on way more than I thought it would, just thinking about how Chameleon’s magical saliva was coating my penis… Of course, it also felt kinda tingly, increasing my sensitivity drastically. Almost as if my sore dick was being healed rapidly. Oh wait, because it probably was! In case you forgot, apparently one of her special abilities was that her saliva had restorative properties.

In hindsight, maybe cucking my lesbian girlfriend with a dude, who is also me, wasn’t the best idea… But when you’re horny, sometimes you make stupid mistakes.

Understandably, the first thing that Chameleon did after opening her eyes was look on in stupefaction as I fucked her girlfriend in the asshole. Then her skin turned bright red, like a damn volcanic eruption and once her irises were glowing red as well… She easily broke free of her cuffs, made a muffled scream through her nose as the gag was blocking her mouth, then pushed me off of Ana right when I was about to cum.

The sudden attack kinda prevented me from ejaculating, which was uncomfortable to say the least, but more importantly… She didn’t stop with just pushing me like that. The seven foot tall crimson giantess jumped on top of me, first making a huge bloody scratch from my left cheek down to my right thigh in one swipe, then punched my other cheek hard enough for me to taste purple for a moment. Not a great feeling I might add. Something I hadn’t experienced since, oh wait, no… I guess I felt that way a lot of times when I tried to spar with Ana more recently. 

Regardless, the shock to my head also affected Ana, since we were literally a single entity in the mental sense. When one brain was smacked around, my Hivemind apparently takes at least half the damage.

“Fuck, stop it!” Ana got up and screamed at Chameleon, before wrapping her legs around the woman’s slender waist and her arms around her long neck. This time was different from before though, because she wasn’t in horny mode and having an orgasm. So she elbowed Ana in the ribs with her right arm, while reaching back and grabbing her hair with the other.

In the meantime, Michael woke up but was a little woozy and starting to feel the effects of the venom. Still, I had enough strength left to get up and kick her in the diaphragm with my heel, before charging forward and slapping her really fucking hard across the right cheek. Why didn’t I punch? Well, I didn’t actually wanna do that much damage and slapping is way more effective in making someone ‘wake up’ than punching. Speaking of which, Michael totally passed out onto the mat two seconds afterwards while still having a boner. After all, I was seriously right about to cum and then fought against a beautiful naked woman, so it’d be weird if I had gotten soft somehow.

While she was shocked and stunned by the kick-slap combo, Ana released her leg grip and then used all her strength to pull Chameleon down onto the mat, before changing positions and wrapping her really strong thighs around that purplish neck. My pussy was rubbing up against her throat, while my ass cheeks were right on her actual cheek. It was pretty hot to be honest.

Then I reached out and dragged Michael closer to me, before quickly sucking his pulsating cock… Yeah, what can I say? Even if he was paralyzed and mostly numb, he was still awake and really turned on. So my first instinct was to suck myself off!

Fortunately, I was just about to cum and it only took a few seconds before I started choking on my own jizz. Which is not particularly fun by the way. I still kept jerking for a bit after that to ‘get it all out’, before turning my attention to the girlfriend I still had in a leglock.

She went from red to blue, to purple and then brownish before she slapped my ass three times, basically ‘tapping out’. After that, I finally released the chokehold and let out a long sigh. As she stood up and looked down at the two of me, although her skin was brown, her irises were still bright red.

The she took off the gag and roared, “What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

And I screamed back, “What the fuck is wrong with ‘you’?!”

“Me?! I was trying to protect you from ‘him’!” She retorted while pointed towards the paralyzed man behind me.

“What the fucking fuck?!” I stood up and growled, “I am ‘him’! How many damn times do I gotta say this shit?! My name is Michael Cinagra!”

“Your name is Anael! You’re Eve-77 and my sister!” The brown skin quickly started to be covered with bright red pulsating veins as she shouted, which honestly looked kinda cool.

I glared at her and then sighed, before laughing hysterically: “I’m sorry Chameleon, but no. Your ‘sister’ was a motherfucking vegetable. I’m sorry for your loss, but no matter how much you want her to ‘wake up’, she can’t! No matter how much you torture me, I ain’t gonna just suddenly stop being myself! It’s been three months… Three months since I woke up in this body, as this other person of my own creation. Do you want me to lie and pretend that I’m someone that I ain’t?! Because I refuse. If you actually like me, then fine, I’m willing to try and make this work… But you need to ‘wake up’ and realize that this-” I pointed towards Michael, then towards my own face.

“This is who I am. I’m two fucking people. And it’s complicated enough as it is!” After that, I let out another sigh and shook my head… Because Chameleon was no longer turning red, but dark, deep blue. And then she started crying as she curled up in a ball on the mat.

“Shit… Ugh… Now I feel like an asshole.” I mean, I am an asshole, like what the fuck is wrong with me? But it wasn’t until that moment that I snapped out of my angry-horny brain, and switched into the overly-empathetic remorseful mode.

Honestly though, I thought she might end up fighting me, but never expected her to start acting like a little kid. Then again, it wasn’t hard to imagine in retrospect. I’ve had plenty of mental breakdowns too in my life. Everyone has. It’s a part of being ‘human’. We need to be broken so that we can grow stronger, or some such bullshit.

“Haaah~” After letting out a long, drawn-out sigh, I laid down behind Chameleon and hugged her without saying anything. Eventually Michael regained the ability to move, so he headed upstairs and started working on cleaning the bedding in the guest room. By that I mean, taking them off, bringing them down to the basement and slowly putting them into the washing machine. I started with the blanket, which I had to do on its own, but after that I didn’t really have anything better to do, so I just went upstairs and went to sleep next to Gemini. Who was snoring really loudly from two mouths by the way.

I’m used to this. Consoling a crying girlfriend was like 90% of my relationship experience that I can remember from the ‘ancient era’ of my teenage love story. There was always something wrong, all I could do was try to make her feel better.

Anyway, eventually Chameleon calmed down and her skin returned to its most ‘natural’ state of dark-brown. Her eyes were still light blue though, as if they were filled with sadness and pain as she sat up to get into a cross-legged meditation pose. I copied her and just sat there in silence, staring into her eyes, until finally…

“I’m sorry.” She was the first to say it, but I immediately said it too. Then she smiled wryly, “I know. I know you aren’t really my sister. I know she doesn’t really exist anymore. And I know that I’m just… Crazy. I’m sorry that you had to put up with-”

“Stop.” I cut her off and smiled gently, “It’s my turn to apologize. I shouldn’t have gone that far. I shouldn’t have well, tried to do a fucked up cuck-play without warning you or even talking to you first. But more importantly, I shouldn’t have gotten so angry with you… I know you’re on your super-period or whatever and your emotions are extremely unstable. Which for you, is literally a matter of life and death. So I’m sorry. And I forgive you for freaking out. By the way, maybe we should umm, take those cuffs off now?”

She still had the chainless handcuffs on her wrists and ankles by the way. Fortunately, I brought the keys down to the basement from the very beginning. And they were even sitting right there on a bench nearby.

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