BCJ, Chapter 110: Yin-Yang Cultivation

“Well to be fair, she was a fucking lunatic apparently.” I snickered and shook my head at the crying woman. Then I shrugged my shoulders, “Either that or she was manipulated by something into going there and activating that weird ancient device or alien artifact. Hell, she didn’t even listen to you, who should have been the person who cared the most about her in the world, and risked both of your lives for sheer curiosity? So what happened after that?”

“It was…” She sniffled and struggled to regain her composure, the blue skin turning back to brown: “It was pretty easy to escape. All I had to do was go to the entrance of the cave and all of the sudden I was tossed out of the rift by that same black tentacle. I waited there for the rest of the night, but once the sun started coming up, I had to go home… I was naked after all, so the sunlight would burn my skin really badly.”

Chameleon had to take a few deep breaths to calm down further, “That’s when the nightmares started. In my dreams I saw Ana, trapped in that whirlpool of bones, sitting cross legged like that skeleton and smiling at me. Her left eye was pitch black, with a white pupil, the right eye was white with a black pupil and no iris. Then those remains started regaining their flesh, transforming into men, women and various animals… And then I had to watch as she was gang-raped by all of them.”

“I mean, I’ve been gangraped in lots of dreams. All kinds of crazy shit happens in dreams.” I smirked and shook my head, “So that’s why you hate men or what?”

“I don’t hate men Ana!” She shouted and complained, “You keep interrupting me. Even your annoying habits are the same as ‘hers’. Uh, umm… So every night I would go to the rift and wait for her to emerge, while every day I would sleep at home and dream about her… After the first few, the dreams became more complex. Instead of just a chaotic massive orgy, it was like I had to watch the lives of each one of those reanimated corpses. Some of them lived and died on the island, others were sailors and slaves who lived here back before Infinity took it over as a base. I think, as part of some ritual, Ana needed to experience ‘Samsara’. A cycle of death and rebirth in order to gain ‘that’ power. And she did. Eventually. When she emerged a year later, Ana barely recognized me anymore. She barely seemed human at all… The physical changes weren’t very significant, just those violet eyes and runes covering her body, but the way she looked at the world was warped. Her Psychic powers had reached the point where not only did her Telepathy allow her to communicate through her mind, but she could alter peoples memories with ease or make them ignore and forget about her existence altogether. Which is why the others don’t remember Ana like I do… Maybe.”

Chameleon eventually closed her blue eyes and opened pure red ones, “Even though her body looked the same, Ana’s personality was gone. Replaced by ‘Him’. He called himself Ecstacy, the Devil of Dreams and Desires. Told me that ‘This world is quite interesting. I shall enjoy watching it burn in the flames of Lust.’ And then, they just flew away. We were still on Earth at the time, so it wasn’t long before Infinity came to find me and ask what happened. I wanted to save Ana, so I told them the truth. But they didn’t seem bothered at all. Just ‘intrigued’, and slightly amused. As if a fucking Devil descending on the world was of no great consequence and a pretty normal occurrence! They even paid me a million dollars to keep things confidential! Telling me that they would return Ana to me soon. And I guess, they did. But she was in a coma. And she was you.”

“Ah!” I nodded, “That’s actually pretty clever, haha~! So yeah, then what’s the deal with Ecstasy then? Are they still on Earth? How did they possess you and they even said they were targeting me now?”

“I don’t really know.” She shook her head, “Maybe Ana was only an Avatar at that time. And the main body was still in that cave somewhere… Or it ‘is’ the cave itself? I never did see that weird tentacle monster’s true form, so it’s a mystery. Just… Ana, please don’t go back into that rift… Please. I’m begging you. Just stay with me.”

I smiled wryly, “Eve… No, Chameleon. I don’t know what the fuck was wrong with your Ana’s brainbox back then, but I ain’t that fuckin brave or stupid. I don’t go delving into magical ruins or creepy caverns! I’m totally content staying in my house all day every day, maybe going out to my yard every now and then… Now that I made friends with all the neighbors, I might go as far as the castle or Gemini’s house, which I haven’t visited yet by the way. Still curious about what such a giant woman’s place would look like… I mean, the moral of the story is that my survival instincts are way too high to risk my life so easily! Especially not now that I have so many beautiful, horny women who wanna fuck my brains out all day every day… Also, I think Gemini might be pregnant so I’m gonna be a father-slash-mother soon too… Holy shit, I’m getting kinda stressed out just thinking about it… Anyway, how ‘bout we go make some dinner-breakfast or whatever?”

Chameleon smiled and laughed sincerely for the first time since she ‘woke up’, “Ana… Okay. I’ll cook you anything you want to eat. But first I umm, I need to go to the bathroom.” It was understandable, since she hadn’t really pissed or shit since, who knows how long. She probably also wanted to take a shower, and so did I.

“Alright then! You use the downstairs bathroom and I’ll go upstairs to take a quick shower in the meantime.” As for washing off the gym mat… I could do that tomorrow, since I was way too tired.

“I could just go home, no, I should probably go home anyway. I need to check on my birds and stuff… Maybe, you could come over and spend the night at my place? I promise I won’t suddenly go psycho again and lock you in Demoness’ dungeon…” She smirked and chuckled a bit.

“Oh, there is one more thing I forgot to mention.” Chameleon sighed, “Ecstasy taught me… Well, he taught me the meditation and breathing technique I use. He said that it would only show its true potential to the ‘Awakened’, which was his term for Psychics. I’ve taught it to Gemini, Cicada, Demoness and Angel but… They either gave up really easily or purposefully avoided using it so that their powers didn’t grow stronger or cause anymore side effects. Supposedly in order for the technique to work properly, you need a partner… He said that the perfect use requires a male and female duo, but it also works for two women or men to a lesser degree.”

“Like I said, Yin-Yang Cultivation bullshit!” I couldn’t help but laugh, “You can teach me this ‘secret technique’ tomorrow… Tonight, I just wanna take a shower, eat dinner and go the fuck to sleep. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually too tired to have sex right now.”

Yeah, in the wild world of various cultivation novels, Yin-Yang Cultivation techniques were often called Dual Cultivation. Basically fucking to get stronger. Honestly, I had my suspicious from the moment Infinity started talking about having sex and improving Michael’s health. The whole fucking Adam and Eve Project seemed like their attempt to ‘create’ humans that could become Immortal Cultivators. Even if it wasn’t to that extreme, at the very least their goals obviously went further than just perfecting humanity using genetic engineering and cloning. Maybe they were trying to recreate some ancient monsters they discovered on these parallel worlds they apparently had access to for over a hundred years at the very least.

Hmmm, anyway, enough about that nonsense. After Chameleon chuckled and went home, I took the wet blanket out of the wash, shoved it in the drier and then turned it on. I also put the sheets, pillow cases and other bedding into the washing machine, but I didn’t put in the bleach or hit the button yet. After all, I needed to go take a shower and didn’t wanna lose water pressure. Only after I was all cleaned up, pissed and took a mini-shit, I went back downstairs and hit the button to start up the washer.

“When I was younger~, I climbed a tree~, and from its branches~, I saw the sea~… Umm, hmmn, hmmn~ da-da-dada-dah~!” As I walked up the stairs, I couldn’t help but start singing with a smirk on my face. Well, mostly humming because I’m terribad at remembering lyrics. It was some English cover of an Anime theme song that I didn’t even watch… Yeah, my music taste is chaotic. Just like that whole day, but at the end of it all, I was still happy.

I mean, why wouldn’t I be happy? There were two girls who loved me, I had a few new ‘real life’ friends that I could hang out with in person, and I lived on a motherfucking beautiful tropical island! My house wasn’t a mansion, but it was practically a fortress and had more room than I even needed. And all my friends had similar homes, which I could use at any time if I really wanted. We had an abundance of food, running water, electricity and while I might have to cut back on toilet paper usage, I could last years without running out of basic supplies.

It was like a fantasy, and I was the main character. Hell, I could even potentially cultivate into some kinda immortal superhuman demigod or something! What’s not to love?

Hmmm, why does it feel like I’m jinxing myself?

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