BCJ, Chapter 111: Chef

Although I am pretty lazy, I was still a little worried about leaving the house completely naked and unarmed. So I ended up putting on black boxers and grabbing the .44 magnum revolver. I didn’t carry any extra ammo, since if six shots weren’t enough, I’d probably be dead by then anyway. I didn’t bother bringing a holster either, since I didn’t wanna wear a belt directly on my skin like a weirdo.

Besides, once I got outside and sprinted for a few seconds, I was already in front of Chameleon’s door. I called her before heading out, otherwise I would’ve been an idiot and had to stand outside in the dark creepy night with the mosquitoes devouring me until she was done whatever she had to do…

The front door was unlocked, so I opened it and went inside. Then I heard Chameleon shouting from down the hallway, “Make sure to lock the door!” So I did. After all, who knows what kinda monsters were lurking about out there.

“Wow, that smells really good!” I snickered and headed through the living room, down the dark hallway, and into the dimly lit kitchen. It smelled like garlic, tomatoes, some kinda fish and various cheeses mixed together with basil, oregano, maybe thyme or sage, I don’t really know, but essentially generic Italian seasonings… Pizza, it smelled like fish pizza of some sort. And I was amazed when I saw her already taking it out of the oven.

I couldn’t help but ask, “How the hell did you cook that so fast?!” She was only gone for less than an hour for fuck’s sake! And she had time to not only take a shower, shit, piss or whatever else and then make a pizza?

“Haha~!” She chuckled at my shocked expression and shook her head with a gentle smile on her lips, “Of course not. I always have a large stock of pre-made frozen and refrigerated meals… I figured you were too tired and wanted something right away, or I would have taken my time to make something from scratch. I hope you like calamari pizza? Umm, Ana used to love anything with seafood and I remember you telling me that you were the same?”

“Definitely! I mean, I’ve never had ‘calamari pizza’ before, but I’m starving and it looks-slash-smells delicious so~, thank you!” I casually placed the loaded revolver on the corner of the dining table and sat down as the massive pizza was placed in the middle. Then I got up and walked over to the kitchen sink before washing my hands with soap, because I touched both the door outside and the gun that I forgot to ‘clean’ properly in my haste. Either way, it was also good manners to wash my hands before eating, I think?

The pizza had a thin crust, parmesan, mozzarella and maybe some other types of cheeses on it, some sliced up bell peppers, hot pepperoncinis, jalapenos, for fuck’s sake it even had habeneros! I started to worry about the state of my mouth and bowels after eating it, but decided not to think too much and take a big slice. Aside from the shrivelled up squid pieces, there were also some chunks of crab meat and maybe even lobster. My lips couldn’t help twitching as I thought about how expensive such a ‘pie’ would be if you bought it in a restaurant…

“I’m so glad that I decided to come to this island.” That was the first thing I said after taking a bite, then my mouth started burning like crazy and before I could even ask, Chameleon sat down to my right and handed me a large black mug of sweetened iced tea. It looked like… Well, exactly the same as the ones I had in my house.

She sighed and said, “It’s… Ana’s. The other Ana used to really love iced tea and passion fruit or mango juice. Your tastes are so similar, I can’t help but hope that one day you’ll really ‘wake up’ and remember our life together. But even if you don’t, even if you really are a completely different person… Ana, I love you.”

“I love you too.” It came out so naturally that I was a little surprised, but then I kissed her on her pinkening lips as the blush spread across her whole face, neck, head and chest. Even her irises turned pink, before slowly returning to their natural brown as my face pulled away from hers. I said, “Sorry but my mouth feels like it’s on fire, so I gotta drink something hahaha~!” 

After I drank a few mouthfuls of tea, I kissed her for a much longer time and eventually she pushed me away a little before whispering: “Sorry, but I’m really hungry and we should eat before the food gets cold…”

“I guess that’s true, hehe~!” I giggled and then said, “But your saliva… Is fucking amazing. Seriously, my mouth doesn’t even burn anymore after kissing you for a bit?”

Chameleon licked her lips and looked away shyly, before she started stuffing her face dangerously fast. Each slice of pizza was huge, but she finished off two before I could eat half of mine! Of course, she had the cheats of being really big and being immune to spiciness… Still, it was really impressive to me. I figured that I could maybe eat a slice and a half total, but she looked like she was gonna finish off the whole rest of the enormous pizza. Although she was a lot bigger than me, I had to wonder where the fuck all the food was going because her stomach didn’t seem to bulge at all, no matter how much she gorged herself.

Then again, I figured that it might be enhanced stomach acid or something. I mean, everything about us was improved over normal humans, minus the obvious negative side effects like her weakness to sunlight.

“That was fucking amazing…” I couldn’t help but compliment the blushing woman sitting next to me, “You’re really an incredible chef Chameleon.”

She burped really loudly, then blushed and hiccuped, struggling to say: “Th-up~! Thank you!”

“Hahaha~!” I smiled at her as she nervously drank some orange juice, then some grape juice, and finally a glass of pomegranate juice. She really had a ton of different fruit juices. Some of which were obviously freshly squeezed from the fruits on the island.

Eventually she stopped hiccuping and calmed down a bit, returning to her usual skin tone. Then she sighed and looked over at the kitchen, “Cooking is something I’ve always enjoyed… Hmmm, maybe not the cooking part, but the satisfaction of watching people you love, truly enjoy the meals you made for them. Ana used to cook with me all the time too, but she was… Not that good. She wasn’t terrible or anything like that. She just didn’t have the same passion and motivation as I did. Ana also wasn’t very good at fishing. She never had the patience. So those were two of my main jobs.”

“This Ana character really seems relatable…” I smirked and leaned my head against her shoulder, closing my eyes and whispering: “Eve, I need to sleep…”

I called her Eve. I know it was kinda like calling someone ‘Girl’ or ‘Woman’, since there were so many ‘Eves’, but still… I liked the name. And it was easier to say than Chameleon. And since she was technically the oldest Eve on the island, that I knew about at least, I felt like it was perfectly fine to call her that. Fifty-Six would seem a little weird though.

“Hmmn, well… You might not like it. My bedroom is a little, weird.” After she said that, she got up and actually carried me like a ‘princess’, with one arm behind my knees and the other around my shoulders, with her hand grabbing my armpit. It made me laugh a bit, when I thought about how both of my ‘girlfriends’ were giants.

It only took a few moments to reach the door, since it was in the middle of the hallway on the western side. Chameleon struggled a bit to twist the doorknob while still holding me in her arms, so I reached out and did it for her… Then she brought me into the room and turned on the lights.

“This is a bedroom? Are you sure about that?” I couldn’t help but ask. There was no bed. In fact, there was nothing on the floor at all. It was just six or eight large tatami mats, as if it was a fucking Japanese dojo. Tatami mats are made out of some kinda straw and probably have a wooden core or some other material. They felt a little hard, but still kinda soft and cool. Her house was significantly warmer than mine by the way. It made me wonder if maybe the situation of my freezer-like basement was unique? Either way, there weren’t even any pillows in the damn room!

“This is my meditation room.” Chameleon put me down on the center of the floor, before kneeling down next to me: “Angel and Demoness… Their old rooms have beds. But I spend most of my time here.”


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  1. Decided to try to edit a few chapters every day and post them in bulk like this more regularly. I’m writing chapter 920 and at this rate, I’ll seriously never get around to posting them all within a few years. That’s just what I’ve written thus far. I write a chapter or two a day, so at the current posting rate it’ll never be finished lmao.


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