BCJ, Chapter 112: Daredevil

On the walls were large paintings. The one directly in the center of the eastern wall was a portrait of… Me. Or more specifically, Ana. She was naked and sitting cross legged with a black-sheathed and handled katana resting across her legs. That same weapon was hanging on the wall below the picture. Ana was gently smiling at the person taking the picture, which was probably used for the painting.

“Did you-” Before I could ask, Chameleon shook her head.

“I took the picture, but my artistic talent is… Not ‘that’ good. Angel is an incredible artist. She painted all of these… Though she likely can’t remember most of them.” There was a deep sadness in those dark-blue eyes as she looked around at the numerous paintings of her ‘Ex’. A lot of the paintings on the walls were actually just landscapes or pictures of the moon and stars. Some sakura trees and stuff like that.

“Is this room a fucking armory or what? Hahaha~!” After the paintings, the second thing I noticed were the weapons. It was a decent sized room. And almost every damn inch of it was covered with all sorts of swords, bows, spears, axes, maces, hammers, shields, knives, polearms… It wasn’t chaotic though. Everything was extremely orderly to an obsessive compulsive degree. Honestly it seemed like something my mother would decorate, because I would never have that kinda patience or artistic talent.

“All the weapons were made by Gemini and Ana over the years. I have more in storage, but most of those were bought from Infinity or were ‘inferior’ works of those two… Angel helped me set up this room to make it more ‘zen’. Although I usually meditate in complete darkness, so it would probably be fine even if it didn’t look as good.” Chameleon chuckled and let out a long sigh as she gazed up at the pictures of Ana. Most of which had her holding various weapons and making poses. There were a few where she was fighting against giant bears, lizards, snakes and even underwater, stabbing a huge shark with a spear as it was trying to eat her tiny ass.

“Umm…” I started to notice the theme after a while and had to ask, “Was Ana a fucking daredevil or something? Why was she always climbing mountains, hunting giant monsters and… Are these all paintings based on photos that you took? How the hell did you even do that?”

“Hmmm~” She smiled at me as her skin turned darker, until it was pitch black. Then she opened her completely black eyes, without even a spec of white sclera and said: “How do you think? Our Infinity cellphones have pretty nice cameras on them and they’re waterproof. As long as it’s dark out, I can take a picture of anyone or anything. My scent can be suppressed and my body temperature blends in with the surroundings. Even against Infinity’s technology, I can still sneak around to places they don’t want me to know about. While Ana… Was always really reckless and bloodthirsty… And unfaithful. But she had a strange charisma. As if she was the main character of the world. She was never afraid of failure or death.”

“Are you sure she wasn’t already a fucking Devil from the start?” I snickered and shook my head. Honestly, she sounded like she really could have been a dream version of ‘me’. A person detached from the fetters of reality and just doing whatever the hell they felt like, without giving a shit about the consequences.

“Maybe.” Chameleon sighed again, “But when you’re in love, it’s hard to notice problems like that. Besides that, I was young and naive back then. I’m older and more mature now.” Her skin started getting lighter until it was the same tan color as the mats she was sitting on, then her irises returned to their usual brown, with normal white sclera.

“You’re still a few years younger than me though. Hmmm, wait a minute. What the fuck?” Then I realized something wrong with the timeline, “Ana was born seven years ago. You’re like twelve years older than her… In real time, but you said that you experienced six years total in this other world. But how is it possible that Ana was with you for the first five years in the other world? So at most, she would be eight years old ‘now’. How the fuck?”

Gemini and Cicada are eighteen, while the two brats are sixteen. There’s obviously a pretty big time gap somewhere. I mean for fuck’s sake, Ana was supposedly only born seven years ago so even if she experienced six more years, she’d only be thirteen.

“That… Is true.” She looked shocked and confused for a moment, then furrowed her brows and looked up at the painting of Ana: “I… Hmmm, this is weird. Did she alter my memories too?”

“Well, there is another possibility.” I snickered, “This ‘Ana’ is seven years old. But they might have taken my DNA way earlier and started the experiments before they ever asked me for permission and then erased my memory of it. For that matter, they could’ve taken my stem cells from back when I was a baby and started experimenting with it from way back then. In that case, it wouldn’t be too strange for an Ana to grow up with you. Either that or maybe she went through a rift and ended up in the past? Who knows. I think it’s better that we don’t think too much about this kinda bullshit.”

Chameleon smiled wryly at me, “It’s true. I remember so much about Ana, but there are still so many things that don’t really make any sense at all. I know that she was there during those first five years in this world. And I know that she’s been gone for at least a few years now. But I can’t remember the exact timing. Infinity has ways to erase or alter memories too. Sometimes I wonder if everything I’ve experienced so far is just something they planted in my brain… But then I think about Ana, Demoness and Angel…”

“Yeah, I know how ya feel.” I patted her on the shoulder and leaned up against her side, yawning and hugging her waist tightly: “I wanna go to sleep… But I have to piss really bad… So I’ll be back~!”

After that I got up and went to the bathroom, drank a shot of fruit juice and came back to the room where that tan-skinned beauty was meditating in silence. Her eyes were closed and it honestly seemed like she could be asleep. Of course, when I laid my head down on her lap, she smiled and gazed into my eyes.

“When it comes to time travel, mind control and other dimensions…” I yawned again, “Aaah~… It’s best not to think too hard about it. All I know is that I’m here right now. On a tropical island. With you, and Gemini. Two sexy giants who love me for some strange reason. And I’m happy. I’m content. Hmm, and… I love you Eve.”

“I love you too Ana.” She gently ran her fingers through my hair as I fell asleep.

There was another possibility. The most likely one by the way… That other Ana didn’t exist. Chameleon was a crazy stalker who imagined a whole fake life together with me and even had Angel paint some pictures for her based on her own imagination.

Aside from that, with all the weird experiments that Infinity has done over the years, it’s not impossible that they could have created a shapeshifter or two. Hmmm, lies are also possible. Either Infinity, Gemini, Chameleon… Everyone could be lying.

The truth is that I didn’t know. And I wasn’t sure. But at the very least, I’d rather enjoy myself than ruin my relationships with the people I would be stuck with for an unknown amount of time over my own skeptical imagination.

So I went to sleep. But I had a terrible nightmare. In the dream, I woke up and found myself back in the basement. Everything felt so wrong, because I was actually in the house I lived in from the time I was four all the way up to seventeen. It was a big waterfront house, but the waterfront wasn’t right. Instead of a dirty shitty creek, it was a beautiful ocean.

The whole time I kept looking for someone, anyone, but I was all alone. There were no neighbors and the backyard was a jungle. My parents weren’t home, my grandmother wasn’t there, neither was her boyfriend and… Even Ana wasn’t there. It was just me, Michael. The lonely bearded twenty-seven year old shut-in who was out of shape and for some reason, my teeth kept falling out?

Then a bear broke through one of the many giant windows and started chasing me around the house for a few hours, nearly killing me many times. I tried to fight it, but it was like my arms had no strength at all. Even when I kicked it, I only felt like I was hitting a fluffy pillow and the bear smacked me across the room with ease.

Eventually the bear started sucking my dick?

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