BCJ, Chapter 113: Good Morning

When I opened my eyes and looked downward, there really was a ‘bear’ sucking my dick. But she had two heads and looked a lot sexier. Gemini’s four grey eyes were staring up at me as one of her left mouth had completely engulfed my cock down to the base and the right was sucking on my testicle… Which actually kinda hurt to be honest. It still looked really hot though, regardless of how my balls were aching.

It didn’t last long though, because within only a few seconds of her tongue twirling around my shaft I ended up cumming down her throat. To be fair though, she was obviously sucking me off for a while before that when I was asleep.

Of course, even after I came, she didn’t stop. Gemini just stopped sucking on my testicle and started giggling, while my dick was still being devoured by her other mouth. As I twitched and fidgeted from the crazy sensitivity, she said: “Goodmorning Michael, did you have a nice dream?”

“Honestly, I prefer reality.” I snickered and ran my fingers through her messy white hair, “How long have you been awake?” 

I looked around and noticed the windows were open, with a cool morning ocean breeze blowing into the brightly lit bedroom. But then I noticed that it wasn’t really that sunny out, but fairly cloudy. That wasn’t really strange for a tropical island though.

“A few minutes…” She chuckled and then finally released my penis, licking her lips seductively, “I’m surprised you slept so soundly though. I woke up a few times to go to the bathroom and drink some water, but I haven’t noticed you get up once yet. Or even react when I got in and out of bed…”

“I must’ve been exhausted-Oh shit!” As soon as my boner started to wear off, I literally almost pissed myself. But when I tried to get up, Gemini grinned with both mouths and then used all four arms to hold me down. By the way, she must weigh like four hundred pounds at least… I mean seriously, she’s over eight feet tall and fairly muscular, with extra limbs! That thick tail was wagging around behind her back as she watched me squirm.

That’s when I smirked and used my secret technique! I reached up and started tickling her sides. It was a grave mistake though, because when she started squirming and cackling, she fell right on top of me, almost squeezing the piss right outta my bladder in the process! I had to struggle to push her off of me and then sprint down the hallway to the bathroom, barely making it to the toilet in time.

As I was in the middle of pissing, the giantess entered the bathroom while still laughing softly. Eventually she casually sat down on the other toilet, which could barely fit her massive ass. Not to mention the fact that she had to hold her tail to the side with one of her smaller arms in order to keep it from rubbing up against the lid. By the time she started pissing, which sounded like a damn waterfall by the way, I was already pretty much done. The toilet flushed automatically when I waved my hand in front of a sensor and then I went straight into the shower. Did I forget to mention the automatic toilets before? Well, they also had normal levers too, in case the power went out or something just went wrong with the sensor.

When I got out of the shower, Gemini was busy brushing her two sets of teeth, which reminded me that I forgot to brush my teeth before going to sleep. Thus I went up to the sink next to hers and pulled my thin electric toothbrush out from a little plastic container, along with the half-empty toothpaste tube. The thick white goop spurted out onto the brush before I closed the lid with one hand and put the tube back into the container, then I hit the little rubbery button to turn on the vibrating and gyrating toothbrush head. 

As I started brushing my teeth, which sounded like I had a vibrator in my mouth, Gemini snickered and said: “You should get used to regular toothbrushes. Batteries don’t last that long, even if you don’t use them. Sooner or later, you’ll run out.”

After I finished brushing my teeth and started washing off the brush part, I told her: “I don’t know… For whatever reason, this specific brand seems to last for four to six months with only a single battery. Good batteries can last over four years if you store them in cool temperatures, hence why I keep a couple boxes of the fancy shit in the basement. Speaking of which, shit, I gotta go finish washing the bedding that Chameleon squirted all over… And make the guest bed, and ugh, wash the mat downstairs.”

When I looked in the mirror in front of me, and stopped staring at Gemini’s four tits or her fluffy white pubes, I realized that Chameleon’s claw marks had left a pretty nasty scar across my whole damn body. It started from my right cheek, which wasn’t that noticeable due to the beard, but it went down my neck, across my pec, around my nipple, down my abs, past my waist and almost to my fucking knee.

Gemini noticed me touching it and snickered, “You must’ve really pissed Chameleon off, huh? What’d you do? Try to fuck her with Ana? You know she’s a hardcore lesbian, right? You’re lucky she didn’t rip your dick off.”

“Umm, no.” I sighed and shook my head, “I tied her up or well, cuffed her up a bit when she passed out after having an orgasm while Ana was fucking her really hard with a strapon. Hence the soiled bedding. Then I brought her down to the basement and laid her down on the mat-Why are you masturbating?”

“Don’t mind me, continue…” She giggled and casually sat on the kitchen sink, which made me cringe a bit since she was literally just on the toilet. But watching her fingering herself so vigorously reminded me that she sucked me off earlier, yet I never did anything to return the favor.

“Ahem, so I laid her down on the mat and started fucking Ana in the asshole, which Chameleon’s tongue had been ‘massaging’ earlier…” I heard a moan and then watched Gemini shove her tail into her pussy, using it like a dildo as she smirked at me: “So yeah, she woke up and saw me fucking her ‘girlfriend’… And uh, was not very happy. She pushed me off of Ana, scratched me and nearly knocked my ass out from a single punch, then I jumped on her back-as Ana obviously-and she elbowed me in the ribs while I was choking her with my arms. Michael got up and kicked her in the solar plexus, then slapped her in the face before falling down from the venom, while I umm… Used my leverage to pull her down, wrap my legs around her throat and nearly choked her out on the mat with my pussy rubbing against her throat, and my soaking wet ass planted on her face.”

“Ahh~!” Ignoring the fact that I just got out of the shower and she was relatively dirty, I went over and slid my dick into her pussy. It was crazy tight and felt a little strange, since her tail was pressing up against the bottom and wiggling around, while also throbbing slightly. She grabbed my ass with both huge hands and my face smacked into the sweaty crevice between her four breasts. She was still rubbing her clit with her left smaller hand, while the right was grabbing underneath my balls, locking my cock in position for her to lift me up by my ass with her bigger arms. My whole body was used like a giant sex doll, which was kinda hot on its own, but the combination of everything made it really difficult to keep from ejaculating too quickly.

Speaking of which, I noticed that the more I had sex, the more comfortable I was with Gemini and the faster I was cumming… Although that didn’t really mean much, since I usually stayed hard long enough for a second or third shot.

“Like I said~, ah~! You’re lucky she didn’t rip your dick off! Aaah~, and so am I~! Hahaha~!” Like I mentioned previously, Gemini gets super loud when she’s having sex. I mean like, EMP could probably hear us over on her property since the bathroom window was wide open. Eventually I couldn’t hold it anymore, and neither could she, so we both ended up cumming at the same time… Yeah, I think you know where this is going now.

Her eyes rolled up into the back of her head and then my sight was gone… I couldn’t see anything. I just felt warm and safe… And really wet. I could hear muffled voices, but the words were difficult to understand. As I reached around and tried to move, it felt like I was rubbing against a giant meat-bubble that surrounded me in every direction. Without much difficulty, I figured out that I was probably a fetus in someone or something’s womb. After all, it was a big island, there were lots of ‘Rejects’ and they were reproducing with each other somehow, so I figured it could just be one of the many babies that were soon to be born into this other world.

Then I opened my eyes again and found myself still being used by Gemini as a sex toy. Even as she used her power, apparently she could still keep moving her body and had wicked smiles on her two faces. It made me wonder what kinda strange shit she was peeping on. Eventually she closed her eyes and opened them again, staring down at me as I struggled to keep from being suffocated from her titty prison technique.

“I just had an amazing vision.” She giggled and asked, “What did you see?”

“Nothing.” I smirked, “It felt like I was probably a baby in a womb somewhere. Since I couldn’t see anything, just feel and hear. What did you win in the vision lottery this time? You seem really happy…”

“I am happy. Because I saw through my own eyes… In the future!” She grinned and then leaned her heads down to whisper in my ears at the same time, “I saw the two of us together, Michael… And I was holding an adorable little baby in my arms as we laid in bed lazily… Hehehe~, I’m going to be a mother… And you’re going to be a father. I can’t wait!”

“Umm, okay, but didn’t you already know that?” I couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you so excited about it? Plus, if things continue the way they’re going, I might be a father before you’re a mother at this rate, hahahaha~!”

“That part’s a secret~!” She continued using me to fulfil her carnal desires, as she whispered: “But I think you already know…”

Then I thought back to my own vision, and if it was in the future… Myself in the future. Ugh, I didn’t know if I should be happy or upset. If you haven’t figured it out already, ‘I’ was probably the baby in her story. But was I also there in this body? What will happen to me if I ‘reincarnate’ while I’m still alive like that? Will I just add another mind to the ‘hive’ or will this body that I’ve lived with for twenty seven fucking years just die off like that? Also, will the baby be a boy or girl? The fetus I remember was, umm, I can’t remember if it was male or female. 

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