BCJ, Chapter 114: Gemini Breakfast

“I should start saving sperm.” Is what I said, but I had no idea how to actually do that. It was never really a high priority after all. How the fuck do you even freeze your own sperm at home? So I quickly gave up and said, “Nevermind…”

Gemini and I were in the kitchen after our triple-cum sex session. She was drinking some hot coffee with her left head and iced tea with the right, which made me wanna laugh. Her hair was still wet and pulled back into two white ponytails, while a white beach towel was barely able to cover her waist. I was just wearing a pair of black boxers and nothing else.

Both of us ended up taking a shower together upstairs before coming down to make something to eat. Or well, she made herself two different drinks and I was frying up an omelette with minced garlic, chopped spring onions, green peppers, butter, cheddar cheese and some artificial crab stuff that was basically cooked white-fish that was flavored to taste crabish. If it was just me, I would’ve simply heated up something in the microwave, but Gemini wanted a damn omelette. I’m allergic to eggs by the way. And milk. And alcohol. Though I don’t think Ana has the same problems, Michael is unfortunately just a human after all. Fortunately my milk and egg allergies aren’t that severe, so I could still eat some of the omelette without suffering too much. 

“I told you Michael, you were in the vision too and you were perfectly fine.” Gemini sighed and then patted me on the head with her normal-sized left hand. Then she suggested, “Today… Maybe we should go over to my house to pick up some things? Hmmm, or maybe tomorrow… Or next week. Honestly I don’t feel like doing anything troublesome for a while… Ah, the woes of pregnancy~…”

“You’re like one or two days pregnant.” I snickered and shook my head, “But don’t worry. I need at least a few days to recharge from yesterday. So much social interaction and physical exertion… I still feel kinda exhausted. I just wanna stay home and play video games…”

“Me too. What games do you want to play? Hopefully I have… Ah, I left my laptop at home.” Gemini let out a long dramatic sigh.

“I have two desktop computers, so it’s fine.” I smirked and complained, “You just wanted me to go pick up your stuff on my own, right?”

“Ah, you caught me. My devious plans have been foiled…” Gemini giggled and sipped her coffee/tea. Then she said, “Instead of my computers, maybe you should go get me some furniture then? Everything in your house is so tiny. I’ll probably break your office chair if I sit on it and the desk is so short…”

“I could put a cushion on the ground for you to sit on, and then you’d probably be able to use the keyboard and mouse pretty easily.” It was a good suggestion, but she just glared at me like I was an idiot.

“I need back support Michael. I’m not like that lunatic next-door who can sit in meditation for hours on end. Besides, my chairs have special holes in them so that my tail can dangle freely without getting crushed by my fat ass!” Gemini frowned and sighed, then shrugged her shoulders and grumbled: “We’ll have to go borrow Angel’s boat. We could also get a wagon and tractor from EMP. I’m not sure which would be more annoying and tedious.”

“Why don’t I just go live in your house instead?” I snickered and asked, “Is there something wrong with your place?”

“Yeah, my house is too messy. I would rather move my stuff over here than try to clean that place up right now.” Gemini nodded seriously, then sneered: “Unlike you, I spent almost a million dollars on supplies before we came here.”

“A million dollars?! How the fuck?! How big is your fucking house?!” I spent less than twenty thousand and it was already taking up a lot of space in the sun room, but a million? Unless she bought really expensive stuff, how much toilet paper, toothpaste and other necessities could you buy with that much money?

“That’s another problem. My house is too damn big.” Gemini sighed and explained, “My house isn’t a castle or fortress. It looks a lot like this one, but just… Way bigger. Three floors, a bigger basement and each floor is enormous. It’s huge, even for me. But right now it’s totally filled with supplies except for my bedroom in the basement… Oh umm, I think the forge, workshop and armory on the third floor aren’t as cluttered, but they’re filled with weapons, ammunition and other stuff even under normal circumstances so there wasn’t much room for anything else.”

“Ah, speaking of weapons!” I had almost forgotten, “By the way… After our little fight, Chameleon and Ana went over her house for the night. Apparently her bedroom is basically just an art gallery with tatami mat flooring. But there were a lot of swords, spears, axes and other weapons she said you forged over the years… Umm, with ‘Ana’. Supposedly there was this other ‘Ana’, Eve-77a, who is about the same age as you and grew up together with you guys. But Chameleon also said that after Ana turned into some kinda Devil, she fucked with everyones’ memories or something, so everyone else forgot about this ‘sister’.”

Gemini snickered and asked, “So you’re wondering if that Ana was real or just a figment of crazy Chameleon’s twisted imagination?”

“Pretty much.” I nodded and flipped the sizzling omelette onto the other side with a spatula; it was almost finished by the way.

“Well, all I know is it that those paintings and the terabyte of pornography or, uh, ‘commemorative’ photos and videos of Ana on Chameleon’s desktop have been around since before you moved here. The Primary Eve-77 was definitely in a coma for at least seven years. And spent some of that time on this island. I believe in Chameleon and the porn. Mostly the porn.” She nodded her heads seriously and then started grinning, before laughing loudly.

“Hmmm, I believe in the heart of the porn as well.” I smirked and then muttered, “I’ll have to ask Chameleon to let me see her secret stash sometime…”

“Nope, don’t you dare tell her I told you about that!” Gemini stopped laughing and glared at me, “I’m serious. If she wants to tell you, that’s fine, but don’t drag me into that psycho’s sights! I’m fine with watching, but I definitely don’t want to experience her menstrual love…”

“Pft~ hahah~! Menstrual love! Hahaha~!” After I finished laughing my ass off, I turned the flame off and said, “Your omelette is done my goddess Kali… By the way, why’d you pick Gemini instead of something like Kali?”

She snickered and asked, “Why? Because my father was Indian and I have four arms?”

“I was gonna say because the name Kali sounds cool, but I guess she only had one head, so Gemini kinda makes more sense… Maybe?” I shrugged and split up the omelette into three pieces, then put them on three different plates. Mine was a lot smaller than the other two by the way, only about a fifth or sixth of the entire omelette. The rest was split into two equal halves for my girlfriend’s two different heads. 

After I finished eating, I watched as she used a fork in each of her smaller hands, while the bigger ones were holding the plates up to her faces. Eventually I couldn’t help but ask, “Why do you always eat and drink twice?”

She stopped eating with the left mouth for a moment to raise an eyebrow, then told me: “I figured it would’ve been obvious… But maybe not. Michael, I have two separate digestive systems. Theoretically I could use one and stop using the other, but I’ve done that before and the result isn’t great. I also have two hearts, four lungs, four kidneys, but only one bladder and rectum… But they’re both big enough so I don’t need to go to the bathroom constantly. Oh, and don’t worry Michael, I only have one womb, so there shouldn’t be any complications like the two babies smacking into each other while I’m trying to squirt them out.”

“Hahaha~!” I couldn’t help but imagine that scene, which seemed comical at first, but then I frowned: “Now that I think about it though. Are you sure you’ll be okay. Giving birth without drugs or medical assistance…”

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      I’m not sure exactly what kinda stories you’re interested in, but some of the best fully-translated and completed Chinese Webnovels I’ve read and can think of off the top of my head are: “Release that Witch” and “Lord of the Mysteries”.

      Not sure what kinda stories you’re into though? This is the story I’m reading atm. It’s a Fanfiction of One Piece and Naruto, maybe something else as well, but I’m only half-way through atm. https://www.uukanshu.com/b/120295/ It’s on another site https://www.readwn.com/novel/pirates-rescue.html But I had to switch to uukanshu since the chapters started getting cut off and missing.


  1. Its a book about a kid who started a fashion brand to allow his mother not to word at her café shop. called bookworm prince in college, relationship with mom and aunt. If not, can you tell me where to go to see all of your books even the drooped or finished one?

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