BCJ, Chapter 115: Wife

“Hmmm, says who?” Gemini smirked with both mouths and told me, “We have Angel, Chameleon, Cicada, maybe even Lioness if she learns to use her Psychic ability to heal others in time… And don’t forget that I’m an Eve. We aren’t humans, not really. I’ve heard of Eves dying from their powers backfiring, or committing suicide for various reasons, but I’ve never seen nor heard of a single instance of an Eve dying during childbirth.”

“That’s good.” I let out a sigh and smiled wryly, “We’re gonna be parents. I honestly never imagined myself getting married or having kids. Not that I didn’t want to have a family, but as a lazy shut-in author who didn’t even make enough money to support himself… Well, just having a girlfriend was a fantasy that I never expected to come true before I turned thirty.”

Gemini snickered, she was sitting on the stool next to me. They were so tall that when I sat on them, I had to rest my feet on the metal rings that were a foot or so from the ground, but she easily rested her feet flat on the ground. Instead, it was more like they were too short for her to sit comfortably. Not to mention that she pressed two up against each other and rested one ass-cheek on each somehow.

“I’m eighteen years old. For an Eve that’s supposed to be able to live a couple hundred years on ‘average’, that might seem young, but considering my situation… I honestly thought I’d end up taking my final nap long before a decent man ever came to the island. Even if someone came to the island, what were the odds that they would be as handsome as you? Or more importantly, what were the chances that they could find a giant freak like me attractive? There have been men before, coming here with their Eves, but they weren’t my type and I definitely wasn’t their type… In the end, I guess Karma must have owed me a favor in a past life or something, because we somehow found our way to each other.”

“Aww~, I love you too.” I smirked and snickered while struggling to hug her waist, “Well I think you’re perfect. And I don’t believe there’s nothing we can do to keep you from succumbing to your power’s side effects. Chameleon mentioned something about some kinda weird Dual Cultivation Technique that seems sketchy as fuck, but at the very least, it might help somehow. Like maybe I can grow my power to the point where I can transfer your consciousness into a new body? Or simply just use my Telepathic abilities to wake you up? Maybe the reason you’re sleeping more and more is because your power is using some sort of energy that you aren’t replenishing quickly enough?”

“Chameleon’s stupid meditation nonsense?” Gemini scoffed, “I’m borderline narcoleptic and you want me to try meditating? Besides that, if my powers get stronger, like you said… I might end up having more problems.” Then she smiled down at me and patted my head, “But I’m really glad that you care so much about me Michael. Don’t worry. I really am starting to feel better since I moved in with you. Maybe I really am absorbing your ‘energy’, hehehe~, but I’m afraid if I keep sucking away your juices at this rate, you might end up being more tired than me.”

“I think I already am more tired than you, pft~, hahaha~!” I smiled up at her and she finally put her plates down onto the table, having finished her meal. Then I asked, “Well… How was it? I haven’t made an omelette in like, five or six years at least.”

“Not bad.” She nodded and then said, “But you’re nowhere near Chameleon’s level. You need more practice, young warrior.”

“No shit, she’s practically a professional chef.” I snickered, “On the other hand… I’ve always been too lazy and unmotivated to learn how to cook seriously. But who knows? Maybe she’ll end up teaching Ana a thing or two, allowing me to steal her secret techniques. Just kidding, that’s way too much work. Besides, I’m more interested in your secret techniques… And I don’t mean the sexy ones.”

“You want me to teach you blacksmithing, or how to make guns? I’m a decent bowyer too, I guess…” She rubbed her two chins at the same time, looking as if she was seriously considering it. Then she smirked and smacked me on the back, “I’m not some kind of master craftsman! I learned everything I know from how-to videos on the internet and forging shows on TV! More importantly, it’s much more cost-effective to just buy things from the Infinity store ahead of time and then store them properly. How many swords and spears do you think a handful of us can go through in a year?! Even if you just chuck a weapon a day into the ocean, it’d take a decade to run out of the equipment that all of us ‘old timers’ have stocked up on… I make guns and swords for fun. It’s more like an art project than anything else.”

“Well, I think you’re an amazing artist then.” I stopped hugging her and then took a sip of cold spring water from my mug. The nice thing about drinking water is that you don’t need to worry about it staining your teeth, so a straw is unnecessary.

“Like I said, it’s more of a hobby.” She sighed but then smirked at me, “A hobby which I haven’t had ‘time’ to fool around with in a while… But since my sexy husband wants to become my apprentice, I guess I’ll have to indulge him~ hahaha~!”

“Ah, we got married when I wasn’t paying attention?” I snickered and wondered, “Are you sure it’s wise for a pimp to marry their whore?”

“Hah!” She snorted then slapped my ass that was somewhat sticking out from the stool, “Don’t worry Michael. I don’t care how slutty my whore is, so long as he still has the strength to pleasure me five or six times a day.”

“I’m just worried that you might not be able to handle me anymore one day.” I sighed and shook my head, “Right now I’m only a mere human and I’m already such a horny bastard. What would happen if I gained a superhuman male body?”

Gemini smirked, placing her left hand on my lap and grabbing my dick directly, complaining: “You’re not even hard… So weak.”

“I can’t stay hard all day, hahaha~!” Then I reached out under her towel and past the fluffy white pubes, “You’re soaking wet, but is that pussy juice or just water from the shower?”

“Why don’t you taste them and find out?” Was what she said… But as soon as I brought my hand to my nose, I refrained from doing something so stupid.

“It’s soapy water.” I snickered and suggested, “You didn’t wash yourself off well enough. Why don’t we go back to the shower and I’ll help you out?” Of course, as I said that, I started to get an erection from her constant ‘massaging’.

“Why don’t we go swimming instead? It looks like a storm might hit soon, so if we don’t go now, we might not have a chance later.” She took off her towel and casually left it on the stool, before heading to the door completely naked. I sighed and then took off my boxers, leaving them on top of her towel, before following her outside into the misty morning.

It was actually kind of ominous. There weren’t any dark clouds, but the sky was covered with thick white ones to the point where I wouldn’t be surprised if it started drizzling at any moment. Regardless, I followed behind the giantess’ swaying tail and ass, heading down the hill to the pier and eventually following after her as she casually jumped off the end. Of course, the difference was that when she plopped into the water, it was only up to her chest. On the other hand, I was totally submerged and then grabbed onto her legs, climbed up her ass, eventually she grabbed me with her four arms.

Before I realized what was going on, I was flying out of the water and splashing down into a relatively large wave. Seriously, I weigh like 180 pounds, but she can just toss me like a little kid! Unfortunately, while I’m not terrible at swimming, I’m definitely not good. Remember, this isn’t a little lake or a pool, it’s a fucking ocean! It might not be as bad because of the reefs and stuff around the island, but the undertow is no joke. After struggling for a while against the water monster, literally just water by the way, a big hand reached down and grabbed my left wrist. 

Then she yanked me up out of the water and into her embrace while complaining, “Michael… Why are you so bad at swimming? I saw Ana the other day. How can the two of you be so different when it comes to the same skill?”

I glared up at her and shouted, “At what point did you see Ana get tossed around like a beach ball?! Holy shit, I almost drowned!”

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