BCJ, Chapter 116: Two Lives

Anyway, the two of us played around in the ocean for about half an hour before it started pouring down raining. Of course, the rain wasn’t the main problem, since there wasn’t even lightning. The dangerous thing was that the winds picked up and the tide became much stronger. So we went over to the beach and had sex on the wet sand, with the rain pouring down and the waves occasionally hitting us.

Normally you’d need to put down a towel or something to keep from getting sand in all your holes, but because it was all wet, things weren’t quite that annoying. Not only that, but as long as Gemini laid on her back, her ass was big enough to keep her pussy like a foot or so off the ground. Though, we still ended up spending a long time in the shower and then in the jacuzzi trying to clean out all the sand from our bodies.

After that, she helped me make the guest room bed and then clean the gym mat… And then I wanted to work out a bit, but it ended up with her riding me on one of the flat benches. Yeah, I honestly lost track of exactly how many times we had sex that day, because that’s practically all we did. At first it was a lot of quickies, but as I came more and more, the sessions lasted much longer. We still did other stuff, like talking about random shit, making food, eating, going to the bathroom, we even finally played video games for a little while… But no matter what, my dick usually ended up in one of her holes. There was even one time when she tried shoving her tail up my ass, but it didn’t go so well. I’m definitely not as ‘stretchy’ as Ana. Fortunately there was no damage done though.

I know what you’re probably thinking: “What about Ana? Is she okay?” Well… Yeah, honestly she was fine, just really exhausted for some reason. She woke up every few hours to piss, drink some fruit juice, even ate a banana one time, but eventually went back to sleep in that meditation room next to Chameleon. By the way, as a nocturnal creature, it was pretty normal for Chameleon to be unconscious the whole day. So I just laid down and snuggled up against her on the relatively uncomfortable tatami mats. It wasn’t that bad though, because I used the soft, smooth, cool arms, legs or breasts of my girlfriend as pillows.

Although I can’t do it indefinitely or I’ll start to have problems, I figured that I should try to get used to alternating my sleeping schedules again. Hence, Michael would be awake during the day and Ana would become a night owl. Throughout the day, I was relaxing and having fun with Gemini, mostly having sex. But at night, I would explore the mysteries of the world and train to become the greatest master cultivator of all time as Anael the Archangel of Vengeance! Pft, yeah right.

“Hmmmn~, aaah~!” I opened my eyes, stretched out and yawned in a significantly higher voice than Michael’s. He was already sleeping with Gemini after sacrificing a few billion sperm to the ‘Goddess’, so he was definitely gonna be out for a long time. Maybe he’d wake up to piss half a dozen times, but ultimately he’d be sleeping for the majority of the time that Ana was awake. Making me ‘Ana’ for the duration of the night.

“You’re finally awake. I was starting to get worried.” Chameleon was sitting cross-legged again, just like how she was when I went to sleep originally. My head was resting on her lap and she was gently caressing my shoulder-length wavy black hair.

My neck was a little stiff so as soon as I stood up off the ground I had to stretch it in a few directions, then did some more stretches with my arms and legs. Afterwards I muttered, “So thirsty.” And just like that, Chameleon smiled gently at me and lifted a familiar black plastic mug that was already filled with iced tea, and had a white straw sticking out of the hole in the lid.

“I had a feeling that you would be waking up soon.” She softly spoke as I took the cup from her and started drinking, noticing the taste of mango juice added into the tea. Then she continued, “Let me know when you get hungry and I’ll start breakfast. I’ve already eaten some snacks, but I’m always hungry so don’t worry about me…”

“Mmmmn~, this is so good…” I couldn’t help drinking a third of the whole damn 32 ounce cup, then I said: “I’m gonna have to piss first, but then… I wanna learn your secret Yin-Yang Cultivation nonsense. By the way, if you just wanna have sex, you don’t need to use ‘Cultivation’ as an excuse.”

She chuckled and shook her head, “Ana… It’s not a sexual technique. It’s essentially just a form of meditation. Two people sit back to back with their skin touching and breathe in the same rhythm with each other. The most important thing is the synchronization of breathing and both people entering a state of deep meditation at the same time. From what Ecstasy told me… The purpose is to gather ‘Qi’ or ‘Chi’ in order to enhance bodily functions in various ways.”

“Uh, hold on one minute, I really gotta piss!” I put the mug down on the ground next to her leg and then sprinted out of the room at a quick speed, nearly pissing myself in the process. As soon as I made it into the bathroom, I sat down and released a massive amount of urine. Honestly I was a little surprised since I only drank a little bit of fruit juice every few hours when I woke up, plus I pissed every time too. Oh well, at least it means my kidneys are functioning properly.

Afterwards I stood up, wiped my coochie off with the extra-soft toilet paper and then flushed with a wave of my hand. Honestly, I love how those fucking sensors work… Makes me feel like I have Telekinesis or something.

When I came back, I sat down next to Chameleon and started drinking again as she continued her story: “She didn’t give me a lot of the other details, because I could easily search for Kundalini Yoga or even just fictional stories on the internet. I have a huge library of physical books as well as audiobooks and a few tablets filled with stories, in case you want to learn more in depth. For now I’ll simply explain the very basics.

“Essentially, there are three Dantians and seven Chakras. Supposedly, Qi or Chi is ever present in the air around us. Especially on this island, and in this other world. However, what exactly this energy really is… Who really knows? The most important thing is gathering Qi through the breathing technique and circulating it through your ‘Crimson Palace’ or Middle Dantian.” She pointed towards her chest, “The Middle Dantian is representative of the respiratory system, so it should be the first stop for the Qi that you gather from the air. Once it gets inside your body, then you can send it down to your Lower Dantian or ‘Golden Stove’ to be refined and stored.”

I looked at her with an expression that made her laugh and shake her head, “Honestly… I don’t really know if I believe any of that. But I’m still going to explain things to you regardless.” She pointed below her navel, “This is the Golden Stove. There are quite a few organs in the pelvic region that are of vital importance. Regardless, once the Qi is refined in the Golden Stove, it’s supposed to move upwards along the spine somehow, reaching the Crimson Palace and being refined into Shen or ‘Spirit’…”

“This would be a lot more convincing if you’d stop blushing and openly doubting it in your explanation.” I snickered and smirked, “Besides that… There’s no point in going through all the gritty details, right? Let’s just do this Yin-Yang Meditation Cultivation thingy and see if it works.”

“Umm, okay, fine…” She sighed and then calmed herself down a bit, before telling me: “Sit down with your back pressing up against mine. Truthfully, this method is supposed to require both partners to be roughly the same height so I have no idea if it will actually have any results. At the very least, it will help you calm your mind and relax… Hopefully.”

Considering how long I just slept, I wasn’t afraid of passing out from boredom. So it actually seemed like a pretty good state to practice meditation seriously. I sat down behind her, ass to ass, trying to line up our spines. But she was literally a foot and a half taller than me. Now that doesn’t mean her torso was a foot and a half taller, since her legs were relatively much longer than mine, and my ass was ‘fatter’ than hers… So ultimately our sacrums were pressed up against each other, which was step one. Then she reached back and grabbed my hands, so that our fingers were all interlocked. It was a little uncomfortable and with that movement, my shoulder blades were digging into her ribs, while hers were basically pressing against my neck. Then the back of my head was resting on her neck… It was all pretty unpleasant to be honest and I had no idea how we were supposed to ‘meditate’ in such a condition.

“We’ll get into mantras and visualizations later. For now, it’s important to synchronize our breathing.” As she said that, I noticed that I could feel her ribs pressing up against my shoulder blades every time she breathed in, but more importantly, she was squeezing my hands tightly when she breathed in, and loosening her hands as she breathed out. At first I simply followed along with her nonverbal ‘instructions’, but then I realized that I was probably supposed to squeeze her hands too in order to perfectly synchronize our actions.

Eventually she told me, “Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth every time.”

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