BCJ, Chapter 117: Domination

Breathing in my nose and out my mouth in synchronization with Chameleon for about five minutes, I heard something strange and opened my eyes. I was suddenly outside in the muggy hot night, standing on the roof of her house and looking around at a few seagulls that were squawking around me. It took less than three seconds before I realized that I was a seagull too.

That wasn’t strange. I could see, hear and feel what various animals experienced for a while now. So at first I just thought it was a normal vision. But then I realized that my head was turning in the direction that I wanted, my mouth opened when I tried to speak and a squawk came out. I raised my ‘arms’ and noticed that those two white wings were moving the way I wanted them to… After that I almost fell off the roof because I tried to walk and lost my balance.

I’m not a fucking bird, so it took some effort for me to get used to that strange body. It was kinda awesome though, to be honest. Especially when I flapped my wings and actually glided down from the roof to the beach successfully! Then I tried to fly, but failed horribly. Apparently, while flying might be instinctual for a bird, they did have to ‘learn’ how to fly over a period of time. It wasn’t instantaneous. Of course, if I can control more birds, I figure that I could potentially become good enough to fly naturally in the future.

There’s still the problem of randomness with my ‘Domination’ type ability… But I feel like it’s not that bad. After all, when I was meditating in the room, I was imagining having wings and flying around in the night sky. Not only that, but the seagull was right above the house, so it was probably sleeping on the roof with the other birdies. The combination of what I imagined with a potential ‘vessel’ being so close by, probably allowed me to use my ability effectively after only five minutes of meditation.

Speaking of which, I could still feel my body this time. I could feel myself squeezing Chameleon’s hands and breathing in sync with her… So I figured that there was no temporal component and it was more like my normal control of Michael and Ana. Speaking of which, Michael was sleeping, which was probably another factor. Apparently I can control two bodies at a time, at least from what I’ve seen so far. That seems to be one of my limits. I’m not sure if it’ll change in the future, but for now, that’s just how it goes.

Eventually I got bored of walking around as a seagull and lost control over the tired birdy, then I felt a surge of energy rush through me. Almost to the extent of what I experienced when being accidentally ‘shocked’ by EMP the other day. Speaking of which, that could also have been a catalyst that helped in improving my power.

“Mmn~!” I heard Chameleon moaning loudly as I returned to my normal senses and noticed that she was squeezing my hands really tightly. The energy surge I felt didn’t last long, and there was no real noticeable change other than feeling like I just had a bunch of caffeine. I figured it could be something akin to my body rapidly burning fat or an adrenal response, though it would be cooler if I was releasing some kinda mystical aura.

“Are you okay Eve?” I couldn’t help but ask after she moaned and groaned a few more times.

Finally she seemed to calm down and say, “I-I’m fine Ana. Don’t worry. But that was really incredible…” Then she let go of my hands and turned around at the same time as I did, “My skin became really sensitive and it felt like… Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Umm, hmmm…” I tried not to laugh because it seemed like it could actually be a serious problem, “I think I know where the Yin-Yang part comes from now.”

When she raised her hands and looked at them properly, she had a shocked and confused expression on her face which was kinda adorable, even though it was kinda hard to tell given the circumstances. The left side of her body had turned pitch-black, with her eye being pure white, while the right side of her body was pure white, with her eye being pitch-black. It looked really weird, but also semi-cool, but mostly funny.

“This is really strange.” Chameleon smiled wryly, “I was going to say that it felt like a jolt of electricity was running up my spine, from my tailbone all the way to my forehead. Kind of how I always imagined it would feel like to have my Chakras open up and absorb the Chi around me… But maybe you were just channeling your Psychic power into my body and I was just transforming my skin into this weird state.” After a few seconds, she breathed a sigh and turned dark brown, including her irises, while her sclera went back to white again.

I smirked, “Well your fancy Yin-Yang bullshit actually works. At least I think it did. Before I was only able to experience the senses of various animals, but I was just in complete control of a seagull. I didn’t know how to fly, and the bird was really tired so there were some obvious flaws, however… There’s a huge difference between seeing and manipulating.”

“That’s good Ana, but what are the side-effects?” She frowned and asked, “Does anything feel strange now? A sense of weakness? Exhaustion, headaches, cramping somewhere?”

“I actually feel pretty great right now.” I snickered and shook my head, “Instead… It’s like I’ve gotten a crazy boost of energy all of a sudden when I stopped controlling the seagull. If I had to guess, I’d say that maybe the amount of ‘Qi’ to control the bird was really low. So when I stopped prematurely, that excess energy was instead channeled into our bodies? Or something like that, maybe? We should try it again and see what happens?”

Chameleon smiled and nodded, “That’s good then. We can continue… There’s one thing I’m concerned about though. If Qi is really in the air around us, then there’s probably a limit to how much of it we can get while still being inside the house. Why don’t we meditate outside instead?”

“Umm… Yeah, let’s try to peacefully meditate outside, with all the mosquitoes, flies and hungry wild animals lurking about.” I smirked as I retorted.

“Oh…” She smiled wryly before explaining, “I’ve never really had a problem with mosquitoes and other animals, since they can’t sense my presence for the most part. Even if mosquitoes are attracted to my breath and manage to land on my skin, my scales can protect me from being bitten.”

“That seems really convenient. Anyway, we might as well try again in here first before testing out different locations. I mean, as long as we have some kinda bug-net, it’d probably be fine outside.” I said that as I crawled over and pressed my ass against hers again, before reaching back to grab her giant hands. Well, they were nowhere near as huge as Gemini’s, so at least our fingers could properly interlock without any problems.

“Squeezing our hands at the same time is part of the mudra for this meditation technique. So even though it might seem tedious and unnecessary, it’s supposedly a vital part of the process and not just used to keep our breathing in sync.” As Chameleon explained that, I closed my eyes and started breathing in through my nose, then out through my mouth. It was the same as the first time, but a little easier since I already had the hang of it.

My palms and back were kinda sweaty, which made her snake-like skin feel even slimier against mine. As I started unconsciously thinking about the way her scales felt, I already found myself surrounded by other slimy bodies. I was floating on the surface of the water when I opened my eyes and around me were… Dolphins. Lots of fucking bottlenosed dolphins. In the distance I could somewhat make out the shore. It was a little disorienting at first, because well, I had eyes on the sides of my head instead of the front, but the seagull was similar.

This time I didn’t bother trying to talk or make noises, since it might bother the pod of sleeping dolphins that surrounded me. The first thing that I noticed was that manipulating a dolphin was much more difficult than the bird, probably due to its higher intelligence and willpower? But it could have also been a problem with distance, since I could tell that I was at least a few hundred meters away from Chameleon’s house.

My tail could mainly move up and down, while my body was pretty flexible and wiggled around a lot as I tried to move. I dove down into the water and although it was a little hard to see. After all, it was nighttime and cloudy outside. Even though I wanted to try to use echolocation to see what the fuck was in front of me, I had no idea how. I wasn’t a real dolphin after all. Just a guy, or well, a girl who was trapped in a bottlenose dolphin’s body. So I just swam around freely near the surface and didn’t worry too much about that. I even dove down and then shot up out of the water, before belly-flopping down onto the surface from a decent enough distance to feel a little sting.

Obviously my behaviour startled the other dolphins, which caused some of them to start swimming around me, poking me in various places and one even tried to fuck me! I think I was female by the way, but I wasn’t really in the mood to have a dolphin gangbang so I decided to end the connection. Afterwards I felt a similar rush of energy as before, but this time it was much less potent and didn’t last quite as long.

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