BCJ, Chapter 118: Spar

“Did you feel anything? I just took control of a dolphin and played around a bit, but it was more draining than the seagull. Either because of distance or resistance from the animal.” I said that, but I didn’t turn around or let go of Chameleon’s hands.

She eventually whispered, “It wasn’t as strong as before. But yes. It felt similar and this time I didn’t lose control of my power. Do you want to keep going?”

“Sure, why not?” I snickered and closed my eyes again, synchronizing my breathing with hers… This time I didn’t think about anything but that energetic sensation coursing through my body. I didn’t feel like I was getting stronger or anything silly like what would happen in a cultivation webnovel. But simply energizing my body was already amazing enough as it was. Rather than myself, I was more interested in whether this technique could help Gemini and Chameleon deal with the side-effects of their powers. Then again, the main difference between the two of them was that Gemini was a Psychic, so it could potentially have the opposite effect. Or maybe it wouldn’t have any effect at all.

Could the two of us even perform this technique? Our bodies are drastically different. She has a tail and four arms… No wait, technically she’s two different bodies fused together into one, so she might be able to perform the technique on her own without anyone else involved? Or maybe because of her situation, it would be impossible for her to have the same ‘Chakras’ and ‘Dantains’ as a normal human in the first place.

Another thing is that even though Ana and Michael would have perfect compatibility, I doubted whether the technique would have a similar effect. After all, we had two bodies but one singular hivemind. Either way, I ended up thinking and worrying about all kinds of shit for over an hour without actually using my power again.

Finally I opened my eyes and Chameleon let go of my sweaty hands. Our backs were practically stuck together at that point, and it felt kinda gross, so I suggested: “Umm, maybe we should go take a shower now?”

“No. Not yet.” She stood up and I did the same, then we turned to look at eachother. She was smiling as she suddenly took up a fighting pose; she was turning to her side with her legs spread fairly wide so that her center of gravity was closer to mine, while her left hand was in a fist and closer to me. The right hand was open and it looked like she was ready to scratch the shit outta me at any moment, or maybe smack me across the face in revenge for the other day?

Eventually she told me, “The simplest method to utilize Qi is through either exercising, fighting or doing manual labor. Since we’re already here, we might as well have a spar… Ana.”

“Hehe~!” I snickered and then took up a similar pose as her, except both my hands were closed fists. With a smirk, I shrugged and complained: “That’s fine by me… But I gotta piss soon, so don’t hit me in the bladder. Shit, I probably shouldn’t have said that, ‘cause I bet pissing all over the place would just make you more excited!”

I won’t claim to be some kinda fighting expert. In fact, I’m basically a total novice on a technical level. But that doesn’t actually mean anything. Something I learned even way back in high school was that strength was the most important thing. If you’re strong enough, you can pick up a skinny Karate blackbelt with one hand and throw him across the room or slam his ass into a wall. If you’re durable enough, then even if you’re a fat fuck with zero mobility or agility, you can still win against a relatively stronger opponent or someone with higher technical skill.

Ana was strong, durable and agile. She was also smaller and harder to hit than the comparatively larger target that was Chameleon. But there were other factors too. If I got scratched once, I’d basically lose the first round immediately. Then I’d have some resistance later on… Right at that moment though, I really didn’t wanna get paralyzed and then piss all over myself on the floor.

Anyway, the very basics of fighting are grappling and striking. Grabbing your opponent and manipulating them in various painful ways is the best method if you’re stronger than the other person. While punching, kicking, elbowing, kneeing and scratching, even headbutting would all be considered ‘striking’ attacks. Grappling requires you to get in close to use it effectively; Striking allows you to move around freely and avoid making long-term physical contact with the opponent.

“Ah, wait a second.” I hurriedly raised my right hand in a ‘stop’ gesture and then reached down to grab my mug off the ground, then I brought it out of the room and left it on the kitchen table. I also used that chance to piss really quick, before going back to the bedroom that looked more like a dojo.

“Alright, now I’m ready to kick your ass, Eve~! Hahaha~!” She was still standing in the same fighting pose as I sprinted across the room and leapt off the ground a few meters away from her, yeah, I might have been feeling a little ‘too’ hyper from being so energized.

On the other hand, Chameleon’s fighting style seemed way calmer and more defensive. In response to my flying right knee that was aimed at her face, at least six feet in the air because of her low stance, she moved to the side and simply pushed me. While maintaining the forward momentum, I was also thrown a few meters away to my right.

Of course, I didn’t completely lose control of myself though. I simply rolled across the ground and stood up, before darting towards her legs and doing a sweeping kick, which she easily avoided by simply hopping slightly. However, as she was midair, I kicked upwards with my other leg and managed to hit her knee with my heel. Even though she blocked it, she was a little off balance when she landed, so I was able to jump up and land a kick on her giant left titty. Although she grunted, Chameleon still managed to grab my left ankle and as she was about to dig her nails in or throw me, I flipped around in the air and my other heel indirectly hit her chin. I say indirectly, because she blocked it with her hand, but then her own knuckle smacked into her face. Since she was still gripping my ankle, my whole body twisted around in the other direction and the side of my right foot smacked against her neck.

“Agh~!” She shouted and lost her grip on my foot, so I landed head-first onto the ground, but I obviously used my hands to lessen the impact. Then I was kicked in the coochie really fucking hard. Like so hard that my entire body was lifted off the ground and then I felt some really hard knuckles hit me in the right kidney, then my hair was grabbed… And soon enough I was yanked backwards, before a hammer-fist landed on my face and the back of my head smacked against the tatami mat.

“Owww~…” Was the only thing I could really say at that moment, as I laid flat out on the ground and didn’t want to move anymore. No, I literally couldn’t move anymore, because the venom from the toenail scratches on my mutilated pussy had made my whole lower-body paralyzed. At least it hurt a lot less, but my bloody lips, aching head and the throbbing bruise on my ribcage weren’t lucky enough to receive that same treatment.

“I’m so sorry…” Chameleon knelt down next to me and kept apologizing as her entire body was turning blue, especially her eyes. It was honestly pretty cool, but I feel like she infused her power into my body too, because I was definitely gonna have some black and blue spots soon… Fortunately, she quickly regained her composure enough to say: “Don’t worry Ana, I’ll make you all better, I promise! Just, just bear with the pain for a little while longer!”

She started by kissing my busted lips and shoving her tongue into my mouth, even licking my gums, then she smiled up at me as she gave me a really, really long pussy-licking session. It only took half a minute for the venom to wear off, and after that, the injuries healed within five minutes, but she kept going even after I climaxed three times. She also fingered me, which made me wonder about how her venomous nails actually worked. Like, were they automated or manually activated? And apparently it also included her toenails.

“Alright Eve, you can stop now, holy shit!” I eventually had to push the bald pink head away from my tingling vagina, and said: “I’m healed alright? Thanks… And don’t worry about hurting me, it was a spar. What about you? Are you okay? Does your jaw or neck hurt?”

She crawled up to my face and smiled, kissing me on the lips before bragging: “Of course I’m fine Ana. You barely even hurt me in the first place. I just overreacted by instinct.”

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